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Title: Whatever Happened to Marita Covarrubias? 2

Author: Pattie

Rated: PG

Spoilers: The series and Part 1

Category: Alternate Universe, post- series, movies,
and the six-part re-boot.


Summary: Marita and sons need to return to the UN
and Paris sooner than thought.

Archive: Gossamer, Nursery Files Plot Generator.
Anybody else just ask politely.

Disclaimers: Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and Fox
Studios own The X-files and all their original characters.
Any other people are all mine, mine MINE! Folgers is
a product of The J. M. Smucker Company, and Maxwell
House is owned by Kraft Foods. Twitter is owned by Jack
Dorsey and silicon Valley. Free advertising, and I get
nothing. Sheesh.

FEBRUARY 22, 2017

All flowers and roses were in the compost bin except for
the bouquet Marita Covarrubias and her twin sons Mark
had given the Mulder family. Alison would be returning to
her adoptive parents in Texas within two days, Greta was back
at the coffee shop, Mandy was working over-time at the store,
Susan was about to do her first clinical in nursing school, and
William was back in university. As for James, of course,
preschool. Scully returned to work since she was needed in
the X-Files Office. Jeffery was still off with influenza.


8:35 AM

Like yesterday, Kersh hadn't sent any new cases to Mulder
and Scully, so they had time to clean up a few files, go over
the computer and answering machine, and sip coffee.

"It's nice to see Marita's gone straight, married and finally has
a family," Scully mused. "To think that years ago she was
working with the United Nations as Special Representtive to
the Secretary-General to them, became a turn-coat for The
Syndicate, then became a traitor to them and managed to
be re-hired by the UN. How did THAT happen?"

"See? Miracles happen," Mulder replied, reaching for a new
pencil. Diplomatic immunity and immunity to the virus, like
us and William."

As if she was reading his mind, the woman stared at the
sharpener. "I wouldn't dare, Mulder."

"Spoiled sport. I'm hoping for a case soon." Yes, the old
workaholic was bored. "Folgers. Why not Maxwell House?"

"Sold out."

"Like my Mom and Dad. Speaking of which, I see a lot of the
Republicans are leaving. I don't blame them."

"Neither do I. Let's just keep reading, Mulder. Watch the idiot
dig his own hole."

Wonders of wonders, the phone rang.


"Hi. It's Marita, it was great to see everybody, and I don't have
much time. I've been called back to Paris then return to New
York. Mattew and Mark will be staying safely in France with their
father. Don't worry, protection is being arranged."

"You talk faster than Scully," Mulder quipped. "Okay, that wasn't
funny. So, have a safe flight. Does that mean we'll be called up
for Homeland Security?"

"It's too early to tell. I'm at Dulles and the plane is about to
take off. Be careful. 'Bye."

The man sat in silence for a few moments frowning. "Marita's
been called back to Paris and the United Nations, and there's
something going on at the UN in New York."


"She couldn't go into the details, but I bet it's about Trump's
ideas and involves several countries including the self-declared
ban on the refugees from seven countries."

"Did I hear you right? Homeland Security? Remember I've read
Nostradamus, not that I ever believed, but I read Revelations
forwards and backwards, Mulder."

"Not so fast. It may not get to that point, Scully. I wouldn't
speculate about that yet. Talks are likely on-going. Of course,
anything is possible."

Scully's face went blank for a few seconds. "Maybe your
paranoia is contagious. I guess we should wait and see. I hope
Bill and Charlie aren't on stand-by."

"Well, Kersh hasn't called or sent anything down yet, so that's a
good sign."

"No, Mulder, it's not. Remember the rising crime rate in the
country and we're sitting her like bumps on the log. Almost

"Yes. Your choice this time." He grabbed his coat.

"Should let Kersh know in case something comes up, Mulder."

"Right. Grab your purse and coat. I can do that in the garage."

Scully hesitantly stood. "Wither thou goest I shall go. Please. no
shop talk even about the "Not My President" President's Day

"Scout's honor."

1:15 PM

Just as the two agents were going over more unfiled folders,
the phone rang.

"Got it. Mulder."

"Yes, and I'm hoping that won't be our next assignment." She was

"Yes Sir. No, I'm not re-reading the older alien files or oddities."

After Kersh had hung up, Mulder stood. "Kersh wants us up in
his office now."

"I hope it's only drug dealing or a missing person case."

"I doubt it. Let's go."


