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A foursome of stories originally written for a Nursery Files Challenge
So, you thought Mulder carried enough emotional burdens!

Erlenmeyer Injustice

Here's the first piece of evidence no one knows about. It would kill Scully this early on if she knew of it.

Cloned Injustice

Yes, Mulder has more evidence, and even he thinks it's disgusting, but it may help them when the time comes!

Eugenic Injustice

After the future has been saved, Mulder reveals to Scully the evidence he hadn't needed to use.  How will she react? Some embryos are from her DNA.

Okay, one more since scientists in 2017 are editing or trying to edit human genetic defects. Yes, junk DNA does exist, but we don't know how it works.

Their Journey Embryonic

Disclaimer: Clones with enhanced memory chips. CC,
Ten Thirteen and Fox own the rights to the characters
and The X-Files. Fanfic at no charge! Copyright of all
those folks with the ideas and sets. Essences of Mulder
and Scully brought to life by David Duchovny and Gillian