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Title: Why is My Middle Name Ellen?

Author: Pattie

Spoiler(s): None from Chris Carter's
series. Oh well. Sometimes one needs
to be original.

Rated: G

Category: Stand Alone, Kidfic, AU

Summary: Most Christian children have
middle names, and Meg is as curious as
any other child.

Feedback: Much appreciated with hugs.

Archive: Gossamer, The Nursery Files. Anyone
else, please ask nicely.

Disclaimers: Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen
Productions and Fox Studios own Mulder,
Scully, Maggie Scully and William. The
rest of the family are too: Bill, Tara
Matthew and his sibling. Anyone else who
appears is mine.


DECEMBER 23, 2009

It was hard to believe that Meg was turning
five. All the hustle and bustle of Christmas
shopping, arrangements for Christmas dinner,
and trying to think of something to choose
a birthday present for the girl were stressful
to the family. To top it off, Samantha Ann
was jealous, and William, unusually was
trying his hardest to study math. He had
managed quite well until he skipped a few
classes, and his mother had given him a stern
lecture about that. They made peace, at least.
Mulder made sure of that.

School was out for two weeks for Will and the
birthday girl, and Mulder and Scully as well.
Samantha Ann was allowed time away from pre-
school. Mulder had found her easy to handle
as Scully was still hunting for presents and
planning for Bill, Tara, little Matthew and
the family dinner. Of course, Mandy and Alison
were quite busy working overtime for who they
referred to as "the whole darn city" in
separate department stores.

After breakfast was over, Mulder wanted to go
over a few files. Will planned on meeting two
friends to make money shovelling snow.

It was going to Meg and Daddy time while Mom
did some last minute errands. Well, at least
Meg blocked her on the way out the door.

"What's up, honey? We're out of a few things
and I have a lot of food to buy and other

"I have a question, Mommy. Why is my middle
name Ellen?"

"Can this wait? It's snowy and the stores and
roads are going to take time."

Meg could be stubborn sometimes and refused
to yield.

"C'mon. Please?"

"Okay, but I really wanna know. After lunch?"

"Sure." Scully tied her scarf and kissed the
girl and her sister, as well as Mulder. "I
should be back by noon."

"Don't worry," Mulder softly replied. "Drive
carefully. You know I can cook."

"Yeah," the woman snickered and was gone.

By the time she returned, she was surprised
that lunch was actually on the table, and a
nutritious one at that.

As she busily stocked the shelves and managed
to sneak a few last minute packages into
hiding without Meg seeing, she sat down at the
table. "Just like five years ago, Mulder. The
roads are a mess."

"Well, for the first time in years, your loving
husband got ahead of the game."

That brought a smile to Scully's face. "There's
a first time for everything!"

"Uh oh, here comes Meg."

"Mom, I really wanna know... "

"Okay. After lunch. Don't give me a hard time.
Let's just sit down and eat. After, lunch,
please and thank you."

"All right."

Mulder smiled. "Don't look at me. She's been
after me, too."


The three sat in the living room and got down to

Mulder began."You know you were born before Christmas,

"Yes, Daddy, and I know you brought me into the

"Okay." Scully was glowing with pride. "I gave you
Ellen as a middle name for two reasons."

"Because I was almost born on Jesus' birthday?"

"Well, not exactly. I went to school with a girl
with that name, and it seemed to make sense. You
see, people's names sometimes have meanings.
Many people name babies after relatives or friends.
My Mom's name is Margaret, and Meg is short form
for that. Someone gave me a baby name book for
the baby shower when I was expecting you. After
you were born, your Daddy and I decided Ellen
suited you."

"And it did," Mulder added. "You see, it means
light or bright. You'll learn other things about
someone named Helen in high school Greek History."

"Like what, Daddy?" Little girl Meg's eyes were
sparkling now.

Scully hugged the girl tightly. "You'll see,
That's enough learning for now."


"Well, since it's stopped snowing now, you can
put on your boots, coat, hat and mittens and play
in the snow. Only three inches."

"Yay! Can Daddy help me build a snowman?"

Mulder laughed. "Hey, Mommy, wanna come out too?"

"I think I'll pass and watch the kids play. You
must have done that as a kid."

"Can't remember."

"Yes, you do. Have some fun. You are a kid at
heart and I know it!"


Author's Note: Helen, also known A "Helen of Troy",
was a Greek mythological woman, daughter of Greek god
Zeus and Goddess Leda. Her kidnapping by Paris was the
cause of the Trojan war.

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