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Title: She Wants Mrs. Abernathy!

Author: Pattie

Rated: PG

Category: Kidfic, Casefile, MA, SA

Summary: Meg and Samantha Ann don't need to be
exposed to a nutcase taking someone hostage at
school. Family does matter! Yes, it is a real school.
(Research pays off.)


Archive: Gossamer. Anybody else, please ask nicely.

Disclaimers: Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions,
and Fox Studios own The X-Files, Mulder, Scully,
William (poor guy), but anyone else I was nice enough
to give them, they'll need a lot of money, a lot. Yes, the

See Author's Note at end.


9:05 A.M.

Samantha Ann and Meg had just nicely settled into
their respective seats doing bellwork.

Dale Scott, class clown, shot Meg with a spitball.

"Hey! Knock it off, Dale! You see that Miss Elton?"

"Dale, principal's office after school. Honestly, fifth
time this month." The teacher patted Meg on the back.
"Don't worry, there's one in every class. Keep writing."

"I am. What is it with him?"

"Don't worry." Miss Elton took her seat and sighed,
filling the attendance sheet.

Fifteen minutes later, the entire school heard the
principal's voice over the P.A. system. "This is Mr.
Watson. Morning recess is cancelled." There was
tension in the man's voice. "Please stay calm, remain in
your seats, and only leave your rooms if you need to use
the washroom. We need your co-operation. Thank

At least one of the teachers had left his classroom
carrying his cell phone as habit. He was going to the
supply room, but overheard a disturbance in one
classroom. He made it to the male teacher's
washroom and, knowing the Mulder sisters' parents
workplace, dialed directlory assistance and asked for
Mulder and Scully's office. "Hello," he whispered.
"It's Mr. Jamieson. No time for small talk. One
of the teachers, Mrs. Abernathy is being held. Hard
on those kids. Gotta go."

Scully had picked up the phone and dropped her head
on her desk. "Mulder. There's a situation at the girls'


"A teacher, Mrs. Abernathy is being held hostage in front
of her students. Call Kersh, we need a team quickly."

"I will. How did you find out?"

"Mr. Jamieson was running an errand and overheard a
female in room seven. At least Meg and Samantha Ann
are in other rooms."

As Mulder dialed, he said calmly, "Stay calm. Sir?"

"Yes, Mulder. I hope you're not following another oddball

"No, a teacher is being held at Moton elementary. The
name is Miss. Abernathy, and a fellow teacher heard a
female voice as he passed the room. We have no idea if
the perp is armed, who she is, or what she's demanding."

Kersh was relieved it wasn't another weird idea, but he
was worried about the children. "I see. Do you want in
on this, because I could find a few other agents."

"Bring them in, and yes I do want to be there. Most
certainly we need the PD. We have no idea who she

"You're profiler. Go."

"Thank you, Sir."After he started dialing the local police, he
quipped, "Gee, I thought he didn't like me."

"Not funny at all, Mulder. Let's get on with this."

"You bet. Meet the others upstairs and I'll see if the local
psych tree is missing any nuts."

Scully frowned, "You are not a stand-up comedian. I'm
going to meet the police, scope out the area around the
school to see if any neighbours saw somebody who was
not one of the parents taking the kids to school."

11:10 A.M.

The school was quiet, with other teachers and the students
nervously sitting. Waiting is tough on youngsters who have
no clue why they cannot have recess. Their concentration
was difficult as well.

A woman in her mid-thirties had been seen in the vicinity and
had entered the school dressed in tatered jeans and red tee.

Mrs. Abernathy tried not to show it, but she recognized the
woman and, after two hours, asked, "Why me, Mrs. Samson?"

"Because you held back Johnny."

"That was... um, two years ago, and because of your
illness I had no choice but to give him a D."

"Yeah, blame it on the mother. Always the mother. Knock it
off. You aren't getting away with it. I was released, and I
have no idea where my son is. Do you?"

"The last I heard, he was in foster care."

"S***!" The woman became withdrawn. "I want him back,
I found a place, and I have a knife."

The sight of the things scared the students out of their
wits. Several began to silently cry.

"Won't getcha anywhere, kids!"

Meanwhile, he police and Scully had a description of Mrs.
Samson, and Scully called her husband.

"Mulder, Melanie Samson, parent of one John Samson
who Mrs. Abernathy failed. Son John is in care. Just out
of hospital. Psychosis."

"Hear that guys? The woman could be armed."

"Curtains to the room are closed," an agent remarked.
"Better get police sketches or photos. Johnson, see Scully
about it."

"Yeah, as usual, the errand boy." The man went off in a huff.

The students were on edge and bored, not knowing what
was going on.

Boredom finally overtook Meg's least favorite classmate.
Dale rolled a spitball and threw it straight to her.

"Mrs. Elton! Dale, you're an idiot!"

"Double detention, young man. I know it's hard, children,
just be patient." The teacher was slow to temper, but drew
in a deep breath. "I'm sure we'll hear something soon."

Scully recalled a former colleague now working at the
hospital. Hoping she was on duty, she pulled out her cell.

"Yes, it's Dr. Dana Scully. Is Ellen Kapogenes in right now?"

"Hang on. I'll page her."

The waiting seemed like an eternity. Finally, Kapogenes
answered. "Yes?"

"Ellen, it's Dana. Do remember a patient by the name of
Samson? Recently released?"

"Oh, yes. Social Services has her son. A regular here.
She's supposed to be in a psychiatric lodging home and
taking risperidol. Why?"

"She's taken a teacher at my daughters' school hostage.
Moten Elementary."

"Be careful. May be dangerous. I'll call in the crisis team.
The woman may have missed a few doses of her meds."

"I see, thank you, Ellen. We'll talk sometime. Have to go."

Scully advised other agents and the police and the team
were on the way, then Mulder and colleagues.

Shortly, the crisis team arrived to meet Mulder and his
colleagues, along with Scully's team. They devised a

A psychiatric social worker advised all how things could
be handled.

Mulder called principal Watson. "This is Special Agent
Mulder, Mr. Watson. We have the police and an intervention
team here. How can we enter?"

"In the back of the building, the door outside of the
gymnasium. I know a way around. The woman won't see

Mulder shouted, "Let's go! Hope you brought your med. bag,

"I did. In the car. Just a minute." She ran to the car and quickly

The door swung open and all ran through the building to the
room. A policeman knocked on the door.

"Nobody gets up!" the woman shouted.

One of the bigger policemen shoved the door for all to see
a knife at the teacher's throat.

The social worker said, "No, Mrs. Samson. That would be
worse than the hospital ward, you know that."

"I want my son today!" She shoved the knife closer to the
teacher, terrorizing her.

Scully quickly drew her weapon and shot Samson in the right
shoulder, and she fell on the floor. She quickly open her bag
and applied pressure to the wound. "Call EMS. The lockdown
is over. The staff and kids can go to lunch."

The announcement was made by the principal, and there was
a resounding 'YAY!!!' "

Samantha Ann and Meg ran to their mother after being allowed
near her to hug her. Dale appered rather sulky.

"Well Dale, my Mom's a hero. You're just a pint-sized ball of

"Meg!" her teacher scolded, then she whispered, "Nice shot,

For weeks on end, although Sammy Ann and Meg had their
differences, they shared bragging rights about their heroic

Mrs. Samson would neither see her son nor the outside world
for many, many years, if ever.


Authors Note: Another Plot Generator idea. A Hostage Taking
at Scully's Child's School.

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