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Title: Not MY Kid

Author: Pattie

Rated: PG

Feedback: Good
or bad, accepted and advice appreciated.

Spoilers: None.

Summary: Someone wants revenge on Mulder and
knows he has young family members.

Archive: Gossamer. Please be nice enough to ask,
thank you.

Disclaimers: All original characters are still owned by
Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox Studios. All
others are mine.

See Author's Note at end.

NOVEMBER 3, 2016

It was no hardship for the Mulder family raising six children.
Mulder still referred to his wife as 'Scully', and the children
were beginning to undertand why that was the case. Now
Scully had been introduced to her clone, who intended to put
herself through Nursing School. Greta Simons chose to take
the Scully name. Neice Susan Ellis did the same. Both had
jobs and their own apartments.

Mulder and Scully were reinstated at the FBI years ago,
Their parents' respective estates had been settled and
there was no mortgage owed on a large house in a fine
Washington neighborhood. They were not rich, but they
were managing quite well.

Mandy and Alison were working, Will was one of the
youngest in University (the same one as his cousin Susan),
Meg and Samantha Ann attended elementary school, and
James was going to be in Junior Kindergarten in 2017.

Sometimes there were out of town cases for Mulder and
Scully and the eldest children were well educated to
handle the house if the two agents were away for a few
days. Still, Scully was mostly part time at the office of
the X-Files.

Sometimes, since Mulder was a former VCU profiler,
there would be cases to attend to outside of DC. Of
course, Scully was still grieving for her mother, Margaret.

7:15 A.M.

Mulder kissed everyone including Scully and grabbed his
coat. "Have a good day, especially you my lovely wife.
You're lucky having the day off. Remember to take the
two suits to the dry cleaners."

"I will, don't worry. By the way, Monica is doing much better.
She believes it's a boy this time."

"Maybe. She seems to have a sense about things. I'm off."

9:15 A.M.

No cases had come to his desk, so Mulder decided to look
through some old unsolved files which his mate had
declared the weirdest things she'd ever heard of or read

*Hmm... Some day I'll have to look into that.* He was quite
engrossed in this one, and just as he was reading, the phone
rang. "Mulder."

"Hey, old buddy. It's Sanders."

"It's been a long time. How are things?"

"As usual, never a dull day. Look, I may be overloaded, but
remember the Millard case?"

"Yeah, and the scars never healed completely. Why?"

"He's out of the pen and he swore he'd get even. Gotta go.
Other line. Since you have family now, I figured you'd need to
know. Call you soon."

"Wait, you take care, too. Think about Catharine and the
kids. I have a large family to think about now. Remember,
he threatened you as well in the courtroom."

"I will. Talk to you soon. Read the news. Do the research."

*Richard Millard, nasty bugger. Better get out the old file.*
Wise choice, because trouble was Millard's middle name.
Mulder decided to read national news online, then go
through everything he had saved on the man. His record
was as long as his body stood. The agent had to wonder
how any judge in the country could possibly not make the
villain a lifer.

By 11:00 A.M. He decided to call Kersh and inform him of
the old case.

"I wouldn't worry. Sometimes those types threaten but
forget. He could be anywhere. Might not even know where
you are now, Mulder. Relax. I might have something soon
to keep your mind elsewhere. Give my regards to Scully.
You know she can take care of herself if anything happens
almost as well as you can." *Well, perhaps*, he thought.
Maybe the ex-convict could be around. *Better get an
Agent or two to look out for them.* After all this time,
he had come to care for them in his own way, knowing
they were good workers.

"I hope so, Sir." The man wasn't sure he was able to keep
himself from thinking about Millard. Sometimes he felt his
photographic memory was a curse. Little did he know the
villain had been doing his studying as well. He knew that
Mulder had left the Violent Crimes Unit for the FBI, and
Vince Sanders chose to remain with VCU in the city.

