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Title: Easter 2017, No Problem? Maybe.

Author: Pattie

Rated: PG

Spoilers: The series, each movie, the flipping re-boot,
and my Alternate Universe.

Summary: It's April 2017, the world did not end, the
family is much larger, and the world continues to hold
surprises for Mulder and Scully.


Archive: Gossamer (please update by the way). Others
should ask politely and I'll send this to the Nursery

Disclaimers: Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and
Fox Studios own Mulder, Scully, William, Jeffery
and the original premise of the series, for the 215th
blooming time. Ain't no aliens here, sorry. I gave them
a family, to make Chris Carter jealous.

Dedicated to all the veteran fanfiction writers and newer
folks who keep the labor of love alive. Too many names,
too much space.


So far, so good for the family, given the fact that Mulder
and Scully were about to embark on the adventure of
their lives without extraterrestrials or paranormal quirks.
They had returned from Brussels with orders to do duty
for Homeland Security, keeping their youngest away
from the news broadcasts as well as they could.

There were no newer cases local or national, so it was
a wait and see situation, which meant more family time.
Scully and her brothers had settled Maggie Scully's
estate. Bill Jr. and Charlie were both at sea, and *the
world was going crazy*, Scully thought.

After a long, boring day of cleaning the office, revising
the layout of the office, both agents were home by
5:00 PM.

William had his nose in the books upstairs, Mandy was
placing James' cup and snack plate in the sink, and as
usual Samantha Ann and Meg were trying with some
difficulty to do their homework between hissy fits.

As Scully placed her briefcase down and began opening
the mail, Mulder tried to calm the girls as he, too, wondered
if they could ever get along. "Enough, little ladies." He put
his briefcase down, removing his wife's coat and his own.

They quickly resumed reading and writing. All it took was
one look from Dad.

James turned away from his cartoons and ran to hug his
parents. "Guess what?"

"You scraped your knees and tore your pants again?" Of
course, Mommy was joking.

"No!" James laughed. "Celia Smye's got a crush on me!"

Mulder smiled. "You lucky fella!"

"Hey, you know I think girls are yucky, Daddy. So fussy 'bout
their hair and clothes, like my sisters."

"The girl has good taste," Scully admitted, patting her little
one on the head. "One day, you'll change your mind. I smell
something good from the kitchen. Now, go wash up for

James put on the 'Mulder pout' and ran to the nearest
bathroom. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna barf."

Mandy was laughing as she stirred a pot of rice.

"So, what's for supper?" Scully asked.

"What you posted on the whiteboard. Rice, mixed veggies
and left over lamb roast."

"A miracle!" Scully said happily. "Finally, you have started
following my advice. You started dinner. Congratulations.
You're hired."

"I have a day job, Mom, and my feet are so sore. Thanks for
the offer anyway."

Mulder grabbed a glass of water. "Well, at least you can help
your Mom on the fourteenth. Easter dinner, and your sister
Alison, and Greta, Susan and Uncle Jeffery are coming."

"What about Uncle Bill, Aunt Tara, Matthew and Sarah?"

Scully quickly replied, "Bill and Charlie are at sea until
May at best, and Tara is taking Matthew and Sarah to her
parents' house. Please, turn off the rice while I check on the

Mulder, although having made some peace with his older
brother-in-law, turned his back and grinned.

Scully swatted him on his derriere. "I know what you're

"Psychic? Hmm... "

"I know my husband, so you can haul the twenty pound turkey
from the store for your sweet wife Saturday."

"Gee, thanks." Classic pout.

James saw it as he left the bathroom. "Copy cat."

"I had it perfected long before you were ever thought of, kiddo.
I know, let's write a mushy love letter to lover girl."

"No way, Jose. Let's just not and say we did."

Scully pulled the meat from the oven. "Meg, Samantha Ann,
please wash up." She ran to the stairwell. "William, time to
put the feed bag on!"

After having washed up, he slid down the banister, which
brought the house down.

"William, really!"

"Mom, you told me to try to have more fun, and it was.
Better feed Lucky now. I'll break from studying to walk him
after we eat."

Mandy was still heck bent on running her protest against the
new American President, even with Alison down with her
adoptive parents in Austin. As she lifted her fork full of
potatoes she had to ask: Homeland Security?"

