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Stand Alones
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Hot Tub

A Tale of a Secret Smoker

Keep Your Day Job, Mulder


The Stuff Of Nightmares

The Fallout

Caught: Scully's Story

Caught: Mulder's Story

Clement C

One of Those Darn Clumsy Uber-Mulders

Fight the Birthday

Greenwich Is Lovely In The Spring

Close Them Down

How Far Would He Go For The Truth?

The Hadyabigtime Lily

Lost Spirits

Lured And Held

Each Time A Little More

Someday, Maybe A Normal Life

The Rest Is Trust And Faith

Everything They Ever Needed

Joyously His and Hers

Mrs. Spooky Gets Even

Even If She Did Get Her M and M's Key Chain!

Phone Tag


Re-Memo Me? (Or, Prepare to Be Creamed)

Road Trip

Speechless In Scully's Care

Then, Let's Go Home

Mulder's Penance

Sailor Spooky


Song Of The Mermaid

Special Agent Man, Special Agent Woman

Spooky and Pookas


The Curb

Time is of the Essence

You Really Missed Me

They Call Him AGENT Mulder

South by Southwest

The Cupcake

I'm Not Alone

Amore, Philadelphia Style

The Winds of Change

I'm Gonna Lay It On The Line

As The Hours Go By


Partners Pending Whatever

Youthful Distraction

The Day Trust Died

The Last Pose of Summer

Memories in the Twilight

Parce Que Je Crois En L'Homme

Hey, Mr. Delmar, It's Me!

Whips, Chains and Murder

FBI Deliveryman AKA Dad

Vito Belmondo

This Is The Way Thanksgiving Should Be

Minds In The Jungle

Check Your Drawers!

Wild Goose Scavenger Hunt



Mulder, FBI


She Who Hath Ears, Let Her Hear

Where In The World Is Dana Scully?

Prozac Days And Wasted Knights

Just Another Auld Lang Syne

Whether You Know It Or Not

Best Friends, Two Mothers, Two Sons

Beer Chicken

Not Just Another Day

Wedgwood And Gaslight

Presidents Day Ambush

Finnegan's Snake


Deadly Spring Charm

Song Of The Mermaid

Satin And Lace

I'm Gonna Lay It On The Line

I Ain't Afraid Of No Zombies

The Dog Whisperer

Adrift on a Canoe

The Rest is Trust and Faith

See Fox Run

Would Be Believer

Beliefs Connected

Where in the World is Dana Scully

Scully, Hands Down

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