The ex-convict sat in his dumpy hotel room which at least
provided internet access. Penitentiary gave Millard some
work and a small allowance, but since he wasn't a smoker, he
had managed to save money. The man had never held a job for
long. Usually, he'd pawn things found on the streets anywhere
he called home, rob people, or do some work for the Cosa
Nostra in states and cities. He had never settled down or
married. His parents left nothing. Impoverished. At least he
had learned to read, and prisons had computers.

He had found a job as a street sweeper and acquired a
library card to do more 'research' on the Mulder Family,
as well as Mulder's former colleague.

5:33 PM

Richard Millard took a seat and began typing into the
computer, deciding upon which search engine to use.
*Hmm. Try phone directory. Directory Assistance should get
me their addresses besides the numbers. With pen and pad,
he began jotting down Vince Sanders' and Fox W. Mulders'
addresses. *No need for phone numbers,* he decided.

He closed the search window and left the library. Since he was
from another city, no one would know him, not even on security
camera. *Next matter at hand, since I got money three days
ago, see if I can buy a gun from a gang member downtown.*
And that he did before dinner.

Just at that time, Mulder arrived home and little James ran up
to hug him.


Scully noticed the look on her husband's face as she went to
kiss him. "Bad day?"

"I'll tell you later," he whispered. "Not around the kids."

"Hmm. Okay, Dinner's almost ready and the gang is

Mulder took his briefcase down to the home office and made
certain to lock the door. 'Detective William' did not need to
see the contents pertaining to Richard Millard and his will
for vengeance.

9:15 PM

After snack was over, Meg, Samantha Ann and James were
bathed and ready for bed. Alison and Mandy listened to their
music down in Girl Headquarters, and William decided it was
a better idea to study rather than watch videos or television.
He walked his beagle Lucky and took him up to his room.
"I'll be down around 10:30 to say good night."

"Fine," Mulder stated. "Remember to bring down your
laundry like your mother told you to."

"I will. This time it's math." With that, he was gone.

It was just Mulder and Scully at the kitchen table.

Scully sipped the remainder of her tea. "Well? I can tell
when something's up. Spill it."

"You remember I worked in VCU for a few years. An old
colleague, Vince Sanders, called today about an offender we
put away. One Richard Millard."

"The name's familiar, Mulder. I heard on the news he was
released a few days ago. What about him?"

"We never thought he'd see the light of Scully, but the judge
was too lenient. He did mob hits over and over again. He
even robbed banks. It was hard on Vince Sanders and me,
but we did it. He swore he'd get even somehow to our faces
when they escorted him to the pen."

"And you're worried about that? I can't see why, Mulder. The
guy is from Buffalo and most likely wouldn't know where you
are now."

Mulder rubbed his templed. "I wouldn't bet on that."

"Well, we'll see. Want more coffee?"

"No. I'm going down to my office and read up. Maybe I can
find something else other than what I have in the files."

"Okay. Don't be too long."

"I'll try."

9:00 AM

After his morning shower, Millard went to the old fabric
factory where he had found work as a cleaner. As he
washed down a hallway he began to plan how to get
even with Mulder. *Library again after hours.*

9:30 AM

Mulder was re-reading the files on Millard and decided
more research was due. He remembered the man was
sentenced to Attica. Could he have traveled after release?
Most likely. No luck with the bus lines. No one resembling
him on any airline. *Try railways*, he thought.

He finally hit on Amtrak after faxing a few lines. *Yes!*
Millard was seen boarding a southbound train. Amtrak
told him Millard asked for a ticket to Georgetown. *Too
close to home. Better fax photos to the Georgetown PD,
and call Sanders.*

Mulder thought it best to call Kersh.


"I hope you're not busy, Sir."

"As a matter of fact, I'm almost done with Ed Tilbury. Hang
on, Agent Tilbury. Mulder, this had better be important."

"It is, I'm afraid. Richard Millard has been seen in the
area of Georgetown. Their PD already knows. They haven't
pinpointed where he resides yet."

"I see. I'm sure they will. Have you faxed them?"

