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Title: Then Let's Go Back

Author: Pattie

Rated: G

Category: Post-IWTB vignette.

Feedback: Good or bad sure helps a lot.

Archive: Gossamer. Anyone else ask first, please.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters of The X-Files.
Everyone who reads these stories knows who do. No
Money is made from this hobby.


Mulder wasn't so sure he should say it, but he did. "You
know, if you cut your hair, you wouldn't lose me. Drano is
getting kind of pricey these days."

Scully smirked. "You love it, this way, Mulder."

"Well, I loved you long before it was long." He tenderly
kissed her. "So, any surgeries today?"

"No. I do know you are looking at paranormal clippings again,
and you just can't stop. why?"

"It's me."

"The you I grew to love. If you eat one more bagel with
that Phillie Cheese, you will get a heart attack."

"Aww. If I see you drink one more green tea, I sure will!"
he shot back with a grin.

"Not funny. Pass me that stupid tabloid. I want to see what
you are up to."

"Well over six feet, so don't tease me. Walter says I can
come back, you know."

"Oh no. I know what YOU are thinking, and I don't want to do
THAT all over again. It's too sad and dark." Scully stared off
into space. "I am better off being a doctor. You know who we had
to give up and why. She returned the tabloid, finishing her tea.

Mulder frowned. "You were the greatest Fibbie partner I ever
had. We were forgiven."

Scully sipped her tea. "IF we went back, who would be on our
tails again? Think about it."

"I have. I'm not scared, Scully. You're not, either." He
handed her the tabloid. "I know this has been a lot of bull
through the years, caused us pain, but we apprehended some
really bad people and had a great record. I am still all for law

"I would really have to think about it," Scully replied sadly,
memories creeping into her mind. "It's about time I did the
carpets. See you in a bit."

"Okay, Don't work too hard."

As she sat on the john, getting rid of some of the tea pee,
she threw a tabloid from the back of the tank into the trash bin.
Thoughts emerged of the successes and the tragedies. Still,
she would have followed him anywhere, and did. Remembering
the cancer ordeal and her sister's death had put her through
many nightmares. Rescuing Mulder several times and especially
last time. Donnie Pfaster twice had tried to kill her.

The carpeting awaited, so that was her first issue. As she made
her way through the house, thoughts of the terrors and the
victories crept into her mind. She had to give up a baby to keep
him safe, yet he had been made of love. Her lover had gone
through hell with Father Joseph's visions and what they had
led him to.

Perhaps it was time to give a second thought to the things
they had chosen. If there was an invitation back, why not? If
she was welcome back as well, there were always medical
purposes beyond just teaching and operations.

That night, she had finally made her decision. She turned to
sleeping darling and murmured, "Let's go back, but only with
both of us."

He turned and grinned, "I knew I could count on you, whatever
the future holds for us. If we're not going back there, we
still have things to do and a lot of it." Mulder wasn't going
to change his mind or yearnings, and Scully knew it.

"I've got your back," she softly whispered.


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