Mulder and Scully left the DD's office with at least a dozen
folders bulging with papers.

"Now remember," Mulder stated, "I'm the profiler, you're the

"Yes, sometimes, and don't forget a good shot and doctor if
you need one," his partner retorted.

"Shh. The walls have ears," Mulder reminded her as he
chose an elevator.

As soon as they were in the office, the reading began.

"All the states near the Mexican border, Mulder, Trump's
ordering the National Guard to detain all unauthorised
immigrants. He's on a power trip, the egotistical..."

"Yeah, and get this: wants to rearrange the NAFTA deal
more than he's told Mexico and Canada. Tied in with Russia?
Putin's puppet?"

"Look what the CIA says here." She passed the file to Mulder.

"The guy is delusional. Here you go. This one's rather nervy."

"Definitely a control freak. So, apparently Kersh is sending us
to NATO. By the way, thousands in Iran are rallying against
Trump chanting 'Death to America'? 1991 all over again. They
are testing nuclear weapons again."

"We'll find out soon if we're going to NATO or anywhere
else," bluntly stated. "The CIA? They're on the alert to
gather intelligence almost everywhere. All this reading is
giving me a headache." Mulder rubbed his temples.

"I'll pour the coffee, you put the file down for a few

"Thanks. So, if we are sent out of town, what about the
kids, Scully?"

"Maybe Mrs. Evans, but at her age I doubt she'd be up
to that. Maybe Susan coud study at home if she's not doing
another clinical; maybe Greta if she could get time off of

Mandy needs her job for post-secondary money. I'll could make
a couple of calls. Drink up. It look like another long day."

"We can't take classified files home. It's not just Burreau policy.
You know William gets curious when he's not studying."

"Yes I do. Better get back to work, Mulder. We need to be fully
prepared when the orders come down. I have to wonder if it's
going to come to the point where the Army, Navy, Marines and
Airforce are involved."

"I hope not. As for billionaire bigshot Trump, Nero while Rome

That remark was met with the standard Scully stare.

"I know, back to work."

"You heard him. So the kids will be protected at least by our
Homeland Security. I'd better call Jeffery about this. He'll be well
in a few days, and I'll ask him to hold the office with a possible
partner. Marita might call if allowed."

"What the hell is our country coming to? Hitler and Mao
reincarnated? At least some people in the country would rather
have Justin Trudeau as President, doing his best to protect the
good immigrants who want a better life. Look at this article,
he's assuring his people the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
full protection, even if he's new to being in office."

"Let's go to Canada, then," Mulder laughed.

"Oh really? And uproot the kids. Nope. Our job is to our best to
stand up for civil rights in America. Just keep reading, then
it's off to Nato. By the way, we'd be screened like you woudn't
believe even if we are Federal Agents.

"Yes, Ma'am. Oh, breaking news: Trumps' accusing Obama of
wire-tapping his lines while campaigning. Our guys are on that.
And you say I'm paranoid?"

"Only a shrink could assess a person for that IN PERSON, not
just by hear say."

"Yes, and as a profiler I was assessed and cleared."

After hours of reading and finding out exactly what their orders were
they went home tired and hungry.

5:35 PM

Mandy was painting protest signs on white wooden
boards over a drop sheet, William was supervising Meg and
Samantha Ann doing homework, and James was playing with
his Mega Blocks.

As the agents hung their coats in the closet they looked at the
protest signs in wonder.

Alison, I know you want to do this, but we're working very
hard to protect the country, and we are tired," Scully told her.
"Could you please help out with dinner?"

Defiantly, Alison asked "Could we please order in?"

"No, real home cooking," Scully sternly replied.

"The signs can wait. Eating cannot. Will, feed Lucky and walk
him, please."

The older one had no choice but to comply.

"I think Texas can wait," Alison declared. "My sister needs me to
stand by her all the way."

"I posted the menu on the whiteboard here," Scully told Mandy.
Now we have to change it from pork roast to pork chops, keep
the mashed potatos and mixed vegetables. I'll get the chops from
the freezer, please start peeling the potatoes, and put the
vegetables in the pot."

Mandy chose the potatos beneath the sink, and Alison took
the vegetables out of the top of the refrigerator.

As Scully ran downstairs, Mulder watched over the younger
girls and James.

7:05 PM

"Okay everybody, listen up," Mulder began, speech fully
prepared. "Your Mom and I may be out of town on a case

"When?" William inquired.

