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Title: How Do I Tell Scully?

Author: Pattie

Spoilers: "Emily", small reference to "Our Town",
my Alternate Universe.

Rated: PG

Category: Post-Ep., Kid Fic

Summary: Age a picture of Emily at four and you have
an adult version of Scully's deceased daughter. Only
in Star Trek do we find replicators. Emily's life and
death already has given Scully nightmares. What now?
Yes, "Another Stolen Ova" yet alive, unlike "Bobby", as
she was cured by Scully's science as well as "Alison"
and "Mandy".


Archive: Gossamer, Nursery Files. Anyone else just be
polite enough to ask. I don't take yours without asking.

Disclaimer: All original characters are copyrighted by
Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox Studios.
"Mr. Clean" is a registered trademark of Proctor and

Star Trek is owned by the Roddenberry Estate. I
invented the other offspring and another original
character. Everyone else is mine.

See Author's Note at end.

October 7, 2016

It was happening again. Mulder awoke to find his wife in
tears, curled up in bed. "My baby... my poor baby." She
startled awake sweating and shaking as Mulder held her.
"It's okay, it's okay. We're both still hurting. We're fine now,
you solved Alison and Mandy's problems. You didn't know
how to save her."

"Yeah, we have a wonderful family life now. When does
it ever end?" She grabbed a tissue. "Damn Transgen.
Stolen ova via kidnapping."

"When we learn to forgive ourselves and be thankful for
the time we had with the people we grieve for. Since it's
almost time to get up, let's just shower and start the day.
We can still love and be grateful for William, Mandy, Alison,
Samantha Ann, Meg and James. Wouldn't think of forgiving

"I know. I'm sorry." The sobs slowly subsided.

"Never be sorry. Never, honey. I'll shower and change in
the guest bathroom, you have the ensuite."

"Thanks. I will try to focus on the kids and work." She slipped
out of her pajamas and grabbed her work clothes, as did

"Better hurry, you know Mandy and Alison." The man almost
jogged to the shower.

Will was already up, ready for the day but looked weary.

Mulder took one look at him and knew the youngster hadn't
slept. "What's up, Dude?"

"I studied all night. Maybe I'm tired, but strong coffee might
help. Gotta make the year."

Scully was surprised when she entered the kitchen. "Yes,
you've inherited your father's insomnia, always working. I
know, strong coffee." At least Mandy and Alison were well
rested and dressed for work. As usual, they made a William

"Oooh, forgot to shave, brother dearest." Alison wasn't
Mulder's biological child, but she could be as sarcastic as

"I will after I eat. You both look too much like Mom with
that red hair. Why don't you die it purple? Purple twins."

Two twin elbows.

Mulder stopped them shortly. "Act your ages, not your shoe
sizes. Your Mom didn't sleep much either with bad dreams."

Scully just shook her head. "Could you girls just get your
sisters up and lay out their clothes, please? I'll get James
up and dressed, then blueberry pancakes."

As the pair proceeded to the younger girls' room, Mandy
muttered, "She says she never plays favorites? Will and
his favorite breakfast."

"Gotta side with him on this, sis, he studied all night and
I heard it."

After breakfast, the older girls shot out to work, William had
shaved and left the house, Meg and Samantha held their
own running for the school bus, and a neighbor picked up
James with his 'bestest' friend for pre school.

Mulder grabbed his briefcase and Scully's arm and offered
Starbucks and donuts on the drive to work.

"Just rest in the car. I'll get it."


As Scully was trying to stay awake, memories of the night
had to be shaken off.

Mulder was about to order and was shocked at the sight of the
woman at the counter. "Scully, I told you to stay put."

"Sorry? I'm Greta Simons. Your order, please." Red hair, blue
eyes, what was happening here? He was reminded of the
women from the fight club, wanting to forget the case.
Stuck in a sewer, as if all hell had broken loose.

"Sorry. Large double double, large vanilla cream, two Boston
creams. Would you mind if I dropped in later?"

"Whatever." Service was done and paid for. "They say we all
have a double some place. Have a good day Sir. I'm on
until eleven."

"Gotta go, and I would really like to talk with you."

She dismissed the remark and wondered about him. "Next!"

10:45 A.M.

Mulder closed a computer file and had found an excuse to
see the woman known as Greta Simons. "I need a copy of
Canada's 'Globe' for our Sudbury girl, since she loves to
read about her other country. Ten minutes at most. Hope
they still have one left."

