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Rated: PG

Summary: You never know who you'll find in
the world who looks related to you and the
rest of your biological family.

Spoilers: The episodes from the X-Files after
Melissa was mistaken for Scully and shot to

Category: Angst, Kidfic, Alternate Universe. See
Author's Note at end, please.


Archive: Gossamer, Nursery Files. Anyone else need
only ask nicely. Please, tell me where you took it.

Disclaimers: For the 206th time, Chris Carter, Ten
Thirteen Productions and Fox Studios own all
original characters. Any other family member is
my own creation, and so are any other characters I

SEPTEMBER 15, 2016
11:10 A.M.

As Mulder read through a couple of old files to see if
he could find anything he had missed and Scully was
revising the end of a case file, the phone rang.

"Mulder. Scully, it's for you."

"Scully. Pardon? Okay, just come to our office. We have
no secrets. Certainly. We'll be here. Yes, you too."

"Care to share? Not much else coming our way lately."

"Remember that case years ago when a girl was found on
somebody's doorstep and she looked much like me as a
kid? Then Mom told us Missy tended to roam around a

"Yes, then they thought she could have been yours.
We found Emily who turned out to be yours from *The
Project*. Oh, I'm sorry to bring it up." Mulder
missed her, too. He hated seeing the woman he cared
so much for attending a funeral for her own daughter.

"Child Protection Services found a homeless girl in
Georgetown who was adopted out. She ran away. The
lady who wants to see me, us, says the girl apparently
was borne by my sister. I don't know. Missy hardly
told me, Bill, Charlie or even Mom anything about
where she went or what she did."

Mulder stopped and was silent for a moment. "Do you
think she'd do that?"

"Mulder, she didn't really want to settle down.
Since birth control was out of the question, Missy
wouldn't have wanted us to ever find out. It's
possible she got pregnant. Remember, we weren't
married when William came along."

"I do. Remember, we have a big family now. I guess
we'll have to see this woman and have tests run."

"She'll be here around 2:00. Let's go to lunch."

2:05 P.M.

The two were waiting tensely, going through files
when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," Scully shouted.

"Hello, you must be Agents Scully and Mulder.
I'm Aileen Hunter, C.P.S." She shook their hands.

Scully smiled. "Please, sit down. Coffee?"

"No thanks. I have some pictures to show you." She
opened a manila folder and gave them to both Scully
and Mulder.

Scully was shaking. "This girl resembles me, my
sister Melissa, and my daughters. Would your
agency mind if we ran a few tests?"

"Susan wouldn't mind at 20. She wants to find any
relatives she can. Most adoptees eventually try to
find their relatives these days. This was a closed
adoption. It's usually up to the child, and even if
there is a no contact agreement, usually no problem.
They just want to see if there are health issues,
who they are. By law, she made certain to stand up
for her rights."

"We know," Mulder said. "I know from experience. A
family matter, but I wasn't adopted."

"Just what I was thinking. Maybe if it turns out she
is Melissa's, brother Bill could take her in. He and
Tara only have Matthew and Sarah. Then again, we'll
see." Scully had her doubts about that, even if Tara
tried to put her foot down.

"Okay." He was hoping it wasn't true. Not that he
would have felt sorry for his brother-in-law, and
Maggie Scully would have loved the child, but she
wasn't in any condition to raise her own grandchild.

"Would you like to meet Susan?" the woman offered.
"She could be independent with some help. Could you
be her sponsor"

"We have to do a lot of talking," Mulder stated.
"You okay with this, Scully?"


"The woman looked at the clock. "I have another
client, so we can arrange a meeting. Take care."

"You, too." Mulder held the door and slowly closed

As he sat down both were silent for a few moments,
with no work done.

"We'll likely find out when the testing can be done
by tomorrow, Mulder. This needs to be talked about
in private. The kids..."

"I know. No sense getting them involved until we're
sure about this Susan. Hopefully she's not another
part of *The Project* like Mandy, Alison and Bobby."

