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Summary: It's been a sometimes long and rough road since
William was born. So how's the new family life going, Mulder?


Rated: PG-13

Category: Kidfic, AU, MSR and Married, Father's Day Special

Spoilers: None, unless you count Existence. This story takes
place before "This Time It's A Boy!"

Archive: Nursery Files, Gossamer. All others ask first. It
will have a home on my website.

Feedback: That would be lovely, at

Disclaimer: This is my Alternate Universe -- Where Mulder and
Scully have a home and are working again, and they have
children! I do not own Mulder, Scully, William, Skinner, Kersh
or even the messy X-Files Office, and make no money at this

Author's Note: I hereby dedicate this to all the wonderful
fathers in the world, and especially to my departed Dad, who
I miss so much.


Fox Mulder stretched and yawned. Ah, to be home after a full
week's field trip profiling and tracking the murderer of
hobos outside of railroad yards and beneath bridges. He'd
had two days' full rest and this was Saturday morning. No
office to run to after racing his wife and Mandy to the

He turned to see a peacefully sleeping Scully, pregnant and
now glowing, with a bit of bed-head and caressed her lips.
She wouldn't mind the early awakening: It was her lifetime
habit. "Hey", she mumbled drowsily.

"Hey yourself, sleepy head. Wanna play?"

Scully leaned on one elbow. "What did you have in mind,

"A mutual investigation of our continuing marital state and
how much fun it is!" Mulder smirked like a saucy little boy.

"Well, we sure need to make time these days, don't we? So,
I'm all for it. I don't hear anyone up yet, it's only
six, so why not?" She began to kiss Mulder gently and he ran
his fingers through her shiny hair. "To think when we first
did this so many years ago, we created a miracle."

"We did, didn't we?" She smiled and never looked so lovely
as this morning. "Now, we have two more of our own, a pair
of adopted hybrid girls, and one on the way. My prayers
were answered."

"Indeed, they were. Now, let's get one of my most recent
prayers answered, then maybe we can start the busy

Just as they were removing their pajamas, there was a
knock at the bedroom door. "Mom?"

Hurriedly covering up, Scully answered,"Yes, Will?"

The boy opened the door, and jumped onto the bed. "Can
I go with you to the mall today with the girls?"

"May I ask why?"

"You know why, Mom. We talked about it on Tuesday."

"Oh yeah." She quickly thought up an excuse. "You need more
paper for homework."

Of course, the wheels were turning in Mulder's head. Father's
Day was coming up very soon. "Well, I may as well get up and
shower, then grab the Saturday paper. Will, let your sisters
sleep a little while more, okay?"

"Okay. But Samantha Ann's snoring is driving me crazy."

Scully grabbed her robe. "Okay. Let's go downstairs and
think up something for breakfast."

When they got to the kitchen and started making suggestions
such as French toast, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, dry cereal,
scrambled eggs, even pancakes, Will's mind was already on
Father's Day.

"Well, Will? Are you going to decide what you want because
I can't be a short order cook and give everybody everything."

"Mom, what do I give a Dad who has almost everything?" Will
had heard the ads for Father's Day and was quite confused
hearing sayings like, "For The Man Who Has Everything."

Scully smiled as she opened the refrigerator. "Oh, he thinks
he has almost everything already. I suppose a sports car is
out of the question for your means, but I think we'll find
something in the stores. I'll bet your sisters are thinking
the same thing. I know I am."

Mandy arrived downstairs rather cranky. "Well, he finally
did it. Dad beat me to the shower! Why did he have to do
that? I have to get ready to go shopping! Argh!"

"Yeah, but he was away for a whole week, so what are you
complaining about?" William shot back. "You got all the hot
water you wanted."

"Oh go get your slippers, Squirt!"

"Okay, you two. No fighting. Are Samantha Ann and Meg awake

"No, believe me, the champion snorer is sawing logs and Meg
is just plain out like she can't get enough sleep. What's
for breakfast, Mom?"