"Okay. I'm just finishing up the end of the autopsy on the
Biggins case. That's very thoughtful of you. Kiss?"

"Sure. Please, go easy on yourself today."

"Since I'm part time these days, maybe I can leave early
if nothing comes up. I do need the rest. Go ahead. It's
nearly lunch."

11:05 A.M.

Greta had just prepared to leave when Mulder arrived with
the newspaper. "Why do you want to talk to me?"

"My name is Fox Mulder. I work for the FBI. You resemble
three of my family members."

"Oh, Mr. Mulder. Hang on, gotta grab my purse. By the way,
you might be able to help me find some people. I was
adopted when I was six and took ill. Fine now." She went
to the backroom and returned, reminding a fellow male
worker to sanitize an oven. "Charles, you know the routine.
See you tomorrow."

"You bet. Is this your date or something?" the dark haired man
asked. He seemed to have a crush on her.

"No, just someone who might know something I have wanted
to find out for years. Bye."

Mulder escorted the lady to the bus stop. "How would you
like to go for genetic testing?"

"Maybe. I live on my own, and do love my adoptive parents,
but I definitely need to know where I came from and who I

"I'll see you sometime tomorrow. Here's my card. Your
decision for time or place."

She smiled. "Thank you."

He made sure she entered the bus safely, remembering the
fetuses kicking in Allentown, the mad scientist. Hadn't
Jeremiah Smith promised his race would save the remaining
clones and ensure everything was cleared out?

He returned to the office at 11:25. "I see you got the paper,
but what took you, Mulder? The news stand is just three blocks

"Long line up. Hollywood premiere all over the news."

"I see. Hopefully not another 'Lazarus Bowl'. Maybe I should
make an excuse to go home early, after lunch. I am so drowsy."

"You should, my advice. Nothing much here. I'll drive you home."

"That's okay. I can take the bus. It's only two miles. Let's talk
to Kersh and go to lunch." Scully was rubbing her eyes, bags
and all.


Scully had had another one of those nights. When she was over
the nightmare, she somehow managed a couple of hours sleep to
awaken at 6:30, wishing alarms clocks hadn't been invented.

Mulder opened his eyes, stretching and yawning. "No work for
you today."

"Oh, Kersh will... "

"No he won't. I'll think up something true which would only really
be a white lie. After breakfast and the kids are out, lie down. I'm
your senior officer."


"Yes. Shower time, breakfast, let the eldest girls do the dishes.
Not much at the office yet." He was hoping Greta Simons would
call. If not, he would give her until the afternoon. Maybe. Would
the possibility of the news of another daughter be worse than his
wife's nightmares? That was questionnable.

7:30 A.M.

Mulder was already in the office and thinking. 'That's dangerous
for you' Scully had told him. You bet. Greta was on his mind. No
new cases, nothing on the computer to write about. It was so
tempting to open up an ancient X-File in the file cabinet, but he
had to remember the family.

No more tossing sharp pencils, because Kersh had had enough
of Supplies' complaints about Mulder's compulsive over use of
the things.

After reading through internet news to pass time, it was 10:00.
Coffee break time! Yup, Starbucks because Miss Simons was
likely due for a break anyway. Patience was said to be a virtue,
but not one of this man's. All employees were allowed to leave
the building for coffee break.

Mulder left the office and hurried to Starbucks. Greta was
nowhere to be seen when he ordered his usual java and
donut, so he asked the dark haired man about her.

"Oh, back room. By the way, I'm Dave. I can get her. Sid,
please take over for me a minute."

"Sure," a brunette twentiesh tatooed man replied.

Shortly, Dave returned with Greta.

"Sir? I thought I'd calll you in the afternoon. Let me grab my
mug. We can talk on the back patio. Ten minutes left."

The young red head led Mulder outside to a table.

Mulder sat and shuffled his feet. "About yesterday... you
resemble my wife and her daughters so much, so please
let me talk first. I know you want to know your biological

"In all honesty, I've been wondering a lot most of my life."
She sipped the last of her coffee.

"Well, to make a long story short, you may be related to
my wife. Something like in vitro."

"She was an egg donor? Cool!"

"In a way, and I can't tell you a long, drawn out story right
now. Would you be willing to have some tests done?"

She hesitated. "Sure. I have tomorrow off. Where?"

"I'll find a hospital outside of town, just a few blood tests
and tissue samples. Not much."