"We couldn't save him," Mulder reminded her. "I
thought we were past that by now."

"Mulder, sometimes Emily and Bobby do come to mind.
I believe they're in a better place."

"I know you have the same nightmares I do. Let's
finish things up and call it a day. We can talk
after they agree to the tests. If you're worried,
just talking to me will help."

Scully opened a folder. "Okay. I know there's a
support system in the city. She could still be
visited. About the kids... "

"We should keep it to ourselves for the time being.
Back to work. We'll find out within a day or so,

"I know. You try not to worry as well."

SEPTEMBER 16, 2016
9:15 A.M.

Mulder and Scully already had another assignment
on their hands when the phone rang. "Mulder.
Scully, it's Mrs. Hunter."

"Dana Scully. Yes, I understand. 2:00 today. Thank

"You will be meeting Susan. She's willing to go
for testing at the General."

"Thank you. Have a good day. Anything else?"

"Maybe a family study in a couple of days.
Visitation. She is in college and off for the
day. Need to hang up. An emergency. By the way,
six children. What a handful!"

"Thank you so much. Take care." As she hung up, she
looked at her husband smiling. "Don't worry. We can
tell the kids when we're sure. Something was
mentioned about support services. Very healthy young

"Don't get your hopes up, Scully."

"I'm not."

"Yes, you are. You could be in for a letdown. We don't
want that. Just keep reading, we'll have lunch. Should
we tell Kersh what's up?"

"After it's done, certainly. Tell him I have a
doctor's appointment. Time for an annual check-up

"All right. By the way, prepare for a gruesome case out

"I'm used to it by now, you know that. Remind me to
call Charlie. He's more understanding than Bill."

2:15 P.M.

Traffic had been hectic, and Scully felt on edge. She
headed to the front desk and asked where she could
find genetics testing at the General.

As she headed up to the sixth floor, she knew what
Susan looked like. She recognized the young woman
right away. "Hello. You must be Susan Ellis. My name
is Dana Scully."

"Hi. Are you nervous?" She closed a biology textbook.

"Looks like we both are. You look so familiar. No real
need to be nervous. By the way, I am a doctor, working
for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. You?"

"I want to be a nurse, and I have to say living in a
lodging home is hard sometimes."

Just then, a woman in a lab coat presented herself.
"You must be the women I'm looking for."

"Yes," two two answered in unison.

"Okay, I'll need to see your health coverage papers
before we begin. I'm Dr. Singleton. A nurse will be
out soon. All we need is for you to change into
gowns, and it's really no big deal." She looked at
the papers. "You're a doctor, so you know the

"Very well," Scully responded. "Susan, this could take
a couple of days. Don't worry. Not the testing. The

"So I've been told," Susan added.

A nurse appeared and took them to separate cubicles,
side by side. As they were changing, Scully advised
Susan there would be oral swabs and blood taken with
hair samples included.

It only took an hour.

Scully asked Susan if she'd like a coffee and she

Over coffee, the girl asked if she had had any


"Wow! These days I hear that's rather uncommon. If
the testing comes out true, and I am your sister's
baby, that's a lot of cousins."

"Yes, and a couple of more from my brother whose
name is Bill, after your possible Grandfather.
He passed away several years ago. A sea

"I'm so sorry. I would have loved to have met
him. Too many foster homes."

Scully was amazed. "From what I heard, no

"No. The problem is the system. That's why I want
to be a nurse. I like to help people. By the way,
have you told your family about this?"

"Only my husband," Scully replied. "Oh shoot,
I have to be back at work. I work with my husband.
It was nice to meet you, Susan. Oh, I forgot. You
may have a living Grandmother. We should hear
results in a few days. Take care. Need a ride?"

"That's okay. I have to be home with the owners
around five, and check in with my prof. They're
going to be happy for me if things are true."

"We will be, too. Maybe we can see each other in
a few days," Scully smiled. "Gotta run. Bye."

