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Feedback: Treasured and advice needed accepted.

Rated: AU, movies and re-boot. Okay for most over the age of
twelve. Mild coarse words. The kids all know the "d" word, and
it doesn't mean mending one's socks. Also, another "d" word.
A few things were muttered by Mulder and Will, but boys will be
boys, and just my imagination. Read on. Carter does NOT need
to know! Happily living on his royalties. We, on the other
hand, are not.

Summary: Although it is 2016, Mulder and Scully are back in
action, and Scully thinks about everything they've been
through, including the time she was recruited to debunk
Mulder's so-called odd-ball theories and beliefs. All the
time, she was even wondering what the truth was about the
actions of the F.B.I. Today, she has plenty of time for
that. Well, since most of the children have grown up, and
it's not a workday. Impossible to drive to the Bureau in
a snowstorm. I gave them family and Will has a baby
brother. no, Scully does not have post-partum depression.

Archive: Gossamer, Nursery Files, my own site. anyone, who
wants it should be nice enough to ask. Hi, Neo!


Disclaimer: Not mine, not fair; they're Carter's, so there.

Archive: Any nice place including Gossamer. Please be kind
enough to ask. We all know it's nice to share.

Authors Note: Yes, I am back. So are Mulder and Scully and a lot of
the other old gang, dead or alive. So I have been missing. I am
still a fan, self-admitted shipper and have contacted a lot of the
familiar folks. (Blame the Poke Brigade for this one. They most
certainly deserve this. I gave them six stories, and can play the
game just as well!) My site is resting right now. Thank you, Chris
Carter. "The Lazarus Bowl" got them wrong, but I think YOU did as
well, even in the six-part re-boot! BTW, William is now 15 and
smart enough to be in university. As for the rest of the stuff
I have seen in my research, I DON'T BELIEVE, and many of us
do not want to, either.


Another dreaded Monday morning. Wake up snoring hubbie to beat the
eldest girl to the shower, use second bathroom to do the same,
get the kids who were still in school up to clean up, dress, eat,
grab the gear and head out. At least the ones working now had
their own "systems" to prepare for the day.

Stop thinking over your history at the Hoover and all the
things that would give the writers of horror flicks night
terrors. Sanity check time. Pinch. Yes, alive. Turn on the
shower, andturn off the thoughts. Ahh, that's nice and warm.
Since it's February, hopefully the youngests' prayers for a
snow day were not answered. Remember to love them all
including the biggest one. It wasn't that way twenty years
ago. Now, put on the make-up and suit before breakfast. Black
pants and blazer, pink silk blouse, panthose. Hopefully, no
running in pumps today.

Okay, down to the kitchen. Still quiet. Except for hubbie
amlbing into the kitchen, on a workday in blue jeans and a
sweatshirt. Why?

"Good morning, hon. Better turn on the radio." *Smooch*.
"It's not that great out there."

"Okay. Oh no, have you looked out the window? Hardly any
visibility! I can't see the Evans house across the street."

"Shh... listen."

"Good morning, and now the news with Rob Stevenson."

"I wish I had good news, recorded announcer. In the Greater
Washington Area, we've already accumulated six inches of wet
snow, with at least ten more predicted and winds up to 60
miles per hour. Here is the list of cancellations and
closings... "

William was first to arrive, all dressed and ready for
exams at university. Just the look on his face could have
melted every snowflake that had ever fallen. "And I have
two midterms today!"

Considering the tall young man was a straight A student, Dad
said gently, "Sorry, dude. I would love to comiserate with
you, but I have to get the damn shovel out and try to get
ahead of the game. Darn leg."

"No way! Not even if your leg is sore from basketball."
Poor guy sat down ready to eat. "Oh, all right."

Alison and Mandy arrived, in working clothes and make-up.

Scully turned from the bacon and eggs and said, "Sorry
ladies. No buses, trains, and most roads are closed."

Both girls, the younger images of Mom, smiled.

"As long as the power is on, we have our music and..."

"And your room to clean. Don't give me the *major bummer*
look. You will have plenty of music time later, as long
as you keep it down. Find the trash bags under the sink."

Alison and Mandy sat down with the brother they so loved
to sandwich in and tease. Of course, they never teased baby
brother James Charles. Not at age three.

