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Title: What Ever Happened to Marita Covarrubias?

Author: Pattie

Rated: PG

Summary: Mulder relays a surprising message to Scully,
and she never thought the traitor turned informant would
get her act together, but surprises happen, especially
since the world hasn't ended.


Archive: Gossamer. Anybody else just be nice enough to

Disclaimers: Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox
Studios own the show and all original characters. All
others are mine, and Mr. Carter can't have them. Hah!
Harvey's is owned by CARA Operations Limited.
Sorry, I am broke, folks. Facebook is owned by one
Mark Zuckerberg.

Author's Note at end.

FEBRUARY 18, 2017
10:15 AM

Valentine's Day had gone without a hitch. The house was
full of roses red and hybrid, school-made cards and the
usual Hallmark as well. Scully was on a chocolate high,
the only 'junk' food she just couldn't resist.

Special Agent Fox William Mulder, as much as any other
person who had indeed quit a bad habit, was bored and
grabbed a pencil, trying not to yield to the temptation of
sharpening it and a few more to make a collage of them
on the office ceiling. Partner/wife was nowhere in sight,
at home since she was mostly part time. His half-brother
was out with influenza. No new cases yet. *Coffee* would
keep his mind busy, he decided. Besides, Homeland
Security hadn't any need for him. At least not yet. He was on
Homeland stand-by as the Canadian Prime Minister had
met with the President, leaving on good terms.

Donald Trump didn't need him to save his sorry a**,
even though people insisted he sell off his massive
assets. Mulder and Scully did not vote for him. (Author's
opinion, and insert yours here__________________).

The entire family seemed to be doing quite well with the
occasional ups and downs.

As Mulder sat sipping his java, there was a knock at the
door. He was hoping Kersh had an assignment.

"Door's open."

A very familiar looking woman entered with two identical
teenagers in tow.


"Yes, and thanks for making sure I never testified. The new
Syndicate, from what I heard disbanded, and I decided to
go to Paris to work for the UN. I met a wonderful man,
married him, and Fox, meet our two sons, Mark and

Mulder shook their hands. "Nice meeting you. So, are you
fully well, Marita?"

"Of course. The anti-viral worked well. Oh, and don't worry
about these two. They're fully bilingual. Since they know the
full story, the only reason they're not talking is because
they're wondering about the poster 'I Want to Believe'"

"What do you want to believe?" Mark asked.

"A lot. Guess we have a lot of catching up to do. We can do
that over lunch."

"Where's Scully?" Covarrubias wondered.

"Home. Part time now. We married, retrieved William, and
have much more. By the way, how did you manage to get past
Kersh and security?"

"It's all out in the open," the woman smiled.

"I'd better call Scully."

As he dialed out, Marita asked the inevitable "Why?" He put
the phone back onto the hook.

"She has to hear this firsthand. Besides, I like to check up
on the family."

"Family? Why do you still call her by her last name?"

"Old habits never die. Mark, Matthew, feel free to pour your
mother and yourselves coffees." He decided to put off the

Matthew went straight to the machine.

"No chairs?" Matthew asked.

"Just mine, my wife's and my brother's."

Marita nodded. "How is Jeffery?"

"His old self, and it was a miracle. Once you settle in, you
are in for the surprise of your life, Marita. One big family.
Where are you staying? I can call Scully later."

"Washington Marriot at Central. My husband, Jean-Paul
Cartier, is back in France at his law firm. Mostly Family
Law, some Criminal Law. The divorce rate among even
the most loyal Roman Catholics there is phenomenal."

"I believe it. Look, why don't you and the boys unpack or
do some sight-seeing since I'm waiting for something to be
sent down. It's slow lately, but by seeing the morning news
I think something might come my way, so Kersh wants me
to stay in the office."

"Good plan. C'mon guys at least the cups are styrofoam.
Later, Mulder. I'll call. We're only here three days."

After the Cartiers left, he stared at the pencil sharpener and
reminded himself what Kersh had told him about how much
the old habit would cost. Mulder dialed out.

"Mulder residence." She was hoping it wasn't brother Bill.

"Brace yourself, Scully."

"Laundry's rotting in the washer, and this had better not be
another out of town, Mulder. Why should I brace myself?"

"Take a deep breath, I never thought I'd see this. Marita
Covarrubius is back in the country."

"Really? Last time I saw her was at the trial." This could be

"She's married now. Got away from the new Syndicate who
disbanded, has a job at the United Nations."

"I see. So?"

"Well, apparently she has a family, lawyer and identical twins."

"Hybrids? Clones?"

"No, no. Maybe we could invite them over tomorrow to meet
everybody. Don't worry. She's safe, as they are."

"We'll see. Anything new from Kersh?"

"Not yet."