Scully left the young woman to her coffee and
book, wondering what the coming days would

September 19, 2016

Scully tried to be as patient as possible, but the
children and Mulder saw the edge in her actions.

Susan as well was losing some sleep and not in
much of a mood to study, but it was needed. The
owners of her lodging home knew her situation and
were happy for her, yet worried. It was not the
money, it was the client. These people had a heart,
unlike other owners in the city.

9:50 A.M.

As the Agents were going through the next case
file, the phone rang and Scully jumped.

"I'll get it. Probably Kersh asking why we're here
and not out in the field already. "Mulder."

"You go by your last name?"

"Scully, Mrs. Johnson. Hang onto your hat."

"Don't worry. Hello?" Scully was glowing. "That's
wonderful! Yes, I understand. Thank you. She does?"

The seconds seemed like an eternity to Mulder.

"Of course we can. Thank you again. We'll be
there." She hung up the phone as if she found out
she had a big lottery. "Susan is Missy's little
girl. We can see her this evening and show the
kids Susan Ellis, their long-lost cousin."

"I thought so, judging by the pictures. "Should
we prepare them or surprise them? I called
Jeffery. Should do that again."

"Mulder, after work at the dinner table. They do
have a right to know beforehand. Maybe we can
leave early, after we tell Kersh the good news.
We still have this case."

"I know. The DEA asked for us because they wanted
you for profiling."

"I know. Let's get in touch with them, maybe buy
some time."

4:00 P.M.

As Kersh heard the news about Susan he wasn't
surprised. They were allowed to leave early for
the day as long as they promised to follow the

Susan Ellis has already spread the news to the
couple running the lodging home, and promised to
return by 11:00 P.M. Mulder and Scully drove her
to the house. A neighbor brought James home from
preschool at 4:33, and he and Susan were

"We're really cousins? You look a lot like my

Susan didn't dare hug the boy yet, so she shook
his hand. "You're so cute, James. I babysit for
people sometimes. You look like your Dad."

"That reminds me. Daddy, I painted your picture
today. See?"

"Looks good, James. We can put it up in the

"Maybe," Scully added. "James, put the art shirt
down the stairs. It needs washing. Water paint?"

"Yes, Mommy. Gee, she looks a lot like the girls,

"I know. Shirt now, please. Family meeting at

William was next home and shocked. "Is she..."

"No. Will, meet your cousin Susan, my sister was
her mother."

"Wait until Alison and Mandy come home. They'll
be jealous as heck."

Mulder looked at his firstborn sternly. "Not
necessarily, now that we're out-numbered."

"She staying with us?"

"Don't know yet. Homework. Now. Meg and Samantha
Ann are almost home."

That gave William plenty to think about. Exams
were coming up and he mentioned that to Susan.

"Mine too. Two days exams, twelve days off. Better
get down to the books. I'm in college, too."

Meg and Samantha Ann arrived next and were

"Why didn't you tell us?" asked Meg.

Mulder just hugged the pair. "We just found out. Any
homework? I see the books. Please do it now, and we
have a family meeting at supper. If you aren't done
by then, after the suppertime meeting."

The two girls wanted to play, but decided to go
to their rooms, talk and do the dreaded homework.

Next, of course, Mandy and Alison walked in. "What
a day. The manager is up in arms," Mandy grumbled.

"Mine isn't," Alison argued.

"Calm down, ladies. Meet Susan Ellis. Your cousin."

"Looks like us," Mandy smiled. "Aunt Missy's kid?"

"Yes," Scully replied. "Better behave. Don't worry,
she wants her own place. She's older than Will.

Susan decided to speak up. Nice to meet you. Twins?"

"Long story," Mulder said. "Meg and Samantha are too
young. Tell you soon. Don't worry."

Scully walked into the kitchen. "Time to start

"Need, help?"

"Relax. Guests don't help. So, how do you like the

"I think I feel like I fit in."