"Later," Mulder warned her.

"What's that?" Meg wanted to know.

"Our new job," Scully mumbled. "We're all safe. Just eat up.
Your brain's still growing."

"What brain?" Samantha Ann snarled.

"Enough!" her mother snapped. "Sorry. Keep eating. Can't you
to get along? I loved and trusted my sister, your Aunt Melissa.
We had our differences, but there was no fighting."

"Yes, Mom." The little girl felt a bit ashamed and resumed eating.

"Easter's coming up," Mulder mentioned sweetly, systematically
changing gears. "Anything you younger ones want?"

Meg was silent for a moment. "I don't believe in the Easter Bunny
any more. Gotta think about that. Maybe a picture from Aunt Sam."

"Possibly. James?"

"A baby brother."

"Impossible," Scully replied. "WIlliam asked for you and got his
wish. I can't have any more babies."

"Why Mommy?"

"When it's time, you'll find out. Drink your milk, please. You've got

"And we're outnumbered," William quipped.

Mulder laughed. "Tell me about it."

After giggling, Mandy snickered, "Alison called me and said
she may be dropping in Easter Monday, and going back to the
store here until two days past Mother's Day. She says she has a
gift for both her Moms and everybody else when she gets here."

"As long as you keep the room clean I'm okay with that." *Yes,
my other unexpected daughter*, she thought. *Forget the

April 6, 2017
9:00 AM

Jeffery was fully recovered from influenza and smiled as he
watched Mulder reach for a pencil, all the while seeing Scully
staring daggers at his half-sibling. Scully unplugged the

"I know you're bored to tears, but you promised."

Just then, the phone rang.

"Mulder. Yes, Sir. Kersh wants us in the office pronto."

Jeffery had been made aware of the Homeland Security
assignment but hadn't had the experience. Neither had Mulder
and Scully.

The three agents were seated in the office.

"Agents, I just wanted to let you know that nobody's sure where
we're sending you or when. Hopefully you've seen the news and
read my memos." The former Marine's brow was furrowed.

"Yes, Sir. We're prepared. We know Canada's sent troops to
the east, Russia and the Ukraine can't be bothered with tact
and diplomacy, and Turkey... " Mulder began.

"I know. As for the new President, well, everybody's tempted to
run from the Republican party, psychologists and psychiatrists
can't remotely assess him, only suspect."

"Please, don't tell us we're gone for Easter," Scully pleaded.

"I doubt it. Not even the CIA knows for sure. Just be well
informed and prepared. We have other agents in the field since
the three of you are in a holding pattern, as well as many others
who were sent to Brussels."

"I'm not sure about doing this," Jeffery admitted.

"Don't worry. There will be several training sessions for all within
a few days," Kersh advised them, as if it was any consolation
even to agents as well seasoned as Mulder and Scully. "You
may go now. Leave the files locked in the office."

"I see." Mulder stood and took his wife's hand. "Anything else?"

"Not at the moment. Just get back downstairs and read up."

The three left silently wondering, and as Jeffery pushed the elevtor
button, Mulder muttered "coffee and painkillers".

Scully nodded. "Definitely. I'd better call Susan and Greta."

"Headaches?" Jeffery inquired.

"Yes," both replied in unison.

"Better not be around Good Friday," Scully whispered.

"What about Good Friday?" a deliverman asked as they stood
in wait.

"My car's having problems," Mulder said in an annoyed tone.

"I see." The middle-aged man shook his head and went on with
his dolly full of cartons as the elevator door opened.

Sit, read, wait all day long. Nobody knew what was going to
happen. The usual news about Ukraine and Russia, Turkey,

9:00 AM

Mulder threw a folder down onto the desk. *I must have read
these damn things fifteen times. Let's see what Mr. Tweetathon's
up to."

"Mulder, although you have a photographic memory, Jeffery and I
don't. Why bother with the idiosyncracies of the nutcase's three
in the morning nonsense?" Scully sipped her cold coffee.

"Wanna laugh my a** off."

Jeffery snickered. "And piss off Kersh all in one shot."

Scully gave Mulder the glare. "Then while I pour a fresh cup for
myself, you're on your own, buster."

