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Please note that all these stories have varying ratings for PG to NC-17.  Please read titles carefully..

When I feel my inspiration lacking, and stories just need to be written, Mulder and Scully play a good round of --

Mulder And Scully Prod The Author

He's Doing It Again!

He's Ba-ack!

He's Back Again!

They Were Here Together

He's Doing It; Now She's Doing It

After All This Time?

Once in a while, I take a peek into Fanficland, and tell you what Mulder and Scully are doing there!  (Once in a while I can sneak up on THEM!)

Postcard From Fanficland I

Postcard From Fanficland II

Postcard From Fanficland III

Postcard From Fanficland IV

Postcard From Fanficland V

Postcard From Fanficland VI

Bad habits, faults and vices are something we all have, as does Mulder.  But when he takes stock of them, he puts pen to paper and doesn't hide his list well enough...

Vice Verses I

Vice Verses Encountered

Skinner Meets Vice Verses

CSM Reads Vice Verses

Now, who says aliens don't deserve the occasional story once in a while?  I may just write a few more, if you let me know you want me to do that. Enjoy!

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