"Don't mind the youngest ones. We try hard to make
sure to take care of the sibling rivalry. By the
way, if you're wondering why your uncle and I go by
our last names, it's always been that way. We
seldom call each other Dana and Fox." Mulder felt
he needed to explain that."

"Fox? Usually that's a last name."

"My Dad, who I found out wasn't my real father, gave
me the name. My sister Samantha works in Spain as an
artist. Another long story. Will, Mandy and Alison
already know the story. I'll tell you later. It
might sound like a sci-fi show, but there is a
lot of truth. Your Aunt's bringing tea for us."

"Thanks," Susan said. "Tea granny?"

"Yes, mostly. Back to supper. As a navy daughter, I
make sure to prepare as much as I can. It won't be
long. Just re-heat pork chops or chicken, the
occasional roasts."

"Good idea with a big family and work."

Dinner went quite well, Meg and Sammy Ann were at
odds as usual, Will was fascinated by his cousin's
life story, and Mandy offered Susan to go down to
listen to music with herself and Alison. Mulder said
he and Mom needed some time with Susan, and Alison
and Mandy had to respect that.

7:10 P.M.

The three were alone to talk over coffee as James
played with his toy train. It was best to chat in
the kitchen.

"How do you manage with that big a family?" Susan
had many questions on her mind.

"Mandy and Alison are a great help," Scully
admitted. "They do have their own interests, but
even with their jobs. Mandy was found in Sudbury,
Canada, and Alison is from Austin, Texas."

"They could been twins! What happened?"

"Brace yourself," Mulder warned his newly-found
niece. Have you heard of the first test-tube

"Yes. Louise Brown. I read she's 36 now and has her
biography out. Are they... "

"Sort of, but not quite." Mulder had to wonder if
Susan Ellison would understand the ramifications of
the clones' lives and the experiments, and he and
Scully went through the entire story for an hour.
They told of Emily and Bobby as well, and their fate.

William, and the last three children were
mentioned as being fully human. William had had some
complications, but all was well.

After everything was explained, she told the couple
she understood. "Sounds like things worked out well.
I've read and watched science fiction. So you went
through a lot for everyone, not just the kids."

"Believe it or not, yes." Scully was without any
expression. "It was worth it. We can't tell you
about everything else we work on. Law."

"So, am I real?" the girl wondered.

"Yes," Scully said. "Melissa was not affected at
all by everything else. The testing proved it. How
do you feel about the family?"

"Fascinated. I'd better get back to the house. I
am going to need time to get used to the family,
and I want to meet my Grandmother."

"Of course," Scully softly replied. "And your
Uncle Jeffrey and Aunt Samantha. Bus stop's only
a block away."

"Can I call you tomorrow?"

"Of course." Mulder jotted down the home number
and work number. "Take care this time of night."

Susan grabbed her handbag. "I always do. Good

It wasn't time for hugs and kisses yet.

Susan Ellis went back to her home with plenty to
think about. Wondering what life with them would be
like, who her biological father was and if anybody
knew, how she would fit into their lives. What would
she tell or choose to tell her host family.

Meanwhile, as Mulder and Scully retired for the night,
they were wondering the same things.

"Remember, Scully, we need to focus on the case in
Los Angeles," Mulder said, as he slipped under the

"Hopefully we can make it quick. Well, since both William
and Susan have time coming in a few days, perhaps Susan
can help us out a bit."


"Since she is older, maybe she could look after the kids
when we're on the case."

"I don't know. We should see what the people she lives
with have to say."

"It's not as if they own her. She is subsidised, but
basically ready to move out, and does have part-time
baby sitting. I think we could pay her if she agrees.
Lights off? I'm tired."

"You bet."

They kissed good night.


*Here we go again*, Scully thought, *another slide

"Here we go. The suspects: John Pressman, Fernando
Valdez, Antonio Sanchez. Los Angeles. Convicted in
2003, sent away seven years. Apparently, they're
back in business with opiods, Ecstasy, hashish.
20 overdoses within the past six months. Most
victims in their teens, a few middle-aged men
and women. Easily recognizable."

