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Rated: G, Kid Fic

Spoilers : Any season between 1 to 8. As for 9,
10, the movies or the 6 part reboot, NO!!!

Category: Kidfic, Post-Series.

Summary: Kimberley Cook is now Kimberley
Keaton, happily married and raising a family.
Of course something's bound to happen due
to her workplace. The things poor Walter puts up
with at Hoover's Haunt. Kimberley's baby boy has
a major staph infection.


Archive: Gossamer. Anyone else just ask

Disclaimers: Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and
Fox Studios have the copyright to all major
characters, and probably own the suits, shoes
and furniture. They do not own my Alternate
Universe or original characters. William's Beagle,
Lucky? Never!!! Hah!

Author's Note at end.

DECEMBER 2, 2016
9:00 AM

Everyone who usually visited A.D. Skinner's office
or saw his assistant were wondering where Kimberley
was. The only information Skinner passed on was that
she had married one Robert Keaton, honeymooned in
Niagara Falls, New York. She was on sick leave three
months later, and a temporary assistant was in the
outer office. Skinner told them she was on sick leave.
No, actually she was carrying a honeymoon baby and
on maternity leave.

A year passed by and she was back at the office and
her baby boy was in daycare.

Scully stepped into the office one sunny spring morning
surprised the see Kimberley back at her desk. "Long time
no see, Kimberley! We heard you were ill for a year and
we were dealing with a temp. How are you?"

Smiling, she replied, "Quite well. Actually I wasn't sick. I
had a baby! I was pregnant and decided to leave for a
while. My baby boy is Timothy Joseph Keaton."

"I'm happy for you! Here's the report Skinner wanted.
So why would A.D. Skinner tell us you were sick?" Oh
how envious she felt as she had been told she was
barren, although miraculously her ovaries had been
healed at the Ivory coast and she luckily had three more
children and two adopted hybrids.

"We wanted confidentiality. Anything else?"

"We could have given you a baby shower."

"I didn't want all the fuss. My friends and family gave
me three showers, and I'm really happy."

"Congratulations, but I intend to get something for you
and baby," Scully told her.

"Several of the others here already have, but I wouldn't
mind. Thank you."

"Well, I have to go. Another case." As Scully left the
office she was torn between happiness and sadness.
She felt a few tears rolling down her face, but didn't
want Mulder seeing her that way, so went to the
ladies room to compose herself, then to the office.

Mulder was reading the latest case and looked up at
Scully. "Guess you were surprised to see Kimberley.
What's wrong, Scully? Your eyes are a bit red."

"Don't get me wrong. I'm very happy for her and Bob.
But... you know what I mean."

"Yes, I do and I regret letting them take you. Just be
happy for them. Bob the bean counter is so happy
he might begin to give us some leeway for our losses
soon. This case is insurance fraud in Wilmington. Pack
your bags, because it looks like we're on the road in
three days. 'Read all about it' as they used to say."

"Sure." She dreaded having to leave and longed to see
little Timothy.

As she picked up the folder, and her tea, he patted her hand.
"This should keep your mind busy. It's over. Coffee?"

"Tea." She wiped the tear away and began to read.

"False claims for on the job injuries, furniture factory,
broken femur from falling pine tree, tripping over live
electrical cord on a hack saw. What a con artist!
Chuck Clancy, age 38, divorced father of five."

"I checked his address, Scully stated. "False.
"Try Social Insurance number, Mulder."

"Done, Scully, and for real. He's minimum wage and
most likely has been ordered to pay child support."

"Okay, let's do more research. Birth certificate and
telephone number, internet provider."

"I'm on it. Almost lunch. My treat. And smile. You can
tell me anything." He noticed her sadness and longing.

"Since I didn't have time to pack lunch, your pick since
it's your treat. Don't worry about me. I'm fine, Mulder."

"You always say that."

"It's true."

"No, it's not. Let's go. I'll buy you a tofutti."


Kimberley called in because Timothy was sick. The
temporary assistant, Marcia Stevenson took her place.

Having dealt with Dr. Scully Mulder, she dialed the
X-Files Office.


