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After The Run Series
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This series takes place after "Journey To The Distant Shore".  Mulder and Scully, after having retrieved William and married, are settled into Mulder's father's home in West Tisbury and expecting a second child. Although all the evidence needed to thwart the impending Colonization and war has been submitted, Mulder is asked to step up to attend to some further "business". 

Part 1: We Don't Work There Anymore

Part 2: I Don't Believe You!

Part 3: I Believe If You Believe

Part 4: Jeremiah Isn't A Bullfrog

Part 5: Fulfill The Prophecy

Part 4.5: And What Of The Clones

Part 6: In The Here And Now

Part 7: I Believe In You

Part 7.5: Meg, I Believe