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There are so many gifted writers who touch our hearts with
their words.  With their permission, I have brought them home
to share with you.  Remember, feedback means more excellent
stories for you!  So, give these folks the praise they deserve.

Vickie Moseley's Musings

Vickie is one of the best writers I know. She also runs a couple of other sites. Reminder: Feedback is essential!

Decoyly's Fics

Decoyly was once known as MeGgIe42 and most of the stories I am hosting for your reading pleasure go back to 2002, 2003,and 2004. She also haw written several X-Files novels. Remember, feedback is good for the author's soul.

Janie:Blind Justice

Disclaimer:  All original characters, office furniture and
supplies, apartment contents, aliens and other villains
mentioned on the show are owned by Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen
Productions and Fox Studios.  These fanfiction authors make
no money and intend no copyright infringement.  We all do it
for the love of the world The X-Files has given us.

As some stories may not be suitable for younger readers,
please give your children under 17, and in some cases under
13, reading material suited to their ages.  Guide them
properly in reading, and they'll be the writers of the