"Yes, may I please speak with Agent Scully? It's Marcia
in for Kimberley again. Her son's sick."

"Yes. Scully, Skinner's temp. Kimberley called in saying
Kimberley's baby is sick."

"Scully. Yes. Has he seen a doctor yet? No? Okay. It's not
my job desciption but I'll look into it. Thanks."

"Mulder, can you do without me for a couple of hours?

"I suppose so. Better get the ball rolling for the Clancy
case. We've been to the house before. Likely a cold."

"Okay, I'm out of here. Back soon."

Scully went to Skinner's office and asked Marcia to call
Kimberley's home and advise her she was going to visit
Kimberley and Timothy, them took the elevator to the
garage. Naturally, her medical bag was in the trunk of
the car.

Upon arrival at the Keaton house, she rang the doorbell.

Kimberley was rather surprised to see her. "Come in,
Agent Scully. I guess Melanie told you Timothy's sick."

"Yes. Have you called his pediatrician?"

"I was just about to, but could you take a look, please?
I just finished cleaning up."

Scully opened her medical bag, and took Timothy's
temperature, writing it down, then blood pressure,
palpated his lymph nodes, took respirations and dug
for her penlight to view the boys throat.


"I'm not sure if it's a cold, the 'flu or strep throat," Scully
replied. "You should have him checked out at emerg.,
though. His fever is 103."

"Thanks, I really appreciate this. I'll bundle him up and
get there. Can you come with us?"

"Sorry. I don't have hospital privileges in the hospitals in
this city. Then there's a case we have. Call me at the
office, and let me know, please."

"That's all right. I'll just pack a few things and go. I'll
make sure to call the office or your house."

"Please do, but it coud take a while. They'll likely do few
tests, and they take hours. Let us know how you are."

"I will. I'd better get going."

1:00 PM

Scully and Mulder were reviewing the interstate fraud
case, and Scully's worry showed.

"You okay?"

"Mulder, I am. Timothy is in good hands, and I did scrub
down before coming back. Anything else on Clancy?"

"Yes, a lot more. Maybe the Bureau in Delaware can do it.
I'll call Kersh and see." He looked over at his wife again.
"You sure you're all right?"

"Sure. Just let me finish my note here. I admit, little
Timothy seemed rather weak. Kim promised to call soon."

As Mulder reached for the phone, it rang. "Mulder. Hang on.
By the way, any word? I see. Scully? Kimberley."

"Scully. Don't worry, just get your husband there and eat
something. Give the lab a few more hours."

"Well, Doctor Mom?"

"These things take time, Mulder. I think we should ask Kersh
if the others can handle this. I want to be around for the

"You got it, but don't forget ours."

"Never, Mulder. You know that Timothy's tests should be in
around five or six." She closed the file folder.

Kersh was called and he agreed with Mulder and Scully.
After all, he and Skinner had become friends after the
incident with Mulder on trial years ago.

It was 5:30. "Time to go home," Mulder insisted.

"Umm, Could you drop me off at the hospital? I want to
check in on the Keatons. Mandy's likely doing well with
the others and has supper almost ready."

"Do you really want to?"

"I owe them. I can grab a cab. Maybe the tests are back, but
since we haven't heard yet, I want to support them."

Mulder nodded. "Okay." He kissed his wife and led her out of
the office. "Just don't make it an all nighter, for your own sake."

As Scully opened the door to the underground garage, she
whispered, "I promise. Family first."


As she reached the front desk of the Children's Hospital, she
asked reception directions to the pediatric ward. She was
shocked when she was given directions to the Intensive Care
Unit in Pediatrics. Even more shocking was the fact that she
had to go through the scrub, gown, mask and glove routine.
*This doesn't look good*, she thought. She introduced
herself to the head nurse and was advised Timothy was in
Isolation. She showed her medical license card and asked
for the chart. It was all right as long as the gloves were on
at all times.

