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Rated: G

Spoilers: The series, my Alternate Universe.

Category: K, H, Challenge Fic

Summary: It's another end of the year at the Mulder


Archive: Gossamer, The Nursery Files. Anybody else,
please ask politely.

Disclaimers: I do not own the show, the original characters
or the original plot. Chris Carter, 1013 Productions
and Fox Studios do, and I do not intend to infringe on
their copyright. I invented all other relatives and the new
house. Kodak is Eastman Kodak Incorporated in
Rochester, New York, USA. No copyright infringement
intended. That goes for TVOntario's Mighty Machines
as well.


10:15 AM

As usual, Scully had the boxes, newspapers, foam for the
fragile ornaments in the livingroom. It had to be done. Meg
and Samantha Ann were changing into their play clothes,
Alison was helping Mandy to pack, since she had plans to
visit her adoptive parents, William had decided a rematch
basketball game with his friends was in order and
already gone, and James was glued to the cartoons.

As for Mulder, he was in his messy home office downstairs
going through the computer looking for tips, and old
unsolved files.

James turned around just as his mother began removing
ornaments. "Mom! Do you have to take the tree down?"

"We went through this last year, didn't we? It's been a
week, Christmas is over, and tonight is New Year's Eve.
"Aww. If it makes you feel any better, I'll get you a cup of
grape juice and three oatmeal cookies."

"Oh, all right. Thanks Mom. All those beautiful decorations
being put away."

Scully proceeded into the kitchen. "C'mon, you know the
rule: no eating anywhere except the kitchen. We only do
that on special occasions like last week and tonight."

"I know. Can I watch the next Flintstones?" He definitely
had his father's puppy dog eyes, showed them with a
smile, and followed his mother into the kitchen.

"I suppose so." Another year safe and sound and more
family, and she was still trying to get over her mother's
death. She put a teabag into a mug, and plugged the
kettle in, then poured the youngster's juice, setting out
three cookies.

Wide-eyed with curiosity, James just had to ask,
"Mommy, why are there so many ornaments on our

"Well, first, you know we have a very big family. Second,
many of them are mine. Your grandmother Scully made
one for each year of my life, even when I was a grown up."

"All by herself?"

"Yes, either with a crochet hook, hand sewing or knitting.
The one with the bulldozer is William's, and your Daddy
made sure a nice friend of his made it for him. You've
seen the show Mighty Machines."

"Yeah, and I know they don't talk, not even the big Euclid

"That's true, and Euclid is a city in Ohio. My water's ready.
Let me make my tea so I can get back to work."

"Okay. I'm done with the juice and cookies. Can I help

"I think I should do it myself, but thanks for the sweet offer.
Just a few more minutes with the cartoons, then you should
go out with your sisters and play in the fresh air."

"Can we take Will's dog Lucky out, too?"

"Better leave the dog alone, and that's your brother's job.
He'll be back soon. Call Samantha Ann and Meg, please,
and make sure everybody has their boots, mittens and


12:15 PM

Wlliam had returned bummed out as he had lost his game,
walked Lucky and everyone had a later than usual lunch.

All ornaments had been completely wrapped, boxed and
placed in the basement. Mulder was gently removing the
lights as his wife announced lunch was ready.

"Do you really want to go back to Austin?" Mandy asked
her look-alike sister Alison. "I mean, you have a great job
up here."

"I love them just as much as I love our Mom. I want to give
back to them. I'm sure the store won't mind another week
off. Mr. Patterson gave me the okay, now that business is
slow after Boxing Day. The flight is booked for tomorrow."

"Take care," Scully advised her.

"Always, Mom."

"If you see anything strange there, let me know." Mulder
may have been joking. Maybe not. Scully elbowed him
anyway. "Oh no, you promised Jeffery, me and Kersh no
more oddities."

"Oh, laugh, my dear."

"It's New Year' Eve, and your job of the day is taking the
tree apart and downstairs. William, help your Dad."

"Sure. I'd rather redo my math, though."

Meg and Samantha Ann laughed and retreated to their
room, while Alison and Mandy went to their room to wrap
gifts for Mr. and Mrs. Moore in Austin.

Scully began to decide on suitable snacks for the evening.
Cheese and crackers, fruits, various juices and wine for the
adults. Maybe a nice chocolate cake. As for cold cuts, well,
Scully's JAMA mentioned processed meats were now
considered an unhealthy food. She worked hard to prepare
everything, and at least the cake had been baked the night
before and tightly wrapped, hidden in the refrigerator.

Newly-found sister Susan had been invited along with Greta,
since neither had dates. They declined offers since this would
be their first celebration of the New Year with the family. Mandy
and Alison decided to join them as well, William hadn't decided
he was ready to date until he was out of university. Meg and
Samantha Ann would nap a few hours in the afternoon as well
as James.

Scully was totally exhausted and plopped down on the couch
and advised James to try to have a little snooze. That he did.

Mulder walked into the living room at 4:45 and shook her
awake gently.

"Oh, good grief! The time! Ellen and Susan here yet?
They're coming for supper!"

"Not that I can see. Want help with dinner?"

"That would be appreciated. "Is James up yet?"