Samantha Ann and Meg soon arrived, still pajama clad.

"Yay! No school!!! Told ya, Sammy." Yes, Meg had
inherited the Mulder sarcasm.

Mulder stared them down just for the fun of it. "You can
always re-read your homework or help your sisters."

"Homework over chores anyday!" Meg laughed, but Sammy

Scully poured the milk, juice and coffee and filled the
plates with eggs, bacon and toast. She knew by the way the
kids were looking at her they could sense something was on
her mind.

Mandy was very close to her mother, so she was the first to

"Mom, what's on your mind? I'll feed and change Jimmy all
day long, if you want.

Mom turned the radio off and started to eat. "Nothing much
to worry about, honey. Just be grateful I stocked up
yesterday. Yes, I would love the help. I need to do a
few things."

Mulder had his suspicions as well. "You okay?" He had seen
her picking at her food lately, putting most of it
the compost bin.

Something was going on with his wife. Turning down offers
of love-making for six days, no excuses. Menopause was easy
on her.

"Yes. everybody is. Can you turn the heat up a bit?"

Mulder adjusted the thermostat and returned to the table.

"Yes, Doctor of Psychology. By they way, everyone should
be grateful their so-called Grandfather's house was sold,
as was Grandma Mulder's, nobody owes any money here, and
we have a big, brand new home. Relax. Mom is fine, as is
Dad." So it was a little white lie. Yes there was a lot
on her mind. After the dishes were done, the washer was on,
she intended to go to the master bedroom, change and get
into the journal she was still keeping in touch with for
so many years. Her mother did not even need to know, and
respected Dana Katharine's privacy. They had spoken about
that just yesterday. Maggie Scully had volunteerism,
friends, and her grandchildren from her daughter, as well
as Bill Jr. Of course, a heart condition couldn't even
slow her down.

Just as she sat down with pen and journal in hand, there
was a knock at the room. "Yes?" She opened the door to see
Will in his snowsuit and hat.

"Mom, I have a question, but you don't need to answer."

"I'm just doing some writing. What is it?"

"Well, is it true that someone else was Dad's father wasn't
named Bill?"

"Uh, yes. But you were named after him anyhow before we found
out. My Dad was named Bill, and so was your uncle. Does that
make sense?"

"Yes. I kind of thought so by the pictures. So, who was he?"

Scully was not up to that. "The only thing that matters is
that Grandad Mulder took better care of your father than
the other man. So, some other time we will tell you an
unbelievable but true story. Okay?"

"I guess so. Dad needs my help now. Hard to keep up with
it. At least we have the snowblower. See ya later." Yes,
Will had a lot on his mind as well. Scully could see
it in his eyes as he quietly closed the door.

She opened up the journal and started to choose her words.
So she was relying on an inanimate subject. It was where
all her troubles were supposed to be, even if she told
her mother and husband almost everything.

Where to begin? Naturally, at the beginning.

"Since the traffic just won't co-operate, neither of us are
driving to work, the kids are neither going to school nor
work, and laundry's in the washer, I have the time to say
what's been on my mind and in my unkind dreams. All of us
are doing well except for me. Jimmy, as I said, is quite
busy in daycare and growing unbelievably big. Anyway, I
shall continue.

"Med. school came in handy for several things. For a couple
of years, I was a surgeon in the same city I was born and
still living with Mom and Dad. One of my few days off,
I was sitting with Mom after a marathon session of
gardening, sipping tea, when the phone rang. I thought
I was being called back to the General for some
emergency. Perhaps a colleague had called in sick or had
lied to get a break, but that wasn't the case. I had
even trained at Quantico to see if I could try my
hand investigating crimes, learning about the
government my Dad served for so many years. I must have
had a sixth sense. Sometimes, I wonder what brother
Charlie would think. The estrangement was hard
enough on our family years ago. We promised
never to find him. BTW, how do I tell the kids he
prefers never to see any of us again? In some way,
I believe that broke Mom and Dad's hearts. Mom,
well she is not in the best of shape. Now she has
a heart condition. Mental note, pray and carry on.
Take things day by day. I digress.