The best idea was to find a chair, freshly sanitized. As she
began to read the vitals and diagnostics, tears welled up.
*Oh... my... God..." she whispered so the others waiting
would not overhear. * Way too young for this. *I.Vs and
stabilized*. What she was reading was a parent's worst
nightmare. *Staphylococcus aureus. Daptomycin drip*. So
she couldn't go home. Mulder needed informed before
another step could be taken. Still gloved, she found a phone
and quickly dialed out.

Mulder ran to the phone. "Mulder."

"It's me. I can't come home tonight Mulder. I'm afraid
Kimberley's boy is in Isolation with Staph. A and this would
endanger our family."

"I understand some things about it. Anything else? Hang on.
Samantha Ann, lay off of Meg. Sorry. Anything else?"

"It's in Timothy's bloodstream and very contagious. What's up
with the girls?"

"The usual hair pulling and 'who's the favorite' act. Look, you know
what you're doing. Kersh and Skinner owe me a few days off.
Don't worry. Take care. Love you. James don't pull the dog's tail.
Gotta go. We'll be fine. Love you."

"Give my love to all and yourself. Visiting hours are almost over,
and I have to go."

She slowly walked into Timothy Keaton's room. His parents were
gowned, gloved, worried, and tired.

"Oh Dana, you shouldn't be here!" Kimberley wept.

"That's what friends are for, you know that. We're all in the same
boat, and I'm a doctor and have been through worse. The meds
should help. By the looks of the chart, the fever's lower, blood
pressure is good, and he's being rehydrated. After a couple of
days, we should be able to leave."

The door opened, and two nurses and a doctor introduced

"Dr. Dana Scully, I remember you. Joseph Adamson."

"Yes, it's been years. Usually I'm doing autopsies and forensics at
the FBI. So, I know we can't leave tonight. Tell us about baby

"Yes, please do," Robert Keaton interjected.

As the nurses bed bathed the boy and set up another intravenous
bag, Dr. Adamson began: "I see some signs of improvement
here. I'd say about one and a half weeks for Timothy before he
is back to normal. We do have a couple of parent rooms for you.
My advice to you is to stay as clean as possible and rest up. I'm
needed elsewhere. Ruptured appendix. Sheila, Marla, every four
hours for vitals."

"Yes, Doctor," Blonde nurse Sheila responded. "C'mon, Marla,
everything off and on again. Oh, by the way, you can't leave the
ward, but there are snacks in the rooms and Food Services will
bring breakfast at eight."

As the pair followed the doctor, the Keatons and Scully went to
the rooms after talking things over.

6:30 AM

Mulder called Kersh's office after the alarm went off, and he'd be
Mom for a day. After he managed to beat the eldest to the shower,
he dressed and prepared breakfast, sent Samantha Ann and Meg
to the bus stop, watched as Mandy and William ran for their
respective workplace and university, and drove James to

He was learning how difficult it had been for Scully to run the
household. * Gotta respect her for all this and part time at the
office.* By noon, he dialed the hospital.

The switchboard turned him over to pediatric ICU Isolation, who
paged Scully over the PA system.


"Honestly, I don't know how you do it all and work with me. I'm off
and Jeffery's at the office. How are you and the Keatons?"

"The boy's improving, we're all in quarantine, and waiting to
hear when we can get out of this boring place. You and the kids,

"I have no idea how hard you work doing all the cooking, cleaning
and laundry. At least Mandy taught me how to run the washing
machine. I'm tired already and can barely move to make lunch."

"Lunch has arrived here. The Keatons are waiting for more blood
results, and I could be home tomorrow."

"Did you find out how little Timothy managed to take on Staph A?"

"Kimberley took him to the mall two days ago, but we have no idea."
Scully was wondering if it could happen to any of her children.

"You still there?"

"Yeah, I was just thinking. I miss everybody, even the messy office."

"Really? I'm stunned," Mulder snickered.

"We're eating, and I have to change gowns, gloves and masks all
damn day. Gotta go." Click. as long as she was still gloved and
gowned, she could chat with the Keatons. She threw her mask into
the trash bin, put a clean one on her knee, and as they ate, she tried
to find a way to discuss which mall Kimberley had taken her son to.