"He is. You know he never misses a meal. He's sitting on
the floor. Oh the look on his face seeing you asleep. A
Kodak moment if ever I saw one."

"Please tell me you didn't... "

"No, but I was tempted. C'mon, let's get started. I put the roast
into the oven, peeled the potatoes, and pulled out the corn."

"Thank you."

Ellen and Susan opened the door and walked in.

"Mom, never leave the door unlocked in this city."

"That was me," William chimed in. "I took Lucky for his walk."

Susan and Ellen hugged Scully, then placed their coats and
purses in the closet. Their help was offered, but Mulder told
them to sit down and relax, and asked them politely to see
if Meg and Samantha Ann were awake, and if not, make
sure they woke and washed up for supper.

By 7:30, dinner was over and Scully accepted her sister
and niece's offer to wash the dishes.

Mulder decided on a family friendly movie, and for most of
the time, everybody was catching up with what they were all
doing, Susan proudly announced she was doing well as a
nursing student, Greta had found a part time job at Filene's
and was about to attend Social Studies at the same
university as William and Susan.

As usual, Meg and Samantha tried to start an argument, but
it was quickly quashed with their mother's stern words "early
bedtimes could be arranged."

The pair didn't speak to each other until 10:35, when the
movie ended.

"Okay, before I put out the refreshments," Scully began with
everybody present, "let's just change the channel to ABC and
watch the show for a while with the volume on low. So, has
anybody made any New Year's Resolutions?"

The room was silent for a while, so Mulder placed a CD player
on the coffee table and turned on an old CD he had been
keeping for years. Dan Folgelberg's 'Same Auld Lang Syne'.

Mandy snickered, then Alison. "Oh, that's so corny, Dad!" Now,
Alison was laughing her head off.

"Those were the best times we had," Scully said, smiling at

"You bet. Real music."

"Maybe I should tell you something about your Dad. When we
were first working together, he would write his resolutions for
three or four years, and I found a copy... "

"Hey, no! You can't tell them that!"

"Would I do that? Maybe." No, she had no intention of acting on
that. "Okay, I resolve not to do that. Relax."

William just laughed and shook his head. "Before the real show
starts, I have to walk Lucky, and yes I do have some resolutions.
I'll be back in fifteen or twenty minutes." He called the beagle,
grabbed his coat, hat and gloves and almost ran out the door.
"Oh, by the way, I resolve NOT to let Mandy and Alison to
make me into a sandwich next year at the kitchen table."

Greta and Susan needed to be clued in on the story, and Scully
told them about it.

"Well", Scully continued, "I resolve to clean up the downstairs
home office after making my usual household rounds."

Mulder put on his best pout. "I resolve to change the lock and
hide the key. Well, Samantha Ann?"

"I resolve to do better work at school and not fight with Meg so

"Oh, okay," Meg agreed. "See how long THAT lasts."

"Better keep those resolutions," their father advised them.
"Mom works hard for everybody and me. James?"

"What's a resolution? I'm only three!"

"A promise you make for next year." His mother bent down
and hugged him."

"Okay, Mommy. I promise to do good in Junior Kindergarten
when I get there."

"That's my boy."

"I promise to get the best grades in Nursing School," Susan

Greta was happy for her newly found niece of the same age.
"I resolve to go for my Master's in Psychiatric Social Work."

"Maybe you could work at the office with us and Jeffery,"
Mulder offerered.

"Um, no. It would be nice, but the people I lived with in the
lodging home have issues, and they need good counselling.
It seems the system is overloaded."

William was back, took the dog to his room and joined the

By 11:30, everyone was ready to watch the show in Times
Square, so as Mulder adjusted the volume, Scully brought
out the snacks. "The wine is only for the adults, everybody
else under the age of nineteen is having juice, and in case
anybody gets any ideas, I will be cutting the cake."

Samantha Ann, Meg and James were becoming drowsy, so
they were allowed earlier snacks.

Mulder decided to remember one lonely New Year's Eve.
"Rembember when the Lambada came out and they did
that years ago, Scully?"

"Oh, yes."

"I called it 'The Lumbago' . A lot of us did back then."

"An affliction of the lumbar region of the back," Greta said.

"Tell me about it," Mulder retorted. "Something I decided not
to try when I worked in Violent Crimes." He began to pour
the wine, and Scully decided paper plates were perfect for
the snacks, and plastic forks for the cake.

"I'll put anything anybody wants out."

The family older and younger made their choices and ate
just as the ball was dropping, and counted down with the
clock: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Happy New Year!"

As 'Auld Lang Syne' played the three youngest were drowsing
off and sent to bed, with Scully tucking James in. She made it
quick since he was fast asleep.

"Better call Jeffery," Mulder decided.

"Plane to catch," Alison announced. "I'm going to bed. 'Night."

"I'll drive you to the airport, Mulder offered.

*New Year's Day*, Scully thought. *Mom, Happy New Year.
You too, Dad. I know you're together.* "William, could you do
me and your Dad a favor by helping us recycle the plates and

"Sure," the young man replied. He kissed his parents "I've
had a happy year."

"We both have," Scully said, "especially since we have you."


Author's Note: I suggested this Nursery Files New Year's Eve
Challenge Fic. Hopefully everyone else is writing one.
Happy 2017 to everybody!

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