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Rated: G

Feedback: and warmly
welcomed as well as advice.

Spoiler(s): The series, and my Alternate Universe. Sequel
to "We Have a Niece".

Summary: Susan visits and makes a special request.
Yes, it is set in this November. Poetic license, and this is
my Alternate Universe.

Archive: Gossamer, Nursery Files. Anyone else just ask

Disclaimers: The X-Files, Mulder, Scully and William are
owned by Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox Studios.
All other characters are mine. Let me know if there are any
other clones remaining and I would treat them well.

Who knows why adopted children run away. Sometimes
abuse, feeling not fitting in with a family, wanting to know where
you came from. Some go through several foster homes and
never have the luck to be adopted by loving parents unable to
bear children.

Susan Ellis was one such young woman. She had grown out of
foster care and moved into a caring lodging home, well educated
and subsidized. She had managed to have part time jobs, was
bright enough to apply for and receive a grant to go to Nursing
School at the same university William Mulder attended. She
knew the face, but had never met him.

One day, she decided it was time to seek out her heritage by
way of contacting her social worker. She had met her mother's
sister, Dana Scully, and husband Fox Mulder. Their offspring
were her cousins. Her mother had been murdered by one
Alex Krychek, deceased, who had mistaken her aunt for her
biological mother. Nobody ever knew Melissa Scully would
have a child, but then she was Bill and Margaret Scully's
young wanderer.

At age 20, she was about ready to move out of her lodging
home. The Mulder family had come to know her well, and she
had visited on several occasions. Once the pair of agents had
a field case and she had looked after her cousins quite well.

She had never felt like Susan Ellis. Why bother even running
a family tree under a non-biological tree?

After several months of visits, studies or no studies and doing
well, she thought it was time to make a decision.


Susan knew the family ran a tight ship. Weekends were timed
equally with weekdays. Mulder and Scully sometimes needed
to be in the office, but not much.

While the family were preparing for the day, Susan was finishing
her breakfast with phone number in hand.

She had already talked things over with her home owners, and
they were quite understanding after six years. She would be
missed, and she had been helpful with other residents.

"I'm going to see if I can visit the family", she advised the
owners. Do you need me today, Mrs. Jones?"

"Don't worry, a lot of the others went to the gym, shopping. Al
is painting something for art class. When are you back?" The
woman asked.

"I'll call. Most certainly by evening, If not you will hear from me."

"Just enjoy yourself. We're glad you found family," the husband
said. "We know you're itching for your own place. Remember
your goals. For all the help you have been here since you were
in your mid-teens, we should have payed you, but the law says
no. You would lose some of the subsidy."

"I will. It's been good here. You make my life great. I'd better
call." She took a last sip of coffee and went to her room for her
purse and cell phone. Warm coat at the ready, she dialed out.

"Hello." William answered.

"Hi, William. It's Susan. May I please speak with Aunt Dana?"

"Sure. Mom! It's Susan." He handed the phone to his mother.

"Susan. How are you?"

"Fine. I'd like to go over, if you're not busy."

"Sure. We'd all love to see you. You and I can go shopping.
I need groceries."

"I'd love to. By the way, How's James?" Some day, she would
want a boy like him.

"He's doing very well. I'm ready to go."

"I'll be there as soon as possible." Click. She caught the bus
and was at the house in fifteen minutes.

As Scully drove for a while, she remembered Melissa. "You
know, your mother was called the 'wild child' by my Mom and
Dad. She wasn't as religious as the rest of us. More or
less a spiritualist."

"Hmm. I understand. Some of my friends are into astrology
and numerology. Basically, I believe in God, but I've never
been to church," Susan told her aunt.

"You are quite welcome any Sunday, Susan. We're Catholics.
I wish Mulder would go some time. Grocery store there. Good

As the two stepped out of the car, Susan was tempted to
ask about her genetic father, but thought it wise not to. It
was possible nobody knew.

Scully took hold of a cart. "I'll cut the list in half. Get a cart."


When the shopping was done, it was lunch time.

On the drive home, Susan Ellis was invited to stay all day
and accepted. As she ate lunch, she wondered between
conversations how to pose her important question.

She decided to play in the yard with her youngest cousins
for a couple of hours. Maybe snack time, usually around
3:00, would be best.

3:00 rolled around pretty quickly.

For Sammy Ann, Meg and James, milk and cinnamon rolls.
Coffee or tea for the two hybrids, Will, Mulder, Scully and

"Aunt Dana, may I talk to you privately?"

"Of course. Best place living room. Mulder, could you please
watch everyone else?" Scully whispered to her husband.


The two women took their tea and rolls and sat down.

"Something wrong, Susan?"

"No, everything's well. I was wondering..." Now, how to find
the words.

Scully sipped her tea. "What?"

"Well, since I'm not really an Ellis... I've been thinking lately
I would like to have my mother's last name. Do you mind?"

"Mind? I'd love it! You are flesh and blood, and we never
found out who your real father was. You're grandmother
would be so happy." She just had to kiss her niece.

"All I need to do know is the legal business, and I am one
Susan Scully."

"Yes. By the way, do you have middle name?"


"Would you like to be baptized?"

"Something to think about. I believe, so I can think about it."

Susan called the Jones couple and advised them she would
return around 10:00.

After supper, the family was told Susan would be a Scully.

Alison and Mandy were happy.

Mandy said, "Sis and I were very happy to change our names.
We decided on Mulder. You can be a Mulder."


Scully turned to Mulder over evening coffee and declared
before the older offspring, "She's definitely Missy's girl.

It came as no surprise to Mulder.

After kissing everyone for the night, she happily headed home
to tell Mr. and Mrs. Jones the good news.


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