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Spoilers: Only the X-Files series and my AU.

Rated: G

Category: Kid fic.

Summary: Mulder, busy as he is, stays up all night
with ailing Meg. Sometimes, the annual 'flu shot
doesn't necessarily prevent every strain of the


Archive: Gossamer. Any one else just ask nicely.

Disclaimers: Original characters belong to Chris Carter,
Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox Studios. Meg and the
youngest are mine, as are Mandy and Alison. Tylenol
(acetaminophen) is a registered trademark of Johnson
and Johnson in North America.

See Author's Note at end.

NOVEMBER 15, 2007

It was the end of another long day at the Hoover. At least
the X-Files Office was not that busy with mysterious,
odd-ball happenings, and there were no major mainstream
cases. Meg and Samantha Ann were still in pre school,
the hybrid sisters and William were doing well in high

Alison, Mandy and Will were cleaning up after Meg and
Samantha Ann was kept separate from her sister. Cool
water would do for the time being.

Mulder and Scully arrived home at 5:35 to see Meg lying on
the couch.

"We think it's time you looked at Meg, Mom." Will advised
Dr. Mom.

"I'll get my bag from the car." She was back within moments
as Mulder felt the girl's forehead. "Wash your hands, folks."

All did as told and kept their distance.

"102 fever, and I smell what happened. Mandy, put these
latex gloves on and take Meg's clothes and everything else
down for a hot water wash."

"Yes, Mom. I know, the vaccine sometimes misses some

"How you feeling?" Mulder whispered.

"Horrible, Daddy. I'm gonna... "

At least the older ones had a bucket on hand, and Dad
quickly caught it.

"Samantha, you're in with your sisters. Sorry."

"Okay. Can you help me grab my things, Mommy?"

"I will," Alison offered. "Meg needs Mom."

"I can give children's Tylenol and fluids," Scully advised.
"Don't worry, I'll be home to see you through this. Go get
cleaned up and put your pajamas on." She measured out
the liquid medicine. "Okay, get going now. Be there in a
while to check on you. I need to wash up and make supper.
Will, please rinse out the bucket, wash your hands and take
it down to Meg."

"Yes, Mom. Any chance of anyone else here getting this?"
He had upcoming tests.

"I'm not sure, honey. Sometimes they're never sure about
the type the immunization could miss."

After supper, Scully took some broth to Meg, took her
temperature, looked for vomitus in the bucket, and the
fever had gone down a few tenths of a degree. "See if you
can tke a few sips to keep hydrated."



"I'm sorry."

"No need. Just go easy, sip slowly, and I will check on you
soon. Maybe another dose at bedtime."

"Thank you. I had a headache, but it went away." The girl was
no happy camper. "Can Daddy visit me?"

"I think so. Just do what I told you and lie down. I have to go
back to the kitchen. Listen to some music."

At 9:00, Scully found Meg lying resting. At least she had managed
to keep some of the broth down, but there was a bit it the bucket.
"I have to empty this, I'll be right back."


"I need Daddy. Please?"

"Almost time to go to sleep, Meg. I'll ask. Just try to go to sleep."

Scully walked quietly to wash up and prepare a snack for the
others. Samantha Ann was happy she was going to be with her
older sisters and sat at the kitchen table figuring out a puzzle.

As Mom made tea, juice and cheese, she turned to Mulder.
"The fever's down a bit, and Meg wants to see you. Sammy,
almost time for bath and bed."


"Aww yourself. Let's go, Okay, relieve me, please."

"Sure, you're relieved. Is she falling asleep?"

"Not yet. Soon, I hope. Snack time everybody else." Scully
started making the snack, and mother and daughter were
soon down to business.

After Mulder had his tea and cheese, he tip-toed to Meg's room.
The radio played quietly, although the girl was still awake."Hi,
Daddy. Can you tell me a story?"

"Sure, anything for my baby girl. Let me turn this off. Okay. A

"No. Umm... I know three years ago it was the night before
Christmas, and I was born."

"Yes, during a snowstorm, in a motel between West Tisbury and
Alexandria." Memories, so beautiful. Mulder remembered he was
almost going to deliver her.

"Why are you smiling, Daddy?"

"Your Mom and I were blessed in a lot of ways, Meg. We didn't
know if we could find a doctor, but we did. He was sort of a
mystery." *Almost an X-File*, he thought. "I did deliver Sammy


"Some other time, Meg Ellen. Sleepy yet?"

"No, Daddy. I'm a little tired, but not sleepy."

Scully crept in to see the pair smiling. "Medicine time. More
broth, and I see the bucket is still empty." She administered
the children's Tylenol, assuring Meg washed it down.

"Mommy, can Daddy stay with me? I get scared when I'm

"It's up to him."

"I'll stay, it's all right, Scully."

"Let me know if you need me, then. Everyone else is turning
in, and I'm going up for a soak. May as well go to bed. See you

"Mommy, I want Daddy to stay."

"It's all right, Scully. We'll be fine." Mulder grabbed a book.

"Okay. I might be asleep when you go to bed." She closed the
door wondering what the night would bring.

Meg yawned a bit, asking why her Dad was reading a
children's book. "Just curious. Just close your eyes and think
nice things. Try to get some sleep.

"Daddy... the bucket."

He'd seen a lot worse and quickly caught things. "Gotta dump

"Coming back?"

"Don't worry. I will. Sip more and lie down."

When Mulder returned with a wet cloth to wipe Meg's
face, she had managed to sip more broth, and keep it

"Daddy, thanks. Please stay. I can't sleep."

"Do you miss your little sister?"

"A little. Please stay with me."

"Only if you lie down. I can find another of my books."

"Don't be long."

"I won't." As he left the room, he knew it was going to be
a long night, so he peeked in on Scully, fast asleep."

"What took you so long, Daddy?"

"Just made sure the front door was locked. Your Mom's
asleep. I brought a science book to read until you fall

"Okay. I'll try."

Truly, it was a long night. Mulder had been through sleepless
nights before, but he fell asleep before Meg.

7:35 A.M.

Scully had awakened without Mulder, prepared for the day
and made breakfast wondering about her husband. Sure
enough, Meg was just awakening, and Mulder was fast
asleep, lying on the girl's floor with his book across his
chest. His forehead was fine, Meg still felt ill, the fever was
down, but what a sight! If only she's had a camera.


Author's Note: From the Plot Generator: Mulder Spends the
Night Comforting a Toddler.
The toddler is Meg, and she acquired a strain of influenza
not covered by the annual vaccination. She is not in any
real danger.