"You'd do that for me?"

"That's why they put the 'I' in the FBI. Call my cell any time
tomorrow." He could see reticence in her eyes."

"Sure, heaven knows I've been through tests for my illness
and someone named Dr. Scully was mentioned years ago."

"Are you well now?" Yes, he was worried.

"As well as anyone else. Tomorrow. Gotta go back."

Mulder smiled. "Call me. I'm due back to work, too."

"Nice seeing you again, Agent Mulder."


Scully had finally had a peaceful sleep, breakfast went quite
smoothly, and the offspring were off to work and school.

"I'm going to the office with you, Mulder. Don't want to lose
my job."

"Okay. Maybe if we're lucky enough, a good casefile," Mulder
replied. "Oh, I forgot to tell you. I need to run over to Staunton
for a couple of hours."

"Oh, why?" Scully grabbed her handbag.

"Have to take the Culbertson file over to their P.D."

"Hmm. Thought it was faxed over."

"Apparently, it didn't arrive."

"Okay, I'll keep the home fires burning in the basement.
Let's go."

9:15 A.M.

Oh, Mulder was going to Staunton all right, to a hospital with
Greta Simons. He picked her up at her apartment on Briar
Road. Three hours later, he was back at the Hoover, the tests
had been done and not a word was said.

Scully was reading a file. "Well, how was Staunton?"

"Good. It was on their end, their machine. What's that?"

"Another love letter from upstairs. Well, actually an armed
robbery at a local bank. No video, just the tellers as witnesses.
The PD wants your opinion for profiling the masked men.
Three suspects, no names."

"I see. At least no out of towns yet." He was wondering when
the young lady's tests would return. Hopefully within twenty-four
hours or so. Hopefully Scully was up for fun that night.

"Don't count your chickens, Mulder."

Surprisingly, he was deep in thought.


"Oh, sorry. I was remembering Chaco Chicken." Liar.

"No, you weren't. I can tell, and forget that one, please and
thank you. Just read the damn file."

"I will. No need to fight. Remember, I did get you that desk."

"Yes, thank you. Just read it. Kersh wants this in within
a couple of days." She poured two coffees in the office.
Yes, she suspected something, but what?

As the office phone rang, Mulder picked up right away. Of
course, because he was waiting to hear if the tests had
arrived. "Mulder. Thanks, Sir."

"Let me guess. We should be running after the suspects,"
Scully wondered.

"Apparently, no. Someone knew them, saw them running
down the street and called in to the locals."

"Great! Now I can do some cleaning up in here!" She was
herself again, but had to wonder why Mulder was that quick
to answer the phone. *What's he up to?*

"Don't do my messy desk, I'm begging you."

"Oh, all right. Suit yourself." She managed to grab a cloth,
some Mr. Clean and started working.

In the meantime, Mulder flipped through a few tabloids,
and impatiently waited for the phone, but not their boss.
His mind was on Greta Simons, but he couldn't call
the Staunton Lab there by landline or cell with his wife
around. It was also possible Greta would be the first to

11:05 A.M.

Scully had just managed to lock up the cleaning products
as there was a knock on the door. "It's open," she called.
Surprise, surprise, surprise. "Mulder, am I looking in a mirror?
Hallucinating from fume inhalation?"

"Hello, and I feel the same way." Greta Simons was there
with several folders. "I'm Greta Simons. Agent Mulder and I
have already met. Well, may I come in, please?"

As shocked as she was, she said, "Of course."

Greta knew this would be a touchy subject, so she placed
the folder's into Mulder's hand. "I went at 2:00 A.M on a
Greyhound to get these. Couldn't wait."

"Me neither." Mulder smiled like the cat who had caught the
canary, and began to read. The minutes seemed like
forever to Scully. "These match my wife's files 100%.
Congratulations, Mrs. Mulder. Meet your clone. Your
doppleganger. Hey, come out of your shock. I've been
thinking for days, 'How can I tell Scully?' and now I have."

"First Missy's daughter and now another Emily, Meg,
Mandy. How's your health?"

"Great, thanks to you and the research. Your husband
misstook me for you going for coffee a few days ago. So,
I guess we have a lot to talk about."

"No more nightmares, honey. Hopefully."


Author's Note: Inspired by an idea from The Nursery Files.
Many of us had wondered about the fetuses Mulder had
seen kicking in the jars in "Emily."

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