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Title: My Cousin Needs Another Dog

Author: Pattie

Rated: G, Kidfic (not really), AU.

Summary: Since William misses Sailor, his
cousin fills in the gap. Guess how?
After you read the story, it is in the
Author's Note at the end. (Yes, research
time again. Cat lover, though.)

Spoiler: Sequel to "Can't Sleep" from the
Title Generator. Mulder made me do it. No
mention of "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose"
or Queequeq, but what the heck, Doggie "Q".
There, only once. Okay, twice. As well, for
those who do not dig the guy, WARNING: Bill
Scully. I will make them play nicely.
Promise. See Author's Note at end. I did my


Archive: Gossamer. Anyone else, I send to my
favorite places. You should be nice enough to

Disclaimer: Chris Carter, 1013 and Fox Studios
own the original X-Files and characters, but I
loved them so much I gave them a family. HAH!

Mulder arrived home one evening to find
the mailbox stuffed. "Scully, you'd think
Alison and Mandy would have grabbed it."

"Maybe they're late from work. I know Will has
a night class, so he's eating out and home
around 10."

"Let's see, junk, junk, your Mom, oh no...
Bill and Tara."

"Hey, you promised to be nice to my
brother. Let's get inside. I have to make
supper and Barb Cranston promised to
pick up James from pre-school. There's
her car. You take the mail and I'll
greet James."

*Bill*, Mulder grumbled as he un-locked
the door. *Hope they won't visit. We may
have room, but what a pain in the... "

"Hey kiddo. Have a good day?"

"Yes, Daddy. We saw a movie about whales.
It was fun until I fell asleep."

"That's okay. Just go wash up."

"Aww... okay."

Scully had to smile, as she was handed the
letter. "Don't worry, I'll read it after we
eat. Don't want to scare you."

"Hah! Hopefully some family crisis."

"Knock it off! You're as funny as poison

"And you love it. I'll put some tea on for
you if you don't mention your brother's

"Thanks. I'll mention it later." The woman
loved her big brother and was proud that he
had followed in their father's footsteps.
At least brother Charlie occasionally
contacted their mother, even though
he disengaged himself from the family
and followed in their father's footsteps
but seldom came back to America.

"I'll take care of your tea. You're as
tired as I am."

After supper, Scully greeted Mandy and
Alison around 7:00 and served them
coffee. The girls were dog tired and wanted
to relax and listen to some music.

"Wait just a minute. I saved supper for
you. You know how to use the microwave,
and I know too well you stopped to go
mall crawling."

The girls agreed thay had window shopped
and re-heated dinner before heading to
'Girl Headquarters.'

It wasn't bedtime for James, so he was
allowed to watch a family movie in the

Scully and Mulder sipped some coffee as
Mulder read the evening paper, and Scully
opened the letter.

"Mulder. Take a deep breath."

"Why? Let me guess, they are expecting another
sibling. Well, if they are, that makes three,
but we have them outnumbered."

"No, Mulder. Bill's on leave, so after they visit
Mom... be prepared to see the family on our
doorstep in two days. Matthew has permission
to take a break from school as he has A's and

"That's okay," the man snickered. "There's so
much work at the office I can sleep there. Maybe
surprise you by actually cleaning, much as I love

"Earth to Mulder! Grow up. Matthew likes Uncle
Fox and his wonderful cousins. You can still go
to the office, but you will come home to sleep, be
nice, and you can't clean worth a... I can't say it
right now. If James weren't in the room, I
most likely would. Family is family, Samantha is
alive. I treat her as a sister."

"Good point," the man moaned. "Okay, I promise to
be on my best behavior to some extent."

"To the fullest extent. Time for James to bathe
and go to bed. Will would love to see Matthew.
They have a lot in common."

"Red hair and brains, just like the girls. At
least James has my hair."