"Bacon, eggs and toast. Your Dad will be downstairs in a
minute, so you should go get dressed. I'm going to make
breakfast for all of us and then get a shower and get
myself into something."

William returned with the paper. "Your Jonas Brothers took
out a warrant for your arrest," he giggled. "They said you
betrayed them going back to Raspberries, The Grasroots and
The Zombies!"

"Watch it!" Mandy retorted.

Mulder entered the kitchen as Mandy walked up the stairs.

"What was that all about?"

Scully kissed him and explained that it was only the usual
teasing. "Isn't it fun to be a parent?"

"Lots of fun," Mulder said, as he looked at the stove.
"Since I'm bringing in a lot of the bacon, don't burn it."

She reeled around. "Just in the nick of time! Well, at
least I'll tire out the kids by tonight, then maybe I can
answer your prayer."

"Hey. Just don't tire yourself out. You're carrying my
baby again. And who are The Jonas Brothers?"

"One of those new groups out there. May as well get Meg
and Samantha Ann up and ready. You start setting the table
and I'll get Mandy and William in here with Sam and Meg.
We're outta here by ten."

"Sure. Leave me alone with the paper and chores."

"Mulder. Drink your coffee, and I know the hockey playoffs
are on, so I know I'll have only half the laundry to fold,
won't I?"

"It's fun being a parent," Mulder moaned. "Well, you can skip
the laundry tonight. I promise."

"Another prayer answered." Scully smiled and loaded up the
serving plates.

After Scully had left the house with a van full of kids,
Mulder started a laundry, then went into his basement office
to look over any e-mails he may have received. "Damn spam,"
he muttered. There was nothing from Jeffery and Samantha
had sent a short note telling of her new job as a chemist
in France.

Then he began remembering Father's Days when his father was
either out of town on NSA assignments, or arguing with his
mother. There were the usual ties, socks, cards, handmade
ash trays and artwork from school days, earlier in
his life, but by age 12 he had lost his sister Samantha
and his parents divorced. There was the lack of attention
from his "Dad" and one day he would figure out the reason:
"Dad" wasn't his real father and mother had been with
C.G.B. Spender. Oh, how he had come to despise the man after
all the machinations he had had with Consortium members and
so many injuries done to himself and Scully through the years.

It suddenly occurred to him: Scully had had a wonderful
father who had died of a heart attack soon after Scully
had begun to work in the X-Files Office, and he was feeling
like a selfish heel. Selfish self-pitying heel. The man
who had studied Psychology knew this was irrational, and
only hurting himself, but the man who himself had been dead
still felt guilty. "I can't believe I'm a Dad," he thought.
"I'm not going to be like my two fathers."

The man who had given Mulder his own last name didn't really
deserve blame, either, because he thought he was doing right
for his world and his country. He had been betrayed, as well.
So, after about forty-five minutes, the wash was done and
ready to be dried to make room for another load. It would
soon be time for lunch anyhow, so he lifted his duff from
his chair, conflicts handled for a time, and went about doing
some chores.

After lunch, he started up the lawn mower and thought about how
lucky he was to be a real, live father. He was going to become
a father again! Everyone else would be home around supper time,
and sports could wait.

The mall wasn't that crowded really, for a Saturday. There were
some children out with their mothers as they usually did to buy
essentials, and some buying Father's Day gifts, but it was quite
easy for Scully, Mandy, Will, Samantha Ann and Meg to get around.

Of course, Mandy was old enough to decide what she wanted to give
her step father and already had money and her gift in mind.

Will was still unsure just what to buy his father, and he also
wanted to send his adoptive father, Mr. Van deKamp something. He
knew they'd have different tastes. Mulder would probably love
something baseball or basketball oriented. Perhaps "Daddy V"
might like something to do with agriculture -- a farming magazine
or some work clothes.

