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Sometimes, it's more fun to write with other people.  We wrote these stories in a "Running Thread, Word of the Day" effort and had fun in doing it!  Please be sure to give the authors feedback!

A Change of Scenery

Serial Mishaps

Saws, Sanders, and Spectres

If anyone wants to co-write a story with me, please write to my email address,,  ! 

Disclaimer:  Mulder, Scully, other X-Files characters and the title are the property of Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox Studios.  None of us made any money in writing these stories, and we intended no copyright infringement.
If you are under age 17 or sensitive to sexual innuendo and/or content, please do not read the stories.  There are many other places for youngsters to read.  Parents, if you allow your children to read here, please do so with discretion.