"Sarah Benson at the General called to advise me someone
from the Federal Bureau of Investigation had just left the
hospital after asking a lot of questions about me, reading
my records, and told them they wanted to see me at the
Hoover building as soon as possible. I asked her why,
but she told me my department gave the go ahead to get me
there STAT.

"After I told Mom, she was surprised a little, but knowing
that Dad was Navy, maybe I was being offered a good job. So,
as I was packing, I told my mother I wouldn't likely be long,
showered, put a good suit on to catch a plane. "Love you.
Mom. Take it easy on the weeds." Long kiss and hug.

"Don't worry, sweetie. Be careful. Call me."

"I will. Give my love to Bill, Tara and the kids."

"Little did I know what I was in for. I need a break, a coffee,
and the laundry needs to be dried. Back later, maybe after
lunch. D.K.S.M."

Scully put the pen and book under her pillow and locked
the bedroom door after herself.

*Almost noon*, she thought.

Little Jimmy was awake and hungry, so she took him
into the kitchen with one of his favorite toys.

Just as she prepared the coffee maker, two tall snow-
covered raggamuffins staggered through the front door.
"Hey, the snow belongs outside and the boots belong on
the mat. "Nooo," Will stuttered, "no progress."

Mulder nodded in agreement. "I'm getting our son some
training once this is over, a gun license, and plan to
murder whoever ordered this s***."

"Dad!" Will shouted. "You told us all not to swear!"

"Sorry, Honey. We're chilled to the bone. Two coffees,

"Almost ready." She pulled out five mugs and continued
to make a hearty lunch. "Call the girls for lunch after
you wash up. Hearty soup and sandwiches with Alison and
Mandy helping me. Get going."

Mulder and son muttered a few gutteral words and they
walked upstairs.

Jimmy just giggled and sipped some milk.

As for Samantha Ann and Meg, they, too, were bickering.

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Okay, what now?"

"Nothing, Mom. I'll set Sammy straight later."

"Hah!" Sammy Ann laughed.

Mom was not pleased at all. "Okay, settle down and
sit. Be glad you have the day off."

Mandy and Alison set the table as Will and Mulder sat
down, wet hair and all.

"Don't worry, we're drip dry," Mulder moaned. "I need a
Tylenol. Just pour the coffee, please. I can get the
medication myself."

"Gee, I'm glad you thanked me for taking your suits, both of you,
to the dry cleaners. Two more washings, and so many other things
I do when I can."

At least it was a nice, quiet lunch.

Mandy took her youger brother, as she had promised her
mother to care for the little brown-head with his father's

*Now, where was I after I unloaded the washer and reloaded the
dryer?* Scully almost dreaded the writing ahead of her, but she
needed to do it before Doctor of Psychology hubbie gave her
a referral to a former colleague still in practice. The
memories were depressing her, even if she had wonderful,
safe family and home. She knew it by the lack of sound
sleep and eating less.

With pen and book, she reluctantly continued.

"Since I hated planes, I took a couple of Xanax tablets and
wondered what was going to happen. Having never seen
Washington before except on the news, I thought it could be
a great time to do some sight-seeing. That never happened.

"I rented a car, and was amazed by the sight of that
gorgeous J. Edgar Hoover building. Read about him as well.
Big deal. He was a cross-dresser.

As I entered the building, I showed them my passport and
birth certificate and was immediately escorted to an elevator
and a smoke-filled boardroom. Great. Law enforcement guys
all breaking the law. Couldn't read those damn signs? Hmm.

"Welcome, Dr. Scully. We've been expecting you. My name is
Blevins, Section Chief. Meet your new boss, Walter Skinner."

"The man nervously shook my hand. Why would an F.B.I. agent
be nervous? That struck me rather odd.

"Nice to meet you, Doctor Scully."

"Yes. Do you need a doctor for the F.B.I.?"

"Skinner look tensely around the room. "Yes. Actually, we would
also like you to train to be an F.B.I. agent. One of our
agents needs a partner."

"I see. With all due respect, Sir, I have a wonderful job
as a surgeon back home. Why me? And I was already at

"You know what you're doing. Your medical school grades were
quite high."

"Blevins nodded and said I would do.

"Well, I agreed, signed at least seven papers.