"All right. I'd better get the groceries before the kids are home.
I hope everything goes well. Seriously. Gotta go." Click.

*Am I being snubbed?* Mulder wondered.

By 11:45 AM, the agent was tempted to go through old X-Files
or call Kersh to inquire if there was even a mainstream job, but
decided to view family photos from his wallet.

Five minutes later, the phone rang. "Mulder."

"Hi, it's Marita. Can you meet us at the Famous Harvey's for

"Sure. I'll be there in about fifteen minutes." As he hung up, he
felt a bit leery, but shrugged it off, since paraniod was his
'second middle name' as Byers had once told him.


12:11 PM

Marita Covarrubius Cartier and sons were already seated
when Mulder arrived. "Sorry, hard to find a parking spot. Do
you guys know this is an historical building?"

"Yes," Mark replied. "Established in the late 1800s."

"That's true. Let's order. By the way, Scully knows you're in
the city. You can meet most of the family tomorrow at the
house. Here's the address." Mulder handed her a piece of
paper, then as food was ordered, he went over the details
of the children natural and hybrid, including Melissa's
daughter and Scully's look-alike sister.

Matthew thought he was hearing something out of a science
fiction book or movie. "Oh, really?"

"Oh really," Mulder replied. "They're all healthy. So, six

Marita hesitated. "Yes. So you really sprung for a big house
near the Hoover?"

"After settling Mom and Dad's estate, not that we're rich,
but the income with a two parent family sure helps us a lot,
and William and Mandy have part time jobs. When Alison's
in town, she contributes as much as she can. She has a
flexible contract with a clothing store and still loves her
adoptive parents in Texas. So, Marita, what are you doing
at the UN?"

"Advising on American Affairs, of course they don't know
about the rest of the things I did. They were so wrong."

Mark just had to know. "What wrong things, Mom?"

"Well, just like some of your classmates, I was involved with
the wrong crowd, but in time I chose the right road. You know

Matthew nodded as he bit into his burger. "We all make
mistakes, Mom. Like trying to be bilingual when we speak
English in the apartment, but we get by. Dad told me about
the conflicts between the French and the English, but that's
over, and we're fine. At 17, there's a lot of time to learn."

Mulder smiled. "Here, Spanish is a second language, and
I can't manage that much. Oh, I have to be back at the office.
We'll see you tomorrow at six, unless a case comes up."

"You bet. I always thought you and Dana Scully would marry."


Scully was home for another day, preparing for the dinner,
calling Greta and Susan to invite them to dinner. At least
Alison was in town for a week, met with her manager and
was ever so helpful.

Her husband asked Kersh if there were any upcoming
cases, and was told "No", so he was lucky enough to leave
after lunch hour. *Better call first*, he thought.

"Hey, since nothing's come to the office yet, I'll be home

"Okay. By the way, Alison just flew in. Haven't told her anything.
She's outside with James and William's dog now. Greta and
Susan should be here around three. Could you do me a favor?"


"I forgot your suits at the cleaners. Don't worry, I already payed.
James, take those muddy shoes off! Sorry. You sure?"

"Yes, and no oddball tips," Mulder assured her.

"What a surprise. See you soon. Good thing the kid has
another pair of shoes. Gotta go. Oh, it's a Professional
Development day at the preschool, and I forgot."

"All right. I'm outta here. I know, the cleaners, Zips."

4:35 PM

A large roast was in the oven, Meg and Samantha Ann were
already home catching up with Auntie Greta and Susan,
William was walking Lucky, Mandy and Alison (to their dis-
pleasure) were putting away the laundry, and everyone was
wondering what was happening. Especially James.

"It's a surprise," Mulder smiled.

"Somebody's birthday?"

"No," Scully said, as she handed him a cup of juice.

5:55 PM

Marita arrived with Matthew and Mark in tow.

Mulder opened the door. "Welcome to the Mulder

Marita smiled. "Thank you. Shoes off guys, his wife is Navy."
Both obliged, and Mark handed the man a bottle of wine as
Matthew presented him with a bouquet of flowers.

"Well, sit down and relax. Dinner's ready to go."

The three were surprised when many girls and women
gradually appeared, red hair, and two brown-haired boys.

Mark and Matthew looked at each other stunned, as
introductions were made. Matthew was shocked to see
Alison and Mandy. "Identical twins like us?"

"Not exactly, and they are their mother's daughters, but I
can tell you the details later."

Alison nodded. "It's complicated. Mom! James locked himself
in the bathroom again."

Scully ran out of the kitchen, said "Hello" to Marita and sons,
then unlocked the door. "James, it's okay. Don't be scared.
Wash up for supper."

"Yes, Mommy."

Scully returned and softly apologised. "James is a bit
uncomfortable with strangers although he does well adjusting."