"Wipe that grimace off your face. James! Time
for your bath and bed." As she escorted her
son to his room to gather his pajamas, her
husband tried to read the news, but found
it hard. *Well, at least I set him straight
the last time*, he thought.

10:20 a.m.

Tara, Bill, Matthew and the toddler in her
Sunday best were greeted with hugs and kisses
by Scully and a pretensive smile from Mulder.

"Mulder, please help them with the luggage."

"Sure." What a dull look he gave her.

Both Bill Scully and Mulder tried their best
to be nice to each other.

"Tara, you look great. Matthew, you've grown
so much!"

"Thank you, Auntie Dana. Where's Will?"

"College, James is at pre-school and the girls
are at work. Samantha Ann and Meg are at
school. I have everything ready for you, and
you can sleep with Will."

"Good! Oh, Grandma told me about the poodle."

"Sometimes things don't turn out the way we
want them to."

Tara patted her son on the shoulder. "Do you
have to go to the bathroom?"

"No, Mom. I went on the plane. Please don't
treat me like I'm four when I'm sixteen in
front of the family!"

"Okay. Your sister may need changing. I'll find
a bathroom. Stay with everybody. We won't be

Tara was amazed with what had been done with
the new house in Washington. "Great job, Dana!"

"Thanks. Matthew is welcome in William's room,
and I kept the crib for the baby, nice and clean
and ready. There's plenty of room beside the old
nursery since we settled Mulder's parents'
estates, so the place is affordable. I'm still
working part time."

"We'll be fine, Dana. I'll feed Sarah and put
her down for a nap."

"Okay. I'll start lunch."

"Bill promised me no acting up. He learned his
lesson the last time."

"Yeah," Scully smiled. "I heard the whole thing
and the look on Bill's face... wish I had a

"Bet it was precious! Okay, I need to warm up a
sippy cup. Sarah still likes her milk warm."

Two bedraggled men walked into the house.

"Two more loads," Mulder muttered.

"You man enough... "

"Hey," Tara said sternly, "You promised me."

"Yes, dear. We're doing it. C'mon, Mr. Fibbie."

Matthew had tried to help the two, but quit,
plopping himself on the floor.

Tara turned from the stove. "Up, young man.
You're big enough to unpack. Auntie Dana
will show you Will's room."

"Good! He's my favorite cousin. Let's go."
He grabbed his bags and followed his aunt to
the room. He managed to grab nightime
essentials and quickly returned.

Mulder and Bill set the last of the luggage
on the livingroom floor as Tara fed little

"We can unpack after, Bill. Sit down
and relax."

The two men sat at the kitchen and no words
were exchanged while Scully made sandwiches.

Mulder decided to break the ice. "We could
take Matthew to the park after lunch. Maybe
shoot a few baskets?"

That stunned Bill Scully a bit. "Why not?"

They were getting along. Good.

"Basketball! Sure!" Matthew took a seat at
the table.

Sarah was taken to the nursery and Tara
returned shortly. "I'll help with the
tea, Dana."

"Already on. Relax. You must be tired."
As she sliced the sandwiches she
whispered to her sister-in-law, "So far
so good."

"I hope so," the woman whispered back,

"Okay, lunch is now being served. You can
both unpack later."

*The park should be interesting,* Scully

When the three had returned, Bill
bragged about out-shooting his brother-

Mulder agreed. His wife shot him a
stunned look.

Tara put food and refreshments on the
table. Of course, milk for the growing
boy. When Scully shot her a look, she was
told, "Common courtesy, Dana. Even if
we're visitors, you have a lot of things
with a big family."

"Boy, am I ever still hungry," Matthew

"Juice and crackers," his mother said to
son. "No more."


Scully donned a jacket. "I won't be long.
Time to get James home. Please, try to keep
the big kids out of trouble."

"We're being good!" Mulder shot back.

Scully just shook her head and left the

James was happy to see his aunt, uncle and
cousin. "Wait till William gets home! Hi,
everybody!" He ran straight into Bill's

*Oh, brother,* Mulder thought.