Meg and Samantha Ann weren't only making things at school, they
wanted to buy cards and perhaps a little something extra, so
their mother would have to help them out with some small ideas,
as well as use her own ideas, and that might take some time,
perhaps a couple of more days.

Everyone knew that Alison would send her adoptive father a little
something since she was Mandy's age and had a job just as her
sister. After all, even her other adoptive father had agreed
two fathers and some siblings were a great idea. They valued
family ties very much.

The week went pretty much in the normal fashion, and Alison's gift
was intercepted well by Scully when the courier arrived. Busy
days were the norm, with Scully making a couple of extra shopping
trips between grocery shopping, a doctor's appointment and a little
part time work at the office. Of course, gifts were well hidden
from "Daddy the FBI Agent", but he wasn't going to search the house
anyway. That would be dishonest and break everyone's trust in him.
All he really cared about was that he was going to be a father
again, and that Scully rested as much as possible. Luckily, he
wasn't going out of town.

Walter Skinner had asked him how fatherhood and the expectation
of another child were affecting him, and how Scully was faring, and
he smiled broadly and replied, "I am the luckiest father in the

Alvin Kersh wondered what fatherhood was like, as well, and he was
told it was the best thing since sliced bread, the washing machine,
and even new Adidas. The poor guy went back to his office shaking
his head mumbling something about kids and how parenthood were making
this dull, unhappy agent insanely happy. They hadn't exchanged
insults in a long time, and he told Skinner about it. Skinner smiled
and replied, "If only you knew what that man went through for so
many years. I hated being a part of that."

Of course, Monica Reyes and John Doggett had a daughter of their
own who was months younger than Meg, and they exchanged cards with
the Mulders this year as Monica, once again, was about to have
another child, and John was out in the field. He was going to
miss being honored by his own daughter, and he still missed his
late son, Luke. In fact, he still had trouble talking about
his grief with anyone -- even his own wife.

When Thursday came along, Mandy requested a deep discussion with
Mulder. She pulled him away from the TV, while Will, Meg and
Samantha Ann were watching a re-run of "Happy Days" at around
seven o'clock, and took him into her room.

"Dad, and I know I asked to call you that, because you are the best
Dad a girl like me can have, I need to talk to you."

Mulder sat down on her desk chair. "You look sad. What's the matter?"

Mandy didn't quite know where to start, even after so many rehearsals.
"I remember when my parents who adopted me up on Canada died. I
remember the arguing, the drunk state Dad was in, me running away from
the burning house. Henry And Denise Swenson weren't really bad to me
until Daddy Henry lost his job and started drinking."

Mulder softened and felt a tear in one eye."It must have been so hard
on you. Wandering around after the fire, then being in foster care
for a while."

"Well yes. And even though I know my surrogate mother just dropped me
off to the Children's Aid Society for them to adopt me, in some ways
I really miss my Daddy Swenson."

"Some day you'll know what I mean when I say I understand, and I
know part of you still loves Henry."

"Yes." and looked through her bedroom window at the street lights.
"Your wife is my real mother. And I know she went through hell
for many years, not even knowing we, I mean Alison and I, existed.
You both gave me a real life after all I had been through, and I
want to change my name to Mulder. I love it now that I think
you're 'my real Dad', and whatever was my real Dad was something
in a stupid test tube. I want to think of you as my real Dad.
You are the best a girl like me could hope for. And I love my
brother and sisters so much, even though I love to tease Will.
I think that comes from Mom."

"Teased her brothers like crazy." Mulder tried to laugh, but
he was so overjoyed that this girl could want him as a Dad, and not
just some step father. "I already feel like a father to you, Mandy."

"Then, if it's all right with you, can we change my last name to
Mulder? I know the state says fourteen isn't the age to make
these decisions, so please help me do that."

Mulder took Mandy into his arms and whispered,"Deal. I love you as
if you were my own."

