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Title: Beliefs Connected

Author: Pattie

Rated: PG

Category: Post-Ep., Missing Scene.

Spoiler: Revelations.

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Disclaimer: Mulder and Scully are reportedly
owned by Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen, and Fox
Television. All other characters belong to the
writers. God and the other guy certainly are not
owned by anyone but Himself. No money earned,
and no money earned, and no copyright
infringement intended.

Moon Glow Motel,
Loveland, Ohio.

After Scully had gone to the priest with her questions and
fears, she drove back to the motel to pack for the long trip
home. As she was packing, she was seeing Kevin Kryder nearly
falling into the paper shredder at the recycling plant, and the
horrific mess of blood and paper that resulted from Gates
falling prey to its mighty blades. A chill ran through her
body. Had she killed a demon?

Mulder opened her door without knocking and startled her when he
spoke. "You all right, Scully?"

"Umm, yeah. Thanks for asking. I'm fine. Are you ready to go?"

"You jumped just now. You're certain you're all right? I mean,
this case, your beliefs... Gates."

She shut her suitcase and placed it next to her overnight bag
on the bed. "My beliefs? Mulder, sit down, please." Her tone
had been calmer, her words more carefully chosen. "Please,
sit down."

They sat on the edge of the bed. "If it's that Gates guy, don't
give him any compassion. He was about to shred a kid."

"Mulder? Did you ever believe in something very deeply, and
then at some point your belief went into the background? As if
everything had to be tangible?"

"Well, for a while I believed in my Dad. He pretty much proved
to me that I couldn't depend on him. Then, at the end, I felt
that I was beginning to believe. Until... well, I wanted to
think he'd done the right things. I wanted him to tell me why and
for whom. Why?"

Scully ran her hand along the bedspread mindlessly, almost
adrift in her thoughts. A couple of minutes passed. "When
I was a child, I believed in God, in His love and His mercy
without question. Then, I went off to medical school. I was
so filled with science that I began to think of Mass, prayer
and even confession as nothing but routine ritual. I even
stopped going at all for six years, until today."

Mulder felt for her. "I'm sorry, Scully. I just assumed that...
that you believed. Without question."

"I think I..." She was staring at her feet, her eyes out of
focus. "I think I killed one of the devil's assistants, Mulder.
And I know you don't believe, but I think I'm getting a sign
that I should believe. I told the priest that I saw something
unbelievable, and asked why you hadn't seen it. He said maybe
I was meant to see it."

"So, do you believe that?"

"I don't know. I don't know, but I am starting to feel as
though I should. Maybe some day I will know. When everything
has come full circle. Let's just get out of here, okay?"

"I certainly want to get out of here." Let's go." Mulder
was on his way out the door when Scully, still sitting on the
bed called out to him.



"Maybe some day what you believed in, you'll believe in again.
Maybe they're somehow not so far apart. Maybe they're connected
in some way."

"You want to believe, but I'm going to need a lot more
convincing. Coming?"

Scully rose and grabbed her bags. "Lead the way."


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