"I did quite well on my own before you came down here, may I remind
you. "

"Yeah, you were in deep doo-doo with the folks upstairs, and I was
sent down here to dig you out."

To Jeffery Spender, this engagement was like watching an old
Abbott and Costello routine. He hisdhis grin behind a folder.

Once again, the phone rang.

"Mulder. Really. Well thanks, Sir. We appreciate that." After he hung
up, he relayed that the agents could have a few days off to take care
of the homefront and prepare for action within a few days. They were
also advised to keep updated on the news.

MARCH 7, 2017
9:00 AM

Mulder, Scully and Jeffery were re-reading folders at home, the
children were in school as usual, and naturally Mandy was working.
James needed to be hauled to the car by his mother dreading the
thought of facing his admirer. He was thinking up ways to avoid the
little girl.

Scully returned for the preschool surprised to find her husband waiting
patiently in the kitchen instead of in his home office. She put her coat
into the closet. "What are you doing?"

"Waiting for you. The kettle's on, you need a nice warm cup of tea, and
yes, I saw the morning news. A rival faction in Syria dropped sarin gas
on others, or it could have been Russia, coming from Trump to
Canada's leader. They're still looking into that. Trump got the idea to
bomb Syria and acted on that. Comprehensive Economic and Trade
Agreement are talking strategy."

"Oh my God. " She sipped her tea. "Any word from Marita?"

"Any time, I suppose. Sip your tea. I know, you're worried about your

Scully frowned. "That goes without saying. Maybe we'd better get a few

"I threw a load of laundry in, so while that's running, we can do that.
We'd better take our cell phones."

"After we finish this."

There was a lot of reading to do, as well as the usual household chores.
The day went quite smoothly, and the younger members of the family
noticed their parents were worried.

APRIL 8, 2017

Since it was a Saturday, Scully hired William and Mandy to help with
the grocery shopping. Mulder went jogging as usual, but was not quite
up to a pick up game at the YMCA. Life had to go on.

11:00 AM

As the three shoppers returned, the phone rang. Scully made certain
things went as usual with the older children helping stock the freezer
and cupboards, and Mulder picked up the receiver.

"Mulder. Hang on, I have to put you on hold and talk with you in another
room." He pressed the hold button and linked it to his home office.

Meg and Samantha Ann were outside playing with their friends, and
James was watching an old Spiderman cartoon video.

"Hello again. Where are you?"

"In New York, waiting for a plane back to Paris. I guess you know
what's been happening."

"Yes, and we don't like it. We haven't been called yet, but it might
be tomorrow or Monday. You and the boys okay?"

"Of course. Plane's boarding. Gotta run."

Mulder went back to the living room to change the video, then
helped the others offload the remaining groceries.

"Who was it, Mulder?"

"An old school friend." He was lying and Scully knew it. "Well, you
can tell me later. The supermarket was jammed, the shelves were
nearly empty, but we have everything we need. Any word from DD

"No, not yet." Then he whispered, "Act as if everything is normal,
and no news unless everybody's elsewhere."

The woman remained silent, then asked Mandy to help her start

MARCH 9, 2017
7:00 AM

Scully and every offspring had to eat and dress for church It was
Palm Sunday. This was Mother Scully's routine and she stuck to it
no matter what, with the exception of working out of town.

Oops, she'd awakened the stubborn, sleeping giant. He still could
not be convinced to join the family church. He was happy enough to
do his wife the favor of doing the dishes, then took in the news. It
was not pretty, of course. It reminded him of Don McLean's song,
'American Pie' as he read the home delivered paper. *Bad news
on the doorstep.* At least neither Kersh nor the others had called.
Yet. *I can't expose the youngest to this. Maybe the eldest ones,
and most importantly Scully.*

It had been reported that one faction in Syria run by one Bashar
al-Assad had used nerve gas, sarin, against another. It was
suspected Russia played a role in that, and PM Trudeau was in
touch with US, France, Germany and Britain about it. The news
was rather uncertain; details were sketchy. World leaders were
debating whether Russia was to be punished for involvement with
the States and Syria. Trudeau had been quoted as saying there
should be no dealing with Assad for peace in Syria as it was
suspected Assad had made a deal with Russia and the US had
fired missiles into the gassed zone.

