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Rated: PG


Summary: Mulder and Scully have been sent to NATO
in Brussels Belgium. What happens next is up to the UN,
NATO, the FBI and the politicos of the modern world.

Archive: Gossamer. Anyone else, please be nice enough
to ask.

Disclaimers: For the 215th time, none of the original
characters are mine, but their family and Marita's are,
and Chris Carter may have created Mulder, Scully, baby
William, but I fixed them up. No copyright infringement
intended; no money acquired. CBC News is owned by
Canadian tax payers, or so they're told. They can pay
me later included in my tax rebate. Gravol is made by
Church and Dwight in Canada and exported to the USA
and several other countries.

See Author's Note at end.

MARCH 13, 2017

The pair had toured as many places as could be fit in
yesterday. Mannekin-Pis - 'Pissing Boy' statue. No
of course Scully wasn't embarrassed. Then City Museum -
Maison du Roi (French) -Broodhuis (Flemish), known as
'The Bread House', and at Mulder's request she bought
what she felt was too much bread, and it had to be eaten in
the country, not taken on the plane home. They decided to
do it over again for another day.

The kid in Mulder sought out Centre Belge de la Bande
Dessinee - Belgian Comic Strip Center. "William and James
would naturally love these things. I bet even Samantha Ann and
Meg. Souvenirs are in order," he declared as he perused items
and as he reached for his wallet, Scully tapped his shoulder.

"Almost supper time, partner, and I forgot to call the kids."

"I'm sure Greta is still awake."

"Not at one in the morning, Mr. Cartoon. Back to the hotel.
I'm sure Kersh will forgive us for leaving a message on his
office answering machine. Remember, we have to book a
flight for Washington as soon as possible early tomorrow. I'm
still hungry."

"Yes, Mom." The man tried his signature pout which was met
with a classic Scully glare.

"We can have the rest of the bread with room service food.
No pizza or Chinese food," she relayed as they walked to
the car.

"Let me guess, you're out of money, just like I am."

"You got it. The dresses for Susan, Greta, all the girls, and a
couple of suits for myself, and two suits for you."

"I'll tell the guys at work you're unavailable," Mulder snickered
as he started the engine. "The same goes for the ladies for me."

No response.

"No more touring for you. We're home tomorrow. I'll check out
the Washington weather for tomorrow, and see what's up with
the blizzard today."

7:00 PM

Dana Scully's feet were unbelievably sore from two days of
walking. As she watched Mulder unplug his laptop from the
charger to investigate the news, she was prepared for almost
anything and pulled mineral salts from her luggage.

"Hey, I give good foot massages, you know."

"I know. After I soak these things, you can join me in a nice, hot
bubble bath."

That made him light up. "The kids are snowed in."

"Yes, they pray for that. Hopefully we'll make our way around the
city tomorrow."

"Transit temporarily shut down, power lines down but should be
up shortly. Our northern neighbours were hit hard as well. Oh,
you should see this: 'Louise Arbour appointed as UN special
representative of the secretary-general for international
migration' from Canada, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
News. Looks like America and Canada are at their wits' end
trying to make their new goverments work."

"That's what voting is for, Mulder. I'll be about half an hour if
you don't need the bathroom."

"Just give me a minute and it's all yours," he said as he shut
down his laptop.

9:15 PM

As they soaked in the tub, Mulder massaged his wife's

A wave of guilt swept over Scully. "I think we over did it,
Mulder. Spending the government's money on a working

"Think of it this way: it's giving them the middle finger for
what we've been through all these years."

"Okay, we'd better turn for the night," Scully was admittedly

"You sure? I can think of something better... "

"Raincheck. Remember, early morning flight." she towelled
off, pulled on her housecoat, and Mulder followed. "I'll order you
a chamomile tea and a decaffeinated coffee. It won't take long."

"Deal. Better check on the weather in Washington, too."

"Mind reader. Better safe than sorry." He placed the order, then
opened up his laptop. As Scully slowly walked into the bedroom,
Mulder couldn't believe what he was reading. All transit services
were closed down, power outages all over Washington, airports
were working as hard as they could to keep runways clear, and it
looked like with rain and snow combined, there was no way
around the city. At least the telephone lines were still up for now.

The family. Since he didnt want to disturb Scully, and he did
check on her, he needed to call Greta. He dialed out quietly, and
as luck would have it, the young adult was still awake.

"Mulder residence. Greta speaking."

"Hi. It's me. I was on the internet. Are the kids okay?"

"Yes, and William is trying desperately to do the sidewalk and
driveway. I found candles, so we have light. You?"

"Fine so far. Your sister is asleep. So, no school tomorrow. I
doubt we'll be there tomorrow as scheduled. Make sure neither
of you over do it. Gotta let you go. I need to make a couple of
other calls."

"Don't worry. Susan's stuck here and a great help. They all love
and miss you."

"Same here. Goodbye."