"Don't worry," Marita replied. "Many kids his age are. Okay guys,
time to wash up for dinner."

"Bathroom's to the right of the kitchen," Mulder offered. He was
tempted to put on the evening news, and approached the TV.

"Not the right time," Scully warned.


"I'll explain after dinner. Let's just say we expected it after the

Marita and Mulder nodded in unison, as the older Mulder
children slightly understood, except for the Cartier twins, not
having had much American education or American news

"All Mom told us," Mark explained, "was that she would not have
been voting either way if she had been here."

Will smiled. "We all didn't, even Susan and Greta." The pair were in
the kitchen carving the roast. "You should see the comments on my
Facebook account after we eat."

Matthew hardly used Facebook. His brother did, and fully intended
to include his twin viewing William's account. It would be something
like 'A Parisian in America' without Gene Kelly singing or dancing.

All Mandy and Alison were interested in was their music, of course.

Samantha Ann and Meg were too young for much of the news,
especially poitics.

Scully returned to the kitchen to help her sister and niece fill
serving bowls and set deceased Bill Mulder's antique dining table.

By 7:00, Meg and Samantha Ann were watching a family friendly
movie with James, Mandy and Alison at "Girl Headquarters",
William, Matthew and Mark walked Lucky, and the Mulders, Susan
and Greta were going over the newspapers with Marita over tea.

"So, basically, it's deja vu?" Marita remarked.

"Nixon, without Watergate," Mulder agreed. "And I do not want to
remember those years. I foolishly believed my sister had died, but
although she and Jeffery were brutally experimented upon, she
escaped and that cigarette smoking SOB at least kept Jeffery alive."

"Just take a few deep breaths, "Scully advised him." She could see
him coming to a slow boil.

"The UN believes the President is unfit, unstable and has no idea
how to run America. I've seen several statements by psychologists
and psychiatrists commenting on narcissism and paranoia,"
Marita commented.

"I foresee an impeachment, 25th Amendment."

"Don't get your hopes up," Scully advised her husband.

"I'd lay odds on it."

Unbeknownst to Mulder and the others, the boys had
returned and overheard a bit. Susan tugged at Mulder's
arm to alert him to that.

"Lay odds on what?" William asked.

"Didn't you promise to show the guys what's happpening on

"C'mon upstairs, don't mind the laundry basket overloaded.
History in the making, American style."

Mark and his brother couldn't wait.

"Snacks in an hour," Scully announced.

"Think the healthcare system will be safe?" Susan asked
Aunt Greta.

"Not if we get Pence next, but I think he'll be run out of

Marita laughed.

"Shouldn't take that long, Mom," Mark replied. "William says
a lot of his party dislike both of them, and a couple have been
thinking of resigning. C'mon, Let's go."

All three went up to William's room.

Mandy ran upstairs. "Guess what? I found out the Prime Minister
had a meeting with Trump in the fourteenth about Nafta, and it'll
take months to settle things. By the way, Mrs. Cartier, I was born
and raised for a while in Canada. Trudeau was polite with the guy,
some Canadians have that reputation and others don't. Better get
back downstairs. Oh, don't worry, Mom, James didn't see it. He
has his toys."

After she had left, both Mulder and Scully smiled.

"She takes after Mom," Mulder snickered.

Meanwhile, Marita was going over The New York Times. "Hmm,
Trump's going to see the Queen of England. He could learn a lot
from Justin Trudeau."

Scully nodded. "Yeah, and I bet she could deal with him very
well, with sixty-five years' experience dealing with the rest of the
world leaders."

"If he's still in office then," Mulder quipped."Hopefully we won't
be doing Homeland Security."

Marita tried not to laugh, but blew it. "Spooky Mulder,
defender of America!? I can't tell you much about my job,
but the United Nations has read all his tweets. I didn't
know Trump could read. We're watching closely."

That brought everyone to laughter: Mulder, Scully, Greta
and Susan.

William, Matthew and Mark ran down the stairs.

"Hey guys, no running. We're guests. Sit down, please."

"Snack time, stay put, Marita. Could you help your Mom,

"Yes," Susan replied.

Greta called all four girls and James upstairs.

Snack time went quite well with no talk of politics.

By 9:00, Marita, Mark and Matthew left after thanking the
family for the dinner and hospitality.

"Keep in touch," Scully whispered at the door. "Do some
sight-seeing before you leave."

"We will," Marita replied.

After the three had departed, it was bath time for the three
youngest, music time for Mandy and Alison, and as for
William, after walking the dog, Lucky the beagle would be
having a much needed bath.


Author's Note: Yes, another Plot Generator story: Marita
has identical twins post series both theatrical movies and
the six-part re-boot. We writers need to fix things up after
Chris Carter. Why? There may be a sequel to this,
depending upon how things are going these days, or even an
on-going series.

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