Mandy and Alison came home early.

"Slow day," Alison reported.

Their mother smiled. "I saw that as I passed
the stores. Could you please help your aunt
and uncle unpack?"

"Sure," Mandy replied.

"Be quite about it," Scully warned them. "Sarah
is still napping."

Then came a cry. Tara ran up to the nursery.
"Wait until you see her."

Soon, Will came home dragging his feet with
plenty of homework. "Matthew! Is he in with
me, Dad?"


"We have a lot to catch up on, but don't worry,
I can still do my homework."

"You'd better," Mulder advised his son.
"This is your first year." Yes, at the
age of fifteen.

"C'mon, Matt, I got a new video!"

"After homework," Dad warned him.

"Saved by the bell!" Mandy exclaimed.

"Mind you manners," Scully warned her.
"We do have company."


"All done," Matthew declared.

"Okay. Just one more paragraph." Will
finished an essay and turned off his
laptop. "I am off tomorrow. Want to go
out tomorrow? It's Saturday."

"Sure. Where?"

"Time off from the parents. Maybe I'll show
you around the city." Well, Will could only
offer. "I know! The mall!"

"Sure! I saved some money. Sixteenth birthday
plus odd jobs."

"So did I. I try as much as I can. Let's tell
the folks goodnight and hit the hay. We're
both tired."

10:15 a.m.

William and Matthew announced their plans and
were permitted time to go out on the town.

Tara beat them to the door. "Could you both
kindly be home at the most by one?"

"Sure," Matthew replied, and kissed his
mother. *Gee, I hate being treated like a

William was thinking the same thing.

As they walked down the street, Will turned
to his cousin. "Hey, there's a mall about
two blocks away. Sports stores, magazines,
almost anything you want. All kinds of sodas
and snacks."

"And girls!" Adolescent exuberance.

"You bet! But I don't want 'em to get in my
way just yet."

*Hmm,* Matthew thought. *Naw, I saw his
reaction to that black-haired chic.* The
guy had eyed girls. Will was a red-blooded

As the two entered the door, Matthew had
seen malls in San Diego, but this one did
not compare. As they passed by the sports
shop, he remarked, "So this is where
your Dad gets the shirts and balls?"

"Yeah. Look at the news stand. You can
read up on home."

Matthew chose a San Diego newspaper.

They kept passing by ladies' fashion
stores such as Filene's, men's wear
shops, a couple of cafes, then Will's
cousin's eyes were agape.

"A pet store! Let's check out the
rabbits, cats, reptiles, and dogs. Oh,
sorry, Will."

The kid patted his cousin's back. "I'm
fine. It was hard, but Sailor has a good
home with a nice elderly couple near us.
I see them walking him sometimes."

Matthew looked at Will for a moment, then
a few puppies. "Oh, a red setter!"

"From what I read, Matt, they need a lot
of room and exercise. Nobody at home has
the time. Don't think about it, let's go
have a coffee and donuts and go home."

"Yeah, almost one." The wheels were
turning in the youngster's head, but Will
couldn't see that. He had to admit to
himself he missed Sailor, noisy as he had
been, somewhat sadly.


The two were sitting in William's room
watching a video.

"Cool. Mom and Dad won't let me watch the
action movies since I punched some idiot
stick at school," Matthew grumbled.

"With me you can," Will told his favorite

"Mandy and Alison look like twins."

"Yeah, long story. Kind of weird."

"My Dad thinks your Dad is weird."

"I know. I really wish they'd just
bury the hatchet." Was that a frown
Matthew saw? "Oooo... look!"

After the video was done, they tried
peeking into to elder girls' room, but
they were fast asleep, under the

"Nothing to see here," Matthew snickered.

"Upstairs, Matt, I'm hungry."

The adults were in the living room with
coffee and conversing about their jobs,
childraising and politics. At least Bill
and Mulder were calm and cool.