"When do we go?"

"Five days from today." Mulder opened a file as the
phone rang. "Mulder."

"Hi, it's Susan. Just calling to thank you for

"You're very welcome. Want to talk to your Aunt?"


"Hi, Susan. So, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine. Two more days until exams, then time off.
I hope William is studying hard. I am."

"He'll do well, you do the same. Can your uncle and I
ask a favor?" Scully didn't want to put a burden on
her niece, but it would be good for the family.

"Sure. What can I do for you?"

"In a few days, we need to leave town for about four
days. Would you mind staying at the house to watch
your cousins? We can pay you if you just cook, a bit
of cleaning and seeing the younger ones off to
school. A neighbor often does us a favor and takes
James to preschool and picks him up late afternoon.

"I suppose so. Mr. and Mrs. Jones probably won't mind."

"You can have the master bedroom. Mandy and Alison do
work, but they are quite helpful. I can stock up on
food. Don't worry. Just keep your mind on your exams
for now. Good luck. See you in four days."
Mulder wondered how well it would go.

"Don't worry, Mulder. Everything should run smoothly.
We can give her our contact numbers."

"Are you sure, Scully?"

"She's a Scully. I am sure. We should see Kersh soon."

"Let's do it now."

As the two entered the elevator, Mulder had to ask

"Don't worry. We'll ask her not to bring friends. It's
a family thing. Mom could still be a back up contact.
And yes, I called Charlie. He wants to meet his niece.
Bill and Tara, too."

"Okay. Our floor."

The day had come for Susan to arrive. She had packed, as
her aunt and uncle had. She was handed their contact
numbers, and Maggie Scully was on standby. She wanted to
meet her granddaughter anyway.

10:13 A.M.

After Mulder and Scully took a room, they met with three
DEA agents and were briefed.

"Thanks," Agent Morton, Agent Sykes, Agent Alvarez.
Mulder wondered where he and Scully would do the

Sykes told them it would be at Zelby's Casino, and both
were given kevlar jackets. As they peered out of an
abandoned apartment building and ate fried chicken,
Scully was about to pick up the phone. "Time to see
about home."

"Scully, look. There they are outside."

"Yes. I'd bet those backpacks don't have clothes, cards
or poker chips."

Morton, Sykes and Alvarez were in a van close by. Sykes
radioed Mulder. "A deal going down. All three of them.
Got this on video. Let's move in now!"

The three were easily arrested and apprehended.

"That was fast," Scully admitted, removing the kevlar.

After meeting with the local P.D. tomorrow, I guess we
can go home."

"Well, maybe we could go downtown tonight."

Scully just glared at him and sat beside the phone.

"Go ahead, Auntie Mom. I'll finish the fries."

"Hi. Susan, good news, we should be home later
tomorrow. Everything okay?"

"Well, Samantha Ann and Meg fought over a video, but
I turned it off."

"Good. Anything else?"

"Will had to run to the store for milk. Don't worry.
Oh, I hope you don't mind, but I ran some laundry
today. Mandy and Alison are great with helping me
learn how to run the machines. Enjoy. Gotta go."

"Well?" Mulder inquired.

"No worries at all. Now that we're nearly done here,
let's see a movie or something." Scully ran a brush
through her hair.

"That's a date." Mulder walked into the bathroom to
wash up. "Huge tub. Bubble bath tonight for two?"

"Why not? Umm, maybe we can let our niece stay a
few days with us. Tara mentioned something
about Bill coming back to land tomorrow."

"Oh. Guess they wouldn't mind a hotel with the kids."

"Already taken care of. Date, time. Get your jacket."

"Yeah. I promise to behave myself again."

"You'd better. Mom's stopping in, too. For a day."


Author's Note: Inspired by the Mulderscreek Plot
Generator. Theme: Scully Finds Out Missy Had
a Child (but nobody knew about it).

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