Next up, Marita. He found her hotel number in New York City.


"It's me, Mulder. Are you being hit as bad as Washington?"

"Yes. How did things go?"

"We came all the way over here for next to nothing.
Homeland Security. We can't be there tomorrow."

"Too bad, just as you're really needed. The Ukraine and Russia
are at it again, action in Turkey with the Kurds, Trump is... well,
Trump. Canada is changing appointees as rapidly as our
Senators are changing. I'm on call. Could you please hang up?"


Just as he put down the receiver, Room Service arrived with
the tea and coffee, and a middle-aged woman handed Mulder
a message.

"It's a monstrosity here, so wait at least a couple of days before
returning. I already heard you were given Homeland Security,
all military are preparing, and BTW, no more 'joy-riding' on
the federal dime. I've heard about it. A. Kersh." *Gee, I thought
we'd made peace*, he figured. No sense telling Scully now,
so he stripped down and retired for the night.

MARCH 14, 2017
9:00 AM

Since there was no way possible to get to Washington with
a tremendous snowfall and freezing rain, Mulder awoke early
and decided not to bother Scully. So she showered quietly as
she slept.

9:15 AM

He had towelled off and dressed as Scully awoke to an empty
bed, glanced at the clock, and ran into the living room rather
angrily. "Mulder! We'd better get going!"

"We can't. Washington is snowed in with freezing rain and
nothing is moving in the city. Don't bother calling home. I already
called after you went to bed. Greta and Susan have everything
under control, the power was out but they found candles, and
cancellations galore."

"Super. I was all packed and even packed for you. Can we stay
here another day?"

"Calm down. Kersh said we can but no more fun with shopping
and tourism. Marita's back in New York on business. The whole
east coast was slammed. You hungry?"

The woman took a deep breath. "Of course. I guess we can go
over the notes and catch up on the news. I'll change into casual
gear. Go ahead and order." She did have to slam the door.

Before Mulder could pick up the phone it rang. "Mulder."

"Yes, it's Marita, and I can't say much for the weather, I checked in
with Mark and Matthew, and they're under protection. How about
your family?"

"The whole city's closed, but at least Greta and Susan are looking
after things. Which reminds me, I'd better call and see if they have
power back."

"Do so. I have to make my way to work somehow, no time to talk.
Check the news." Her tone had a sense of trouble.

"The dud we didn't elect?"

"You got it. The dud, not dude. I'm running late. 'Bye."

After Mulder placed the phone back on the table, Scully


"Beautiful as ever. Marita called. I swear, someone should shoot
the weathermen and the POTUS. I'll order breakfast, then we'd
better call home and check the news."

"I'll do the news on my laptop. Just get us the food. It's raining so
we're not going anywhere."

After Room Service was called, Mulder dialed out to Washington.

Scully stared daggers at him. "Long-distance on the government

"Revenge is a dish best served cold."

"Always quoting Star Trek Characters. I guess I didn't marry an

"That makes you a child predator, Scully. No answer, so I guess
the phone lines are down."

"By what I'm reading on my laptop, yes, in many areas. It's up to
the freezing point, the roads are still a mess, no school, but some
people are getting to work. Any word from Marita?"

"New York is still a mess as well, but yes. She couldn't say
much. Trump is really on a roll, believing he wants to teach
Canada a lesson with the NAFTA negotiations." The man
wasn't smiling.

Room Service appeared, with the nervous man and his cart.

Scully opened the door. "Thanks. Look, you don't need to be
scared of me, my husband, or anybody else. We're on the
same side." she reached into her pocket and gave the man a
few Euros. We're FBI Agents

"Merci." At least the young man wasn't backing away this time.

As the two agents began eating, Scully asked the inevitable:
"So, what are we doing today?"

"Kersh told me last night no more touring or spending, so I
guess it's research time."

"Since I last spent the last of my money, I suppose so. You
should have used your cell phone for home, Mulder. I know I
will later."

10:10 AM

The hotel phone rang. Since Scully was closer to it, she lifted
the receiver. "Scully."

"Hi, it's Marita. The snow's stopped, and I can't get out of the
city yet, but I can make it to the airport. I know you can't land
at Dulles, either, but things are improving. Trump's having
another Tweetathon over the deal with Canada. Have you
called home?"

"Hang on." She nudged Mulder out his reading and whispered.
"It's Marita."


"I think the World's going crazy. I'm stuck in New York, the
airport's still clearing the runways since the storm stopped.
The boys are fine. Can you get away yet?"

"No, and we're keeping updated about the World situation.
Dulles is almost clear, and Scully is about to call home. We
came over here and what do we get? Homeland Security."

"Then I won't keep you. Just letting you know, the Bureau
has extra agents posted. Gotta go."

"Everything's fine with her. They're still trying to clean up.
No way of making it back to Paris yet, but It's warming up."

"So, early lunch?" Scully's belly was grumbling.