"May we please have a snack?" William

"Sure," Scully replied. "Cocoa and
peanut butter sandwiches. Then bed. We
have church tomorrow."

"Why? Can't we miss it?" That was
Matthew. He disliked having to wear a suit.
"We're on vacation."

"You know why," Tara retorted. "It's a
family thing."

"But the stores are open Sundays now, and I
wanted to go..."

"I mean it. You can go later. By the way,
it wasn't that way when your aunt, father
and I were younger. Get your suit ready
before bed, and don't pull attitude on me.
We are going."

Will advised his cousin to agree, and
wished sometimes his father would do the
same, but he never did.

"All right, then. How about a snack?"

"Coming up, just sit down," Scully told
them. She wished Mulder would join the
family at church someday.

"Be up at 7:00", Scully advised them.
"Mandy and Alison go through a lot of
hot water."

7:00 a.m.

"You first," Will told Matt. "Dad sleeps
in Sundays, and I want to check the news."

"Lucky. Three bathrooms."

"Just go. I'll get my suit out. I don't
like dressing up much either, but go to
school in one anyhow."


With his parents' permission, Matthew had
changed into tee shirt and jeans and went to
the mall. Will and Mulder went to shoot

Matthew easily found the pet shop and saw
what he wanted. He had heard about the
problems involving toys poodles and had done
some research on dog breeds. He decided on
a male beagle, and put money on the counter,
asking the cashier to hold the dog for a
day. He signed a piece of paper to make sure
of that.


Since family was visiting, Scully remained
home as Mulder went to the Bureau. "No
strange cases," she whispered as she kissed

Mulder smiled. "Spoiled sport. Probably a
short day. Bye."

*Thank God he's gone,* Bill mused.

Mandy and Alison left shortly thereafter.

Matthew decided to talk over his plans for
the day with Tara and Bill in the privacy of
the guest room. Sarah wouldn't have known
what they were saying.

His parents were already dressed and had had
breakfast, as did everyone else. He politely
knocked on the door as Bill tickled Sarah.

"Come in," Tara said, happily watching her
husband with the toddler.

"Mom, Dad, I have an idea that might make Will
feel better about things."

"All ears," Bill said. "Your Mom and I see he
looks down. What is your idea? Signing him
up for the Navy?"

Matthew laughed. "No, Dad. He's a bit young for
that and wants to have a different career. Don't
worry, not the FBI either. I think we'll have to
run this past Aunt Dana and Uncle Fox."

Tara smiled. "Go on."

"I read up a bit, and saw a beagle at the pet
store yesterday. I know they make a better pet than
the toy poodle, but with plenty of attention and
exercise... "

"Have the money?" Bill inquired.

"They're holding him. I have enough and made a
down payment."

"Talk it over with your Aunt and maybe she can go
through this with your Uncle. Don't tell Will yet
because getting his hopes up for a let down would
do more harm than good. I'll take your sister out
for a walk and Will can come with us."

"Yes, I know. I'll do that. Thank you."

"I know you need a few things for Sarah, so I'll be
out for a while." Bill took his wallet and kissed
Sarah and Tara. "I'm off."

"Bye, dear."

As the man left, Tara thought it wise to help out
with their laundry, and once the offer was made
and accepted, Matthew had his sister and Aunt to

Samantha Ann and Meg were in the playroom and
behaving themselves.

Scully was already folding laundry.

"Auntie Dana?"


"Can I talk to you about something?"

"Sure. Everything okay between you and William?"

"Yes. I have a question, and I hope you won't

"Shoot. I'm finished for now. What is it?"

"Something you'll need to talk over with Uncle

The woman hesitated a bit. "What is it?"

"Well, it looks like Will is sort of depressed
over having to give away Sailor."

"Matthew, we are dealing with it."

"Well, I know a lot of families who have pets.
Uncle Fox has his fish, right?"

"Ever since I've known him. So?"