"Skinner smiled. "We found you a furnished apartment in
Georgetown, there's a car with a license plate outside.
You are expected at the Academy tomorrow. We can help you
with that."

"What was going on here? A man constantly smoking, a well-
manicured elderly man silently sitting with a bottle of
water taking everything in. A tall black man not saying
a word.

"The man escorted me to the elevator."Just call me "X". Your
soon-to-be partner is a good friend of mine. You'll be
surprised when you get to know him. Let's just get to
your new home."


"Just trust me. Let's go.

"This was going to be interesting: Sending in my resignation
to the hospital, having a new apartment, traing for a new job.
I had to call Mom, tell her what was happening, and ask her
to send me a few things of sentimental value. Dad would be
shocked when he arrived home. So would Melissa. Well,
maybe not. Nothing surprised her ever since we were kids. She said
she knew when things were going to happen even in church. So,
where could I find a new church in Georgetown? I need
to go to confession for some of the things I was
thinking. However, I knew the rules. You cannot say
everything if you were to be a federal agent.

"Time for another bathroom break, and Mulder and Will likely
need a rest and hot chocolate. May as well look in on
the girls. Back before supper. 3:05. D.K.S.M."

She locked the door and saw the two male loved ones
sitting in the kitchen, looking like death
warmed over.

"The older girls are happily enoying their music after
five bags of trash, Meg and Sammy are still arguing just
who is smarter than the other, and two more loads of
laundry are ready to go. So, how is it out there."

Will spoke first. "Well, we think it stopped a little, so
we thought we needed a rest."

"I'll put the coffee on, and get Dad a couple of Tylenols."

"You look as tired as we are," Mulder said. "You've looked
that way for a few days."

Yes, she knew he could see it. "I'm fine. Last week was kind of
hard us. Jimmy, do not spill your juice, please and
thank you. Sorry you can't play outside today."

"Don't I know it. Oh no, looks like it's getting heavier again.
Get warmed up and I'll call the girls for a snack. Can you
please get the banana bread out of the fridge?"

"I will," Will replied. You really do look beat, Mom."

"Don't worry. I'm okay." *Not*. She walked down the
stairs to Girl Headquarters.

"I don't believe her", Will told his father.

"Neither do I. I'll see what's up later. Drink up."

After break was over, Scully put the mugs and plates into
hot, soapy water, then put a large beef roast into the
oven, potatoes into a pot, took out some frozen mixed
vegetables to be boiled later. Then proceeded to
the girl's room with Jimmy.

How she dreaded the thought of more writing, but it needed
to be done.

"The training went quite well. Apparently I was a good shot.
I managed to memorize most of the protocol. I also found out
by gossip what my bosses plans were for my new partner and

"After that, I had my picture taken for an identity card and
was given a badge.

"The next day, before I even pushed the elevator button to
meet my partner, I overheard three men saying what sounded
like this: *They hired her from a hospital, and told
her to debunk all of Spooky's theories.* They told me
to what? Then I knew why they were digging up a lot of
information about me! I wasn't raised to be a traitor.
My father, William Scully in no uncertain terms said treason
was big trouble. Dad was quite stern, being a Navy captain.
Brother Bill was now in the Navy as well.

"I knocked on Mulder's door.

"Come in. Nobody here but *The F.B.I.'s Most Unwanted.

"Just one look at that handsome man... I introduced myself,
we talked about things, and I told him I would see him the
next morning. Why were they referring to that handsome
bespectacled man as *Spooky*? Who were those few men
with no I.D. cards? He was obviously very well
educated at Oxford University. Yes, I saw his diploma.
and did some research that night on my free Bureau
computer provided internet. I also remembered him eying me quite
closely, and not just out of some kind of paranoia.

"As the years went by, we had been shot, broken, fired,
almost dead. I wrote all about those things in so many
Journals. We won against nonhuman creatures and a
Consortium of rotten people. Now that we are safely and
soundly living a wonderful life with an amazing family,
and I have spilled all my beans, I feel no pressure
anymore. Thank God. Mulder found his half-brother,
Samantha managed to escape her nasty captors and is
doing quite well in Spain as an artist.

"Now I need to tell my husband what was bothering me.

"Write to you tomorrow. Time to make supper for two very
cold, tired men and the whole family we were blessed



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