"Maybe coffee and a snack would suffice. We only had
breakfast a while ago. It's only past 10:30."

"Yeah, but I'm bored out of my skull." She closed a folder.

"Well, you could order for a change," the man pleaded. "I'm
not finished reading the summary we were given back at

"All right, something light then. I'm done reading." She
picked up the phone and placed the order.

"I'm almost done, don't worry. Since touring is out except
for walking around a lot, and we can't get to Washington,
I have an idea."

"I know. Raincheck. We can do that after lunch."

Mulder slided over to his wife, cupping her face and
kissing her tenderly.

The woman was adamant. "Work now, play later. After I
finish the teabiscuit, I need to revise my notes."

"Yeah, so do I. Weren't you going to try calling home again?
The lines may be up now."

"I was just about to, come to think of it." She decided to use
her cell phone.

MARCH 17, 2017
6:00 PM

After more days of sheer boredom except for some walks
around Brussels, calls home, going over notes, Mulder and
Scully decided to learn how to use their own cedit cards and
celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style.

Mulder managed to find a liquor store that carried Scully's favorite
Irish whiskey, and his counterpart managed to befriend kitchen
staff, gain access to bake soda bread and teach the staff
how to make corned beef and cabbage.

After a few calls to Kersh and the family, they heard much of
Washington was cleaned up after the blizzard. Trump was still
meeting other governments and making smarmy comments
on Twitter, though, and it was a possibility NAFTA countries
would begin talks sometime as early as April or May.

After laughing at the ridiculous, bellicose tweets of the
POTUS, having their drycleaning picked up and packed, the
pair decided to toast Brussels, Belgium as well as celebrate
the day dedicated to all Irish, and those who wanted to be.

As Scully began to eat her corned beef, the phone rang.


"Hi, it's Marita. Turkey's almost at war with the Netherlands,
Russia and the Ukraine are at odds again, and now Trump
is asking his rep. to Canada to get tough with America's
nearest neighbors again. So, I wish you luck with Homeland
Security. Don't worry about us, France can handle things
quite well."

"Thank you. So we're going home tomorrow afternoon,"
Mulder advised the reformed traitor.

"Good. Wish Scully a happy St. Patrick's Day. Gotta go."

"I will. Good bye and enjoy." As he hung up the phone, he
poured the whiskey and soda. "Marita wished us a happy
St. Patrick's Day."

"Just eat up, Mulder. Then we can have a few drinks and
party." She kissed Mulder tenderly and resumed eating.
"Oh, and we can renew the raincheck."

That brought a smile to the man's face. "Great way to
celebrate, my dear wife."

After dinner and marital relations, the pair over did their
little party, especially Mulder. Scully had to nudge him
awake and even undress him for bed. As for herself, she held
her own quite well.

MARCH 18, 2017
6:15 AM

Mulder's head was spinning all night, if he wasn't sleeping
and needed assistance to make it to the bathroom to drain
his bladder or regurgitate, and Scully had lost plenty of sleep.
They were supposed to flying to Washington later that day.

By this time he had totally passed out, but Scully awoke,
showered and dressed. She ordered breakfast and couldn't
keep it down, so she took a couple of Gravols and tried to
keep hydrated with water. She made a brief call home
and everything was fine. Since it was Saturday, the children
and older ones were home, and Susan was back at her
apartment studying.

"We can't be home today, Greta. Sorry, but was over did
St. Patrick's Day festivities. I'm fine for the most part, but
as for the big kid, well, He'll be bedridden all damn day."

Greta had to snicker over the phone. "Oh really? Just relax.
Meg, stop pulling Samantha Ann's hair. Sorry, so what
happened at NATO?"

"We were assigned to Homeland Security. See you
tomorrow, sis."

"Okay. Don't worry. We'll be fine. By what William and I have
seen in the news, there's a lot going on in the world and it's
scary. I nabbed Mandy's ipod. She's at work as we
speak. Twitter and the ninny."

"Good. Do you need anything?"

"Not that I can think of. Just take care of my brother-in-law.
Oh, by the way, Bill and Charlie called. They're going to sea
and it doesn't look great."

"Oh, no. I'll be praying a lot these days." Suddenly, there
was a familiar shout.


"I'm coming. It's going to be one of those days. I'm needed."

"I'll... let you go, then."

*With the world going the way it is, and Mulder with a
massive hangover,* Scully reminded herself, * Heaven
help us all.*


Author's Note 1: Yes, another Plot Generator story: Marita
has identical twins post series both theatrical movies and
the six-part re-boot. We writers need to fix things up after
Chris Carter. Why? Yes, I did all the research I could
about NATA, The UN, NAFTA, Brussels and the weather.
Want to learn about twins? This writer has two sets of
identical twin second cousins, and though she was going
to have twins. Even her uncle had a twin brother. Another

Author's Note 2: There may be more.

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