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William asks his father a touchy question in light of the strange things Mulder's been through!

Category: Kidfic, Alternate Universe, MSR and their family.
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Archive: Freely with my permission, definitely
Gossamer and The Nursery Files. 

Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully and William belong to Chris Carter,
Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox Studios. The other characters
are mine.
Author's Note: It's so cold here, I'd even wecome flames right
One of the most rewarding things of parenthood is taking
the opportunity to spend mother/daughter or father/son time
just walking through a mall, the woods, or even just
talking together at home with just the two of you and
whether it's about school, questions about why the sky
is blue, or the little things in life that you can share.
There was a day when Mulder and William were walking through
a park in Alexandria.  Just the two of them sharing silent
moments or shooting the breeze. It could even be marvelling
at the beauty of a bird's nest with mother and newly
hatched fledglings while father bird looked on.
They'd often take time out for these things.
That day, William posed a question that Mulder had
never dreamed anyone would ask: "Dad, when are you going
to write your memoirs?"
Mulder smiled. "What brought that up?"
"Well, a lot of people who are famous do it, and I think
even regular people who just want to tell the stories of
their lives think about it, too. So?"
"Will, if anyone read memoirs of my life, they wouldn't
believe the things that have happened to me, and either
laugh or make a fantasy movie that no one would believe."
Trying to change the subject, he pointed to an old tom cat
walking through the park, arthritic, a little slower than
most cats, and just wandering around until he decided to
go home to his 'family.' "Oh look, it's the Johnstons' cat!"
"Dad, Old Sparky often goes into our backyard, and you
know he lets us pet him. So, what about writing your
life's story?"
Oh boy, if only William knew the whole story. "Oh, I'm a bit
young to do that. Let's go find a popcorn vendor."
"Daaaad..." William sounded just like his mother at that point.
"You know, some people make good money writing about their
life experiences. Please stop changing the subject!"
"Oh, it's all so boring." Okay. So he was lying. If
William or any of the other children read what had
happened to him as a child, profiler, and FBI
Agent and some of the things Scully had been through
with him, it would truly read like a horror story.
Either that or remarkable science fiction. Now
what should he do? Say he's going to call his
book 'Diary Of A Mad Paranormal Specialist?'The one whose
child had to be adopted out for everyone's safety? Tell
the sordid truth about his real father, the conspiracy,
abductions of his parents, not to mention the many
dangerous cases and William's origins? The origins
of Alison and Mandy? Emily? "Let's get back home. You
know your mother and sisters are making cookies, and we

ALL know who loves them the most."
"Me. Gee, I thought we were going for popcorn and
planning your memoirs." He had Mulder's pout.
Mulder thought it over, noticed his son wasn't happy at
all with him, so he decided on a plan. "Tell you what,
I could write about a couple of FBI Agents and their
adventures, how their family came about, and change the
"Well, you have to think up a very good name for yourself
and Mom, and the rest of us."
"Deal. Now, about those cookies... "
So they strode home.
After bedtime, Mulder told Scully what their son wanted
him to do.
"Well, he's been learning about famous political figures
and famous statesmen in school, and he thinks you're
special enough for that, Mulder. We have a very smart son.
He takes after his father."
"With his mother's attitude, at times. If the things we went
through ever found their way to the kids, the fallout
would just be unbearable. So, the names will be changed... "
"To protect the innocent. Some day, they will have to
know a few of the truths. We've already been through that
with Mandy and Alison."
"I know," Mulder responded. "I just feel some things
are better left alone, Scully."
Scully put out a plate of cookies for herself and Mulder
and thought, 'Yes. My husband's already my Superhero.'
"Okay, Secret Agent Man. Eat your cookies and then it's
bedtime for our heroes."
"You know, you have the best ideas of any Federal Agent
I know. I love you."


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