"Yes, Sir. Please post some Agents around Vince Sanders.
I'll call him. He was threatened too."

"Got it. I'll find someone for your place as well. Anything

"Not that I can think of. Sorry to bother you."

"Okay. Just relax. You sound like you need a break. I'm
dealing with someone right now."

"I intend to. Thank you." Mulder hung up and poured a
coffee. *Scully doesn't need to know.* But he knew she
could spot surveillance recognizing other Agents.

5:30 PM

It was time for Mulder to return home. As well, Millard
was leaving the factory and fully intended to eat and go
back to the library.

6:00 PM

While Mulder entered his residence, the usual greetings
were extended, he off loaded the briefcase and would
not dare tell Scully a word. "I know I'm late, Scully. Uh,
where's James?"

"Grounded to his room for swearing. Better get everybody
ready to eat."

Meanwhile, Richard Millard was finding a lot about the
Mulder family. *Seven kids. Which one? Oh, the best bet
would be the elder son William.* He looked up the list of
students in the university and thought he could recognize
William immediately. *Probably looks much like the old
man. I know where it is. Tomorrow.*

Millard went home and started his plans, knowing the layout
of the institution by researching.

8:30 AM

Scully was in the office with Mulder and had no clue the
house was under surveillance. "Another crop circle. Really?"

"Maybe. Kansas. Wanna go there to get away for awhile, see
the scenery?" Mulder quipped.

"No, I'd rather look after the kids, Mulder. "She sipped her
coffee. "Aren't we over that?"

"Maybe. No colonists or aliens." *What's up with Millard?* he

Millard had called into work sick and was asking for directions to
the university William and Susan attended. That was easy enough.
Gun in hand, he caught a bus to the institution.

Susan met William for lunch and they were sharing a few
stories when Millard spotted the pair in the park behind the place.
He walked up to the pair quickly. May I have a word with you, young
man." A security guard was doing his rounds and recognized the
ex convict, using his cell phone to call Mulder. In fact, he had met
William months ago and knew who his father was.


"Agent Mulder, this is Steve Ellington. Richard Millard is
approaching your son here at the university."

"Thanks. I'll be there in about five minutes. Keep watch."

"You'd better believe I will." Ellington hung up."

Scully sensed something was happening. "Mulder?"

"Oh, Kersh wants me to help with his printer."

"Finish your sandwich since I made your favorite, please."

"Yes, dear." As he finished the sandwich, again he hated keeping
secrets from his wife. *Not MY kid* were his thoughts. "Okay. I'm
upstairs." But he was running to his car.

He sped to the university as Susan advised him not to go with the
scruffy stranger.

"Now!" Millard demanded.

"I don't think so, Mister." Will remembered the face from watching
the news.

Millard pulled his weapon.

Fox Mulder left his car, gun in hand.

"Millard! I never forget a face. Drop it! not my kid."

"Then YOU!"

Mulder shot Richard Millard in the chest and he fell to the ground.

The security guard called EMS as both Mulder and Susan held
William who was actually unusually scared.

"Its, okay, Will, it's okay. I arrested him years ago and he was
out to get even with me. It's my fault and the judge's."

"Actually, maybe not," Susan told him. "I'm studying psychology
this term for nursing. He looks like he has some form of mental
illness, but I can't say for sure."

"Oh, maybe. I have to call people. You okay, William?"

"Yes, Dad. I'll just take a few deep breaths.

All surveillance was called off and Mulder returned to work.

"Gee, that printer must have been really hard work," Scully said,

"Umm, no. We called a tech. That's why it took so long. Wanna
hear a scary story?"

"Not really, Mulder. We have a new case."

"Really, okay. Let me just tell you something first. William is one
smart guy. So, what's the next assignment?"

"Fertilizer fraud," Scullly grinned.

"We don't deserve it. THAT'S scary."


Author's Note: Inspired by The Plot Generator, from The Nursery Files'
A Villain From an Old Case is Out to Get Mulder (or something like that).

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