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Author: Pattie

Rated: G

Category: Kidfic, Answer to "Get Will Back" Nursery
Files Challenge.

Archive: Anywhere including Gossamer. Just ask nicely,
and you shall have it, please.


Disclaimer: Fox Studies, Ten Thirteen Productions and Chris
Carter own all original X-Files characters and the title
"The X-Files", and I just write these stories as a hobby,
making no money from that.


"Okay, Will. You wanted me to write a science fiction story and
dared me to do it or you'd invite Uncle Bill here for a whole
month when you KNEW Daddy would be off work, and you
KNOW how they get along.

"Here goes:

"There was a time when I gave William away for his own safety.
These things hurt Moms so badly that some day you realize you
haven't slept, your partner, the man you love, is back. The world
is safer once you've taken care of the nasties that haunted your
world, and the men who wanted even you dead are history.

"So one day, you realize you cannot live without your man or your
son. So, you go all out to save your man and retrieve your flesh
and blood. It's hard then finding out that there are other clones
and half-breeds still around in a world that once conspired against
itself. I can't even take credit for saving Mulder's life. There
were so many other factors involved.

"One day, I, Dana Scully, decided I could no longer bear to be
without my son. Our son. So, in a small room in Nevada, I could
hold off no longer and told Mulder what I wanted. (We were
blessed with a couple of more glad tidings a few years later.)

"But he's not safe yet and you KNOW it!" He repeated that about
seven times. We then went on a long journey that involved gathering
evidence, consulting scientists and calling in a lot of favors from
friends and former employers.

"We had to keep my Mom from knowing where we were, and that was
painful. We had to get The Lone Gunmen to give us new identities,
bank accounts, passbooks and keep moving if we were to succeed.
Doggett and Reyes were go-betweens. We saw more motel rooms
than all our years as field agents.

"This was several years ago and brings back a lot of things I'd
rather not remember.

"We had to take a chance and make our way to the Van deKamp farm,
all the while using every resource available during that time.

"I went through a horrible period of depression. We had to make
our way to Mom and meet with Skinner, Doggett, Reyes and Kersh.
Did I mention the way we had to convince one Kevin Price, a former
guard at the site of that kangaroo court trial, that he wouldn't
really want to hurt us by sending a movie script about the whole
affair to movie studios? All we wanted was our son. At least this
guy wasn't a regular-army-time no-Siree-Ma'am fellow. He saw our
side of it.

"Meetings, motels, false identities, they were all worth it,
though. The thing I'm really sorry about is the fact that Mrs Van
deKamp finally had her wish granted to have a baby of her own,
and died. She was a lovely lady.

"Now, Will is a handsome little nine-year-old boy with two full
sisters and two hybrid sisters.

"Now the world is safe and so are we.

"No matter what anyone says, I want to believe.

"Now, Will, the next time you want to read a science fiction
story, please go to the library. This writing adventure has been
rather tiring on me.

"Goodnight, son. Happy reading,

"Love, Mom"



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