Mandy, William all other older family members did their best to
keep the youngest ones busily away from the radio and TV.

The day ran rather smoothly.

7:00 PM

The phone rang just after dinner.

"Mulder." It was Kersh. Mulder whispered to Scully, "go along with
William and the dog and please take the girls and James along.
Tell you later."

The woman could tell by the tone of his voice and expression in
his eyes thing weren't that great.

"Hang on, Sir, Okay, what's up?"

"You've seen the news."

"Yes, Alvin, and I have told Scully. When do we leave and what's
the plan?"

"We don't quite know yet, but I assure you the military is ready
for anything. Gotta go. Other line."

APRIL 16, 2017
6:30 AM

None of the youngest were pleased to be up that early on a
Sunday, but this was the holiest of days.

Naturally the turkey was defrosting, which reminded Mulder that
Turkey was stirring up trouble.

For several days, Mulder and Scully were following the news as
much as possible. They tried to keep everybody's routine's
normal. Today was Easter Sunday, and Scully woke the youngest
and older offspring. She sternly warned them to eat breakfast in
their night clothing before allowing them to open any candy or other
gifts, then it was into their Sunday best. As for Mulder, he had his
own opinion about going to church, and began reading the news
on the computer. It did not look good at all.

*Better keep the youngest away from the world news*, he muttered.
*Scully will worry about Bill and Charlie, too, but she needs to know
to be prepared for whatever comes our way.*

Susan, Greta, Jeffery and everybody but Samantha would be
enjoying a wonderful Easter feast, and the world wasn't looking great.

*Just break it to Scully, Greta, Susan, William and Mandy", he warned
himself, as he tucked away the remainder of the candy.

10:30 AM

Greta and Susan entered the house bearing gifts, of course.

It was quite enjoyable to see the family happily enjoying the day.

Bulbs were coming into bloom, the feast was fantastic, and Mulder
made certain he and Scully kept the youngest children away from
all exposure to the media.

Naturally, they timed the family briefing after Meg, Samantha Ann
and James were bathed and asleep.

9:00 PM

As they were sitting down to coffee, Greta, Susan, William and
Mandy were being prepared for the days to come.

"So, no more protests," Mandy grumbled. Just go to work as usual."

"Work as usual," Greta sadly confessed.

Jeffery was wondering where he fit in.

"Office," Mulder advised his half-sibling. "We have no idea what our
orders are yet. As far as we know, Homeland Security. Don't know
when. until then, office as usual."

"Nursing school will be a challenge, but I can do it and arrange for
family time," Susan offered.

"University as usual," William chimed in. "Are we still safe?"

"Don't worry about it," Scully stated, smoothing his hair.

Susan and Greta left the house sadly that night.

"I certainly hope this is not World War 111," Susan told Greta as
they walked to the bus stop."

"I don't want to think about that, with the weaponry these days,"
Her aunt responded. "Remember what we prayed about today."


William was taking Lucky for his last walk of the day, as his parents
sat in the living room.

"Mulder with all that's happening, I have to wonder what's next."

Her husband was silent for a moment. "Well, Trump has no plans
to attend the dinner held for the press. It's the first time any ruler
of this country was absent due to the attempted assassination of
Ronald Reagan, back in 1981. We still have no idea where we are

Scully sat quietly for another moment. "I doubt the world won't end.
Nato, the UN, and even Canada will stand up to whatever comes up.
There's one thing I'd really like you to do for me?"

"Anything. You know that. What?"

She was edgy, and knew it showed. "I'd like you to hold my hand."

"We usually do that as often as possible, as well as other things."

"Just do it, please. For me, for everybody. Close your eyes."

"Okay." He wondered what was next.

Both of them closed their eyes, and there was not a sound in the
house for three minutes.

"So, why did we do that?"

"I prayed, Mulder, on behalf of both of us, that God would give us
strength and intervene for the family, and the world governments."

"But I'm not... "

"You told me years ago a miracle could happen, and it did. Now we
have William and many more miracles."

Whatever would happen in the days to come was anyone's guess.


Author's Note: I know I am late with this story. The family had a Happy
Easter. Many more things would happen in the world in the coming
days. Another story might appear as a sequel soon.
Pattie, April 30, 2017.

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