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Category: Kidfic, Christmas Fic. Non-Canon Children, MSR


Archive: Freely as long as you ask. Yes to Gossamer, and The
Nursery Files.

Disclaimer: I don't own any original X-Files characters, but
Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox Studios still do.
Just wait until my ship comes in... I'll do a fourth movie as
someone else wants to do a third movie. Hi Lola!

DECEMBER 1, 2009

Ah, another Christmas. He had been home a few years now and
gained some siblings. Well, there was another little baby boy
who had been born only a month ago.

He made a mental note to call Daddy Van deKamp to wish him a
Merry Christmas, even though it was still early in the month.

Of course his list was long, as were his older sisters' lists, the
twins cloned from Mom's eggs. Decisions, decisions...

This year, William wasn't going to snoop around for gifts. Why?
Because his parents had hiding places he could never dream
of finding.

Even Mom and Dad were working and feeding the newborn James
Charles Mulder. There wasn't a chance on earth of doing that. There
was one hitch, though: Scully was going to take the wee one for a
check-up and herself and there would possibly be a time when
he could check his parents' room for any clues as to what they
might want.

Now, what could he possibly get for them? He had some money from his
paper route, saved from cash gifts people had given him for his
birthday, but what did he want? He knew that in some ways his parents
believed he was "special", but this time around he had no ideas!

Asking Samantha Ann and Meg would be an exercise in futility, because
they were still at the stage where they were making things at school.

As for Alison, she lived far away and wouldn't give him ideas because
she was busy going between two families.

Mandy would just laugh and say, "Hey, get your own ideas, Einstein."

They both had part time jobs and did their own mall crawling, and
had a lot of homework at high school. They'd never give away their

Either Mom or Dad would be taking him to the mall. Now THERE'S an
IDEA! Ask one parent what the other wants. Samantha Ann And Meg
would be taking similar adventures.

Dana Scully was no slouch. Not only had she been saving as much
as she could, but the last of her gifts were just about to be purchased
whenever she could get Mandy to watch the other children for a while.

As for Fox Mulder, well... "Mr. Last Minute Pay And Run" would be buying
many things very close to Christmas. He had just purchased
a new house and the mortgage payments were unbelievable, but he had
been able to put some money away and store it a locked desk
drawer at the office. The FBI X-Files office, of course. Home was a
dangerous place, and even though most of the children could be
trusted NOT to go there, there was the ever curious William. Not that
he was a "snoop", he just liked to occasionally drop in when Mulder was
doing some work, talk a bit, and when his father wasn't there, well, there
were a lot of interesting pictures and articles he liked to read. All
documents about him were safely locked up. Bummer. He had almost
found out many things he could not, and should not know. Not yet. Yet,
the stories of weird creatures and crop circles and the like were so

"Hey, lazy bones!" It was Mom. "Dinner is now being served. If you
haven't done your homework yet, I know you'll do it after supper.
Now, wash up."

"Yes, Ma'am". Sure, he was hungry. How did Mom know he hadn't
finished his essay about trains anyway? Well, off to meal mania.


While Meg and Samantha Ann were busily making garlands and cards,
William was learning about the history of Kris Kringle, and bored to
tears. As much as he loved the thought of a man going up and down
chimneys, he knew the real meaning of Christmas. God's gift to Man.
What could possibly be more important than a life?

Of course, the thought of a puppy glanced through his mind, but even
the new house was not big enough for a raucous beast like his friend
Louie had. He did remember the tale of a woman who had placed her child
for adoption until she was sure he was safe. Even though his little
sisters, and even the big ones were annoying at times, he had always
thought a family was one man, one woman, and a few kids -- not one lonely
soul. He could have had another sibling through Mrs. Van deCamp,
but that never happened. He was told she had passed away after
miraculously becoming pregnant. Will missed her, and wished he could
have written to her as well.

Scully had all her shopping done already; Mulder was still looking around
for something special for his wife. How Will wished it wouldn't
be that skimpy underwear again. He wanted her to get a million cake
mixes. He was actually embarrassed at the sight of that lacy stuff and
Alison and Mandy's giggles.

With Alison coming for Christmas, everyone knew what she wanted:
whatever Mandy wanted. Boyfriends!


Mulder finally decided upon a "just-the-two-of-us" trip for two. Scully
had bought William a microscope and some slides so he could investigate
things such as plants, germs, and the like.

Mandy and Alison were given DVD/CD burners for their respective
computers, and new winter coats.

Meg and Samantha, well, they were two different entities in their own
right: Samantha Ann was about to have a new bicycle. Meg was about to
receive a special poem written by an Oxford professor -- after all, she
was born Christmas Eve!


The day was finally here! While William relished the microscope, he told
Grandma Maggie Scully a secret he would never tell a soul, and she was never
to tell anyone: "All I wanted for Christmas was to be safe and sound in my
real family's home! And I know it wasn't Santa that heard that one. Daddy V
would understand that. I write him all the time."

Maggie bent over and kissed William tenderly. "That's all I -- We ever
wanted for you. Sometimes, I think wishes are just prayers worded in
a different way. BTW, your Uncle Bill probably won't admit this, but
I do believe he loved the fuzzy slippers you gave him! Now, one last kiss
and off to bed!"

The pair shared a laugh, William was off to bed, and the adults relaxed
with some liquid refreshment. "You know," Bill quipped, "I never knew just
how much he was like his Dad!"



Disclaimer: Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen and Fox Studios
own Mulder, Scully and The X-Files.  No money is earned
on my part, and I intend no copyright infringement.