"He's doing a lot better," Robert mentioned.

"I believe so. Dr. Adamson Knows what he's doing. By the way, what
mall did you take Timothy to?" Scully intended to alert the homefront
in case they had any intention of shopping there. She knew Mandy
well, and Alison was visiting her adoptive parents.

"CityCentre on Tenth. Why?"

"That may be where air droplets carrying the infection came from,"
Scully believed. "I should call the Health Department and tell them
to check on the mall, and see if any other cases have shown up."

"Good plan," Robert Keaton agreed. "You're still keeping up with
the Journals?"

"I have to for my license and my job. My daughters, like any of the
girls their age love mall crawling."

That made Kimberley laugh. "And you really wanted a girl, Bob."

"Still do, once we're sprung... "

"Okay... just think about Timothy for a couple of years at least!"

Dr. Adamson knocked on the parents' room.

"Come in," Kimberley shouted. "We're all here."

The doctor entered smiling. A good sign. "The good news is you
can all go home as long as you clean up, you must still take the
same precautions as far as visiting is concerned, but we believe
Timothy is doing well enough to lower the antipyuretic, keep up
the antibiotics, he's eating soft, bland foods, and should be home
within five or six days."

"I think you should call Public Health and ask about the CityCenter
Mall on Tenth," Scully advised the man.

"I'm one step ahead, Dana. Two more cases in the past three days.
Closed until further notice for sanitization, air filtration, everything.
You can go home any time now, just shower. Dana, can you have
your spouse arrange for clean clothing for the three of you?"

All smiles, she replied, "Yes!"

"We're staying a few hours," Kimberley stated. Her husband agreed.

The doctor smiled and quietly left the room.

"Well, I'll call home and give Mulder the good news." Scully stood and
emptied the disposable food containers into the trash. "Oh, before I
do, it's not a good idea to ask for your keys unless they're hospital
clean. I guess they can sterilize them so I can bring you fresh clothing."

Kimberley took a last bite. "Try under the door mat. I know by working
at the Bureau it's not a good idea."

Scully nodded. "No, it's not. I'll do it after dinner tonight, and I'm sure
the staff can keep them in storage labelled and clean. For your own
sake, please, go home to rest. I have some calls to make."

"Well, maybe later," Keaton told her. "Give my regards to Mulder.
We'd love to see your family some time in the near future."

As Scully turned the door knob, she said, "Anytime after Timothy's
fully recovered. I am out of here. Just promise you'll go home after
this evening."

Kimberley reluctantly agreed. "Just go. we'll be fine."

Still gowned with a new mask and gloves, Scully
nearly ran to the phone in the hallway, missing the
Food Services cart.

A uniformed man rudely shouted, "Hey watch it, lady!
This is a HOSPITAL!!!"

"No! You watch it! You could lose your job!" She flashed
her badge, and he quickly backed down. "I'm sorry,
we're over worked."

"Just do your job." Then she smiled and dialed out.


"I'm coming home. Timothy's getting much better, the doctor
called the Public Health people, and they closed the mall
to decontaminate."

"Oh, I'm so happy to hear that, because you're needed
here. I messed up big time on laundry duty and... "

"You need help, buster, you really do."

"Yes, I do. Bring your love and forgiveness back?"

"Naturally. By the way, the Keatons have an open invitation
to visit once everything's good."

"Really? Hopefully, you've warned them about everybody."

"Of course. Susan and Greta should meet the little guy, too."

"You bet. I'll beg and plead to be allowed to run home. A
med. school friend is the boy's doctor. He has pull. See you
in about three quarters of an hour.

Three weeks later, Timothy Keaton was home and as healthy
as ever.

To Mulder's surprise, they needed to rent a banquet hall for
a dinner, but it was well worth it.


Author's Note: Staphylococcus aureus: "These bacteria
are spread by having direct contact with an infected
person, by using a contaminated object, or by inhaling
infected droplets dispersed by sneezing or coughing."
Treatable by several antibiotics related to daptomycin.
Source: Merck Manual Consumer's Version.

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