"Will needs a pet. I saw this beagle in the pet
store yesterday and I read that book about dogs
you gave him. A beagle is a good choice. I found
a book about them at a book store by Michele Welton,
and as long as they have plenty of room for exercise
and are well trained... "

Scully stopped the guy in his tracks. "We
went through enough with Sailor. I don't think
your Uncle is going to be happy having to deal
with another dog right now."

"Well, I already put money down on one, and I
would hate to see it gone without giving things
a chance. This is a gift from me to William."

"I need to run this past your uncle, Matt. I
guess today. Let me call the office. Things are
slow enough. We'll see. We know a good
obedience school. Give me some time, okay?"

The youngster smiled broadly. "Hopefully this
will happen. I have to tell the pet store."

"All right. You go there, and I will try. I
promise." *Hopefully*, she thought,
remembering Queequeg and the incident with
Big Blue. What a tragedy.

"Great! Thanks Auntie Dana. I'd better go
now." He kissed her and ran out the door, then
turned around. Oh, did you keep the old crate?"

"Yes. Just in case, and because your Uncle
hates throwing anything out. Go on."

Matthew was pleased that the manager had been
honest enough to hold the dog and agreed for
another day or two.

An hour later, Scully slowly dialed Mulder.

"Mulder. Hang on. Not now. I don't take on
every oddball tip that comes my way. Shoo!"

"What was that all about?"

"Some kid saying he heard what I do for a
living and said he saw a flying saucer in
his backyard."

"Oh. We need to talk."

"Let me guess: Plugged toilet, all the chocolate
chip cookies went missing?"

She laughed. "Not exactly. I can take care of
things like that easily."

"Then what?"

"I don't know how to put it, Mulder. Matthew
wants to buy another dog for Will."

The poor man was stunned. "No way."

"Yes way. He did his research very well, we do
still have Sailor's crate. You know how Will's
been looking lately."

"I understand that. It takes time."

"He's holding a beagle at the pet store on a
down payment."

"Okay, maybe... we'll see. Well, uh... a beagle
is bright, good with kids. Let me think about it."

"I'll tell him that. He promised not to get our
son's hopes up."

"Good. Oh, I'm late for a meeting upstairs. Love
to all as usual."

"Even Bill?"

Click. *Maybe someday...* Scully thought.

After supper, with the older girls downstairs,
the younger two in the playroom and Will
studying, Mulder, Scully, Bill, Tara and
Matthew sat around the table kitchen table
sipping coffee.

Mulder was first to speak. "I don't know.
This is a big undertaking, Matthew."

Before the boy could speak, Bill stepped
in. "Hey, he does love his cousin." *Gotta
be polite for Dana's sake*, he reminded

"I'm proud of you," his wife smiled.

Scully placed tea biscuits on the table. "I
think Mandy and Alison will be back from the
movie soon. I'd like to see Will in a better
mood. Maybe we can do this."

"That's why I want to do this."

"Okay. It would be worth it."

Scully's face lit up and she kissed her

Bill was about to mutter something, but was
stared down by Tara.

"So, can I get the dog tomorrow?"

"Yes," Scully replied. "I'll give you some
money for the food. Find out what's best,
and we can surprise Will tomorrow afternoon."

The next day, William, Matthew and both men
took the dog from the store, fed him, and
talked for a few hours.

the visiting Scully's would leave two days
later, obedience school had an opening, and
Mulder and everyone did sleep that night.

William decided on the name "Lucky" and thanked
God and his parents.

As Mulder and Scully retired for the night, the
man whispered to his wife, "Since our son was
a miracle, someday I will believe in them as much
as you do."

"A real miracle would be to see you in church
one day," Scully snuggled in and smiled.

"You'd need a miracle for THAT!"

"Oh, shut up and kiss me, Mulder."


Author's Note: My research came from
Beagle Temperament, Personality, Behavior,
Traits, and Characteristics by Michele
Welton. Copyright 2000-2015

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