"We don't know yet, it's up to our bosses, but don't worry.
We'll let you know."

"Is this about the White House and the idiotic President?"
Sarcastic Mandy.

"We can't say much about our work, and you know that",
Scully said calmly. "If you want to protest, go ahead at your
own way, but peacefully. We don't want to see anyone in the
family in jail."

Mandy told her mother both would be going to a town hall
meeting in the city.

"I understand that, but don't do anything you'd regret.
When Dad and I were your age, we tried to stand up for
things we found unjust, but were never arrested. We're
wasting time here. Your sisters and brother need their baths
before bed time."

Alison just had to ask. "Mom, what kind of reception do you
think he'll get from Queen Elizabeth when he goes to her

"Well, she has class, so she'll likely be polite. Nobody needs to
worry about her. She's well-guarded. I know many people are
protesting there as well. The potatos are almost ready. I need to
check on the pork chops with the thermometer. They should be
ready soon. Yes, right internal temperature."

Dinner was finally over after 7:00, so Mandy and Alison resumed
their plackard painting, William decided not to participate and
decided homework was best, Samantha Ann and Meg were
trying not to bicker while doing the remainder of their homework,
and James was renovating a Mega Block skyscraper.

As Sccully placed the remaining dishes on the shelves, Mulder
opened a can of beer, wondering if the internet was really
a great idea, given the state of the news, real and false. He
thought better of it, and decided to wait for Scully. She joined him

" A beer? With James in the room?

"Yes. I deserve a treat. "He'll learn sometime. Want one?"

"No thank you. I want to be alert in case we get a call from Kersh.
It could be any time soon." She dreaded the thought they could be
flying to Brussels, Belgium, NATO headquarters. How she disliked

"Well, if we're going to be going to NATO, and it's overseas, I'd
rather be sedated on the flight with a tranquilizer than booze."

"One beer and you turn it down. You've been blitzed a couple of
times since we started working together, and it's on file, too. Just
one won't hurt after the longer hours." He took a good long draw
on the beer. "You sure? It's Friday night, time to chill out. I can't
believe it's already February the 24th."

"I'm fine. If we're traveling soon, Greta is the best bet. Susan has
her clinical and I don't want to interrupt her education."

William came running down the stairs, grabbed a glass of milk
and asked, "Where's NATO?"

Scully frowned. Why? I thought you were studying instead of
going on Face Book."

"I was taking a break, Mom, like you and Dad. May I... "

"You're under age," Mulder told him. "You know where we work."

"I know, a few of my classmates are older and asked me to join
them, and I didn't. So, about NATO."

Scully wasn't amused with her Miracle boy. "You took American
history. You should remember it's an anagram for North
Atlantic Treaty Organization, and that the North Atlantic Treaty
was signed April 4, 1949 to ensure peace in many countries.
Now that you've finished your milk, put the glass in the sink and
get back to the books, please. Mom and Dad need some down

"Okay. Just one more question: Are you going to be sent to
work with them. I know where they are, at least."

"We don't know yet," Mulder replied. "Anything else?"

"No. I'd better finish the paper. It's due Monday."

After he was out of earshot, the phone rang. "Scully. Yes, Sir.
We read most of the files. Yes, I understand. Thank you."

"Well?" Mulder took his last sip.

"I'll call Greta. We're going to Brussels Monday. At least we have
time to pack, and maybe William can help be stock up the pantry
and freezer tomorrow. I have no idea how long we'll be there."

"All these town hall protests, protests in England against Trump
visiting The Queen, even London's mayor saying the red carpet
should be pulled out from the President's feet. I wonder what our
duty is at NATO."

"He'll tell us soon, don't worry. Tea and snack?"

"Sure. I'll call the kids."


Sitting and waiting in the still musty old office was only made easy
by going through every file, internet piece of information sent from
the Department of Defense and frequent calls from Covarrubias-

Finally, March 5, Kersh ordered the pair to pack and the tickets
were issued. Greta acquired the time off to mind the family. Even
Alison and Mandy were glad about that.

As Mulder and Scully left the office at noon, Mulder locked the
door. "I have to pick up a copy of the New York Times, and the
Toronto Star before we eat. Harvey's?"

"Sure, then home, Mulder. Remind me to give Greta grocery
money. Why the papers?"

"By what I've read on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
site, Canada's sent their army to help the Ukraine prepare for
problems, evidently, with Russia."

