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Mulder enters his discovery and grief into his
private Journal.

Rated: PG-13 for subject content

Category: Post-ep., Mytharc, Angst, Vignette

Spoiler: The Erlenmeyer Flask.


Archive: Gossamer. Anyone who wants it,
please ask permission.

"The only reason you clone a virus is in order to inject
into something living," Scully told me. I remember those
words to this day. She was saying scientists were playing
God with a disease to manipulate some things we weren't aware

That "specimen" in the flask hadn't looked like your ordinary,
everyday embryo. And although it had a long, long way to go,
I'm pretty sure it wasn't completely human. I really doubt
it would even make it's brother understand. Sorry, Helen

Our journey is rather like an embryo: In the very early stages.
I long for the day when it ends and we have all our answers.
I know Scully's more curious about this every day. Not that
she's one to let on.

People were dying in order to protect this science project
and I wanted to know why. Deep Throat wanted me to find out
why. If he could have safely told me what the hell we were
up against I would have been eternally grateful and he only
might have died earlier.

They were tagged, labelled, numbered, inventoried, whatever
you want to call it. The offspring of countless women who had
suffered the indignities of some godless men with an agenda.
Perhaps offspring is a somewhat erroneous term, but many of us
believe life is life, and if it contains human DNA, it's more
important to us than algae or lichen.

I saw one of them kick. It would have been a marvellous thing
under any other circumstances, but we were becoming aware of
some Frankenstein-like scenario and the prospects were scary.
Were they being engineered to spread a virus for us? Against us?
Against some other creatures? Yeah, Old Spooky Mulder and his

Only it's not paranoia. It's an agenda and I am being made aware
of that by people who are nameless and speak cryptically, in

Imagine the human genetic code being mapped. Now imagine it being
manipulated. Science fiction? No. Many in-vitro pregnancies have
come to full term since the late 1970's, so why not a bit of genetic
rearranging or manipulation? Isn't that a frightening scenario? It
sure as hell makes me want to do something about it if I can
possibly do so.

Scully had a sample analyzed, but only got the tip of the iceberg.
Whoever or whatever is against this experiment knows something is
afoot and I have to find out what's going on. Sometimes I think it's
my unrelenting curiosity; sometimes I think it's compulsive masochism.

The possible answers to the questions I have may be unavoidably scary.
I WILL pursue this to the ends of the earth if I have to.

It kicked. That one embryo in the flask I looked at kicked. Human?
Alien? Hybrid of some sort? It kicked. It was alive. Who helped
create it, what did they do to the DNA and how can I expose this
before something happens on a catastrophic scale?

A friend of my father's died over a fetus frozen in time and space.
Scully was forced to turn it over to Deep Throat, and he was killed
for it. Who are the players? How high on a global scale does this

I've lost one source, and now the world seems a little lonelier and a
lot more frightening. We will not let this go. This is the beginning
of what I know will be a long, arduous search for the truth I so desire,
and I believe Scully is ready to join me to get the answers once and for
all. Every time we go out and come up against something even remotely
related to whatever my Dad and his cronies were involved in, more
questions are raised.

I wouldn't dare enter this into my files. This is personal. It involves
my sister, possibly a lot of people as test subjects, and too many people
above Scully and me to even consider placing it into the file cabinet at
work. So, I guess I am now one of those hundreds of people who write a
Journal to help themselves vent and decode their lives. Even if this
Journal is destroyed in a fire, nothing can destroy my memory of the
things I have seen.


I found his diary underneath a tree...

(Misquoting a singer).

Disclaimer: The very first line is taken from the script upon
which the story is based. Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions
and Fox Studios own The X-Files and its character. I make no
money from this hobby and intend no copyright infringement.