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Do you think Mulder and Scully would stop after hearing "The Truth"? Not... This series of stories was inspired by the feeling of "What now" after "The Truth" aired.
Chris Carter didn't do anything about it after the movies, and six new episodes. Some of us had better ideas! Sorry Mr. C. Maybe.


Part 1: Where Do I Sail Us To Now, Starbuck?

Part 2: Ahab, This Ship Needs Supplies!

Part 3: Those Spectacular Spectacles!

Part 4: Time to Set Sail Again

Part 5: Weigh Anchor

Part 6: Stay the Course And You'll Find Paydirt

Part 7: Two New Crewmen! We're Taking On Water

Part 8: Could Be a Slightly Stormy Port

Part 9: Murky Water's Becoming Clearer

Part 10: Rock the Boat!

Part 11: Visit to the Home Port

Part 12: Starbuck Adrift

Part 13: By the Sea, The Beautiful Sea

Part 14: A Very Busy Port

Part 15: Sail Away

Part 16: The Shore Of The Promised Land

Part 17: To Find Their Treasure

Part 18: Epilogue


Disclaimer: Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox Studios own the rights to the X-Files title, premise, original Myth Arc, and characters. I intend no copyright infringement and make no money writing fanfiction based on these characters or the series of which they are a part. This disclaimer shall herein apply throughout this entire series.