"Again? History repeats itself."

Mulder quickly unlocked the car doors. "Best bet, take-out.
Are you packed?"

"Yesterday, and your clothes as well, buster." The woman was
definitely not smiling.

"You mad at me?"

"No. What's the world coming to? We saved it from invasion
and now all this infighting. Heaven help us. I'll call Greta while
you drive."

2:00 PM

"Okay," Scully began. "Meg and Samantha Ann are home
around 4:30, I asked the mother of one of James' classmates
to pick him up, Susan's doing clinical and cannot get away,
There's plenty of food for now, and... "

"Calm down, I read the schedule you left on the kitchen wall,
including bed and bath times, you've ordered protection and I
won't spill any beans, the older girls are protesting, and you
talk like a machine gun!"

"So do you, Greta. Missy would be laughing."

"Would have loved to meet her, and I'm sorry."

"Don't worry." Scully kissed her younger look-alike sibling and
grabbed her suitcases and medical bag. "Mulder!"

"In a minute," he shouted from the bathroom.

"Plane leaves in an hour, Greta. We'll be fine. Try not to let the
youngest ones see the news."

"No worry."

3:05. PM

The displays for arrivals and departures were almost full of

Mulder and Scully were lucky enough to find seats.

"Damn border checks," Mulder muttered, going through all
his identification, passport included, and the FBI orders.

Scully, as well, had her information at hand. She popped a
Xanax and washed it down with diet soda.

It took two hours before they passed through security and the
metal detector, and were advised to keep their weapons

After boarding the plane and finding their seats, Mulder
relaxed and began reading as Scully took deep breaths.
"After all these years?"

"I admit it. Hand me the Toronto Star, please. Not only will it
help, at least it's not fake news. Hmm... A new Cold War
against capitalist Russia, by this opinion piece, could be a
possibility. I hope not. They're supposed to be allies. Aren't they
admitting refugees these days after assessing them. Yeah,
'Make America American Again'. What about Mandy having
been born there? She took out her dual citizenship."

"Wouldn't worry about that. It's only an idea right now." Mulder
patted her hand. The Times says Obama denies tapping Trump
pre-election. Well, we're looking into it. Relax. Maybe they shut
down the POTUS' Twitter account. Tweeting at three in the
morning when he should be sleeping. Nutbar."

"May as well sit back and relax five or six hour flight."

"Tell me you didn't... "

"Yes, I took an extra tablet. Wake me up at meal time."

*The more things change, the more they stay the same* Mulder
thought. He grabbed a pillow from overhead and placed it gently
behind his wife's back. "I will. Meanwhile, I'll keep reading and
maybe see what's up in Sports."

Scully stretched and yawned, and thought, *The more things
change, the more they stay the same*, then fell asleep within
the half-hour.


"Wakey wakey, supper time." The woman was such a sound

"Huh? Oh, thanks. "I'll have the fish and chick peas," Scully
advised the attendant. "Any chance of tea?"

"Yes. Luckily, there's no turbulence. You, Sir?"

"Steak and potatoes?"

"Sorry Sir. It's been rather busy. May I suggest roast chicken and

"Yes, please. Coffee with cream?"

"Coming up," the attendant replied, then started to the galley, then
turned. "I didn't want to disturb you, so I waited."

"That's okay," Mulder replied. After the blonde left, he whispered,
"This had better be good. You know airline food, Scully."

"Yes. Now I want to know where we are."

"Ninety minutes over the ocean, and you can rest more after eating.
Gotta go to the john."

Scully was nervous and tempted to take another pill, then thought

As Mulder returned, their meals were served.

"Why NATO, Mulder?"

"We'll find out when we get there, I think. After we check into a hotel
or motel, I'll call Marita or the number we were given."

"Call the number, Mulder. This fish is horrible."

"Wanna trade? The chicken should be called pigeon, and no, I've
never tried that."

After they had eaten, both fell asleep. Several hours later, the pilot
alerted the passengers to fasten their seat belts as they were about
to land in Brussels.


Once Mulder and Scully disemabarked the plane, the first thing done
was changing their watches. It was just past six in the morning and
raining. After Scully had asked direction to hotels, as she she knew
too well Mulder, like many a man, wouldn't. This was unfamiliar ground.

"Campanille Hotel, Mulder. After we grab the luggage, you can rent a

"Bettter exchange our money first. Hungry?"