Mandy pulled away for a moment. "I have some things to do before
I go to bed, so now that we have a deal, I think I'll skip TV and
listen to some 'feel good' music."

"Great idea," Mulder said. "Daughter of mine, you are as smart as
your mother." As he left the room, he really felt like a father
more than ever. Still, he had to think, "I can't believe I'm a
Dad." The warmth he felt from all his children, regularly human
and hybrids, made him feel like for the first time in life, he
was home. Really home. Not with his parents, or in that lonely
apartment. His home was with Scully and the children.

As he was about to enter William's room to wish him a good night
as he knew the boy was reading, always reading, Scully met him
halfway. "So, having a talk with Mandy? Is she all right?"

"She is now," Mulder replied, grinning. "She wants to be a
Mulder, and still misses her previous Dad, but knows he had
troubles. We had a great discussion."

Scully threw her arms around him. "I knew somehow she thought
you were special. Mind you, I do, too. So, I guess we have
a very unique daughter."

"We sure do. Kiss me, you." Mulder was feeling so great, he was
hoping this happy spell would never end, and didn't he deserve it
after all these years? After a record making embrace, Scully made
sure Will wasn't reading anything he shouldn't, and found that
he was fast asleep with that old snowglobe in his hand.

"Mulder. Take a look."

"He sure loves that thing. I'm positive he loves me."

"I know he does. So, turn out his light, I'll make us some tea,
and maybe we can play 'grown ups' for a while."

JUNE 21, 2009

A warm, early Sunday morning. It might rain; it might not. This
was a special day, yet Scully wasn't beside him, and the alarm clock
read eight in the morning! He smelled food. So, after a quick
shower, he dressed and ventured downstairs. It was odd. There was
not a sound in the house, a couple of dolls lay in the hallway, but
a small fear came over him that someone had taken everyone away
again. Not on Father's Day! He shook that fear away immediately.

Downstairs in the livingroom there was a large banner that read:
"Happy Father's Day!" And everyone said it in unison.

Presents were all laid out on the floor, which usually went against
Dana Scully's strict rules about breakfast before presents.

All the children ran to hug "Daddy" and begged him to open the gifts.

Scully's gift came first. "Don't worry, it's not a bomb." It was a
family portrait, and how she had Alison come into town for that would
remain her secret.

Mulder's eyes were big saucers. "This. This is what I never thought
would happen. Thank you." He kissed Scully.

"Hey, I kept another secret from my partner. Have me fired."

"Hey, I have another secret," Will piped up. "I'm going to wish my
'Daddy V' a happy Father's Day later, and I promise not to run up
the long distance bill this time."

The children laughed.

With all of the handmade cards, and presents, Mulder thought he
was dreaming.

He was astounded to see the collection of basketball CD's and
a few music disks Mandy had given him. William's gift of yet
another basketball, this time with a Knicks jersey was so
thoughtful. Meg's coffee mug that said "The Best Father In The
World" brought tears to his eyes. Samantha Ann's gift of a
real live molly was a blessing, for one of his had died a month
ago, and she had to hide it in a fish bowl, change the water, and
feed it for two weeks. Mother helped, of course. Alison's book
on "Is It Science Fiction Or Not?" had him smiling. The "oldies"
CD's, although some duplicates of Mandy's, were welcomed with

Mulder couldn't think of what to say, so stood silent for a

William yelled, "Speech, for heaven's sake. I want my breakfast!"

Mandy remarked,"Oh, Will, you're always hungry."

"I am, no doubt about it, too happy to say anything, but now I
believe I have more than any father could ever wish for. Even
without presents, because I have all of you." And after he said
that, Mulder knew he could believe he was a Dad.



Sorry, but no one under 13 should read this story!  (It's scary.  Wanna sit on my knee?)  Monitor the kids' internet activities wisely, and if you don't approve of this Alternate Universe, don't read it.  It's more fun than Carter ever made hings!