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Title: I Know Already

Author: Pattie

Rated: PG

Category: Alternate Universe.

Spoilers: The series up until The Truth, then my AU
fic "After Mandy, Bobby".

Summary: Since he's already been snooping through
Dad's home office, William finds out about a character
from one of my other stories, but keeps it to himself for
a while. Author's Note at end.


Archive: Gossamer, Nursery Files. Anybody else just ask
politely, please.

Disclaimers: Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and
Fox Studios own The X-Files, Mulder, Scully, William and
the original ideas behind the conspiracy. All other characters
are mine. Why not?
*Excerpt from "After Mandy, Bobby"*
I doubt I can sue myself for plagiarising my own story.
Author's Note at end.

AUGUST 16, 2006
7:30 AM

Dana Scully was still reliving the past few days, mourning
the loss of her deceased hybrid son. Mulder asked that she
be given time off from the office, and it was granted. Kersh and
Skinner were the Agents' friends by now.

Mandy and William exchanged knowing glances as the youngest
girls were preparing to go to school, arguing as usual.

Mulder dropped his briefcase and played referee as Scully
cleared the breakfast table.

Naturally, Mulder was on his way to work. Mandy and William
were ready to leave the house, but decided to have a talk with
their mother first.


"Yes, Mandy?"

"Need any help? Will and I have some time. You spent a few days
working hard at the hospital. Why?"

It's... well it's a long story. We can talk later. I can't have you missing
time at the store, or your brother being late for classes."

Will told Scully to sit down and she did. "I know my history and what
Uncle Jeffery did for me and Dad. Why are you so sad?"

Tears filled the woman's eyes. "I think this is better worked on with
your father when he's home this evening, after dinner, and Samantha
Ann and Meg just wouldn't understand."

"I know my history," Mandy replied, "and how you helped me
understand. That's why we are so close."

"Yes, I am sad, but I also love you enough to loosen the apron strings.
Just go to school. William, your first priority is school. Please,
just go. If I need to talk to somebody, I can call your grandmother."

The pair were hesitant, but hugged their mother tightly and reluctantly

"Something's going on and I don't know what," Mandy told William
on the way to the bus stop.

"Yes. She's supposed to be at the office with Dad, not running off to
the hospital and spensing so many hours there. Mom chose to work
for the FBI and run autopsies. Maybe a sick friend?"

"No idea. She hasn't said anything to us. Don't bother going into
the home office since it's locked."

"Maybe I could pick it," William retorted.

"Oh no. We'll find out sometime soon. There's my bus. Yours in
next. Have fun."


Scully hadn't been going to any hospital. She had been running
back and forth from the abandoned warehouse where another
subject from 'The Project' resided, and Bobby Jones was
going downhill quickly. He was nearly out of his supplement and
Scully had been asking the lab to help her research it and
hopefully replicate it. The technicians were clueless.

Skinner knew the situation and Scully was given time to do
whatever possible to care for her hybrid son and research.


*As Mulder watched his wife re-enter the lab, he called Jeffrey
Spender on his cell phone and tried to explain the situation.
He didn't know how to tell the children the two week vacation
in West Tisbury was off, so he decided to let his brother and
Margaret Scully take them out there, allowing himself to be
there to support Scully and her son.

AUGUST 29, 2006
2:16 AM

Mulder had fallen asleep in a chair in Bobby Jones' livingroom.
Scully mopped Bobby's brow. His temperature had risen to 104
degrees in the past three days. Most of his bodily systems were
failing rapidly, and Mulder often had to take over for his wife
to let her rest. Bobby had lost consciousness two days ago.

As Scully turned to rinse out the washcloth, Bobby awoke and
tried to speak.

"No. Just rest. Easy does it. I still have the lab... "

"No time. Sorry."

"Don't be. Just relax." Scully tried to keep the tears at bay.
"We're doing everything possible... "

"Please... " Bobby reached for Scully's hand and she willingly
held it tightly. "Mother. Good bye," he whispered.

As Bobby's eyes closed, Scully said a prayer for her son. She
also asked God for the strength to understand how and why he
had existed, and to help her through the coming days. The word
'Mother', coming from this young man of 10 years, meant so
much to her that she had a pang of guilt for not wanting to
accept the fact of herself being a part of him from the

She didn't wake Mulder. He had been through as much pain as
she had. She sat on the sofa until dawn, then gently explained
what had happened while Mulder held her. Together, they would
go on with their family as always. Their lives had been forever
altered for the better.*

Scully and Mulder were absolutely exhausted when they returned
home, and would still have to deal with their young family. Then
there was the funeral to plan. Maggie Scully would never know.

When William and Mandy returned around dinner time, they
were full of questions. One in particular.

Mandy placed her book on the floor and grabbed a glass of water
and the pair sat at the kitchen table. "Mom, why have you been
running all over town to hospitals labs?"

"William," Mulder began, "Please take Meg and Samantha Ann
into the livingroom to watch a cartoon video. When you come
back, we need to tell you something."


After he returned, he poured himself a glass of milk.

"William, Mandy, you have, or I should say had, and older brother
named Bobby. We tried as much as we could to help him. but
he died today. Mandy and Alison will live a long time."

William replied, "I know already. So he's really dead?"

Mulder tried to hold back tears as did Scully. "Unfortunately,

On the fireplace mantle stood a last portrait of a healthier
looking Bobby Jones.


Author's Note: William's Older Brother Challenge:

Write a story set at any time when William would be
from age 8 up to 17 years old that is about him discovering
that he has a living older brother or half-brother. (FYI: the
older brother can be an adult)

That's your only requirement. Every other detail is up to you.

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