"You bet. Business first, partner. Please do us a favor and let NATO
we're here."

"Yes, Captain."

7:30 AM

After checking in, they dropped their bags and Mulder dialed room
service. "Let me say this slowly, we'd ike coffee, tea, bacon, eggs and
toast." As he hung up, he saw Scully pulling out her cell phone. "Um,
time difference, so they're all in bed by now."

"Thanks for reminding me. Damn thing needs charging anyway. The
plug actually works. Are you going to call Marita? I forgot to tell you
she's in Geneva."

"Well, since my phone still has power... no, better yet the hotel phone.
After all, this is a business trip. I know, technically we the taxpayers are
paying for it. Why is she in Geneva, anyway?"

"Either Russia and the Ukraine or Russia and America, I suppose.
She couldn't go into details. She's back in New York tomorrow. Why
are we here?"

"North Atlantic Trade. You know as much as I do, Mulder, or do you?"

"All I know is we have a meeting tomorrow."

There were two knocks at the door. "Room service."

"It's open," Mulder said loudly.

A man entered with a cart and their meals. "Not good idea," a
twenty-something man advised them. "These days... the
news... "

Scully flashed her badge and showed her gun.

"I see." The young man placed their trays on the coffee table and
slowly backed away with the cart.

"Guess I scared him off," Scully quipped.

As tired as he was, Mulder managed a smile."Yeah, poor kid.
Let's eat. We should unpack and rest."

"You bet. I couldn't eat much on the plane."

MARCH 10 2017
8:15 AM

Scully awoke shocked by the display on the clock radio.

"Mulder. Mulder. Wake up and look at the time!"

"Oh, no. We'd better shower and dress fast. Our meeting is at
ten. I can't believe we really slept that long. Ladies first. Want me
to order the food?"

"No, I'll do it. Something light. I have to pick out a suit. Mulder,
just in case, I woke up a few hours ago. Soap and shampoo is in
the bathroom."

"Good. I'll grab my razor and be quick." They kissed, and Scully
ordered the food, then made a quick call home.

"Greta? Yes, I know what time it is. Almost time for the kids to be
home from school. Everything all right?"

"Pretty much, except we had to wait awhile for the hot water this
morning. You?"

"We arrived safely and have a meeting shortly. Sorry, but we usually
have to beat Mandy to her long, hot shower. Speaking of which, I'm
about due for that. Give my love to all. I'll call later. How's the

"Calling for a blizzard later. I won't hold you up. Love you, sis."

"You too. No idea how long this will take. Invite Susan if she can
get away."

"Good idea. I didn't know how much work motherhood is," Greta
said,yawning. "The laundry, and I mended James' distressed
jeans. I should start dinner."

"Figured that. Gotta go." As she hung up the phone, Mulder was
leaving the bathroom.

"Everything okay on the home front?"

"Yes. I'd better hurry, Mulder. We're running late. By the way, back
home, they're calling for a blizzard."

"By the looks of it, no sign of that here. Blue skies and 20F above.
Arent't you glad we're here? I'll grab a map on the way out."

Scully just gave him her usual glare. Yes, she would have preferred
being home, either at the house or the office.

Brussells, Belgium
Boulevard Leopold III
9:55 AM

Mulder chose the nearest parking spot tried to figure out
the rate, but read neither Flemish nor French. "Scully?"

"I know a little French, and it's fifty per hour. Put in a hundred
just in case."

"Got it. Careful, black ice."

"You're the family klutz, Mulder. Left my bag at the hotel. I.D.s
and front door."

Once the pair entered the foyer, they flashed their passports and
badges, escorted to an elevator and ushered to a conference
room filled with from security people from several countries. Of
course, translators were on stand-by.

After two utterly useless hours, Mulder and Scully walked out of
the building silently.

Neither said a word until thwy were near the car.

"Can you believe this, Scully? Halfway across the damn world
and Homeland Security back in America."

"Shut up and drive, Mulder. I think a little sight-seeing is in order
on our country's dime."

Mulder smiled broadly. "I can't argue with that! Gourmet lunch first,
or course."

"We're worth it!" Scully laughed. "After we see the country, New
York and visit Marita!"

"Great minds think alike."


Author's Note: Yes, another Plot Generator story: Marita
has identical twins post series both theatrical movies and
the six-part re-boot. We writers need to fix things up after
Chris Carter. Why?.

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