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An Easter wish William makes comes true!

Author: Pattie

Category: Kidfic, AU, MSR Married, Non-Canon Kids

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Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully, William, Scully's Brother Bill and Mom,
and The X-Files are owned by Chris Carter, 1013 and Fox Studios.
I make no money from this hobby and this is my Alternate
Universe. The chidren are mine. So is William's future puppy.

Written for a well-hidden "Give Will a Baby Brother" Challenge at
The Nursery Files.

Archive: Usually Gossamer. Anyone else, please ask politely.

See Author's Note at end.

Don't worry. I also write canon stories and post-eps! Many of us
have tried our best to replace what Chris Carter and friends left
out. We are everywhere. Newbies, what are you waiting for?


Ah, Spring. The youngest children, William, Meg and Samantha Ann
were exhuberantly awaiting the arrival of The Easter Bunny. Mandy,
as a teenager, knew better than to say anything about the mythical
creature and held her tongue. Her hybrid sister Alison would be
paying a visit in about three days, so she had been busy
straightening up her room, anyhow. Much as she loved teasing
William, she had chores to do as well as ready her room for her

That morning, Mulder was at FBI Headquarters while Scully marched
the children to the minivan. Who would have thought ten years ago
she would have William back, and more children natural and
unnatural, plus Mulder as her husband?

With the help she had today grocery shopping, she was ever so
grateful. Just as everything was as lovely as could be, and the
warm spring air was a blessing, thoughts of Easter dinner and
the whole family present, along with her mother, brother Bill
and wife Tara, and young Matthew, the thought of all the
preparations was becoming daunting. Why was she feeling so
tired lately? Easter baskets had been filled, the shopping
list was ready to be taken care of, and here she was feeling
worn out.

Now, she hadn't been working for a few weeks because the winter
'flu had hit the kids, but this was definitely not influenza.

On the way to the supermarket, Mandy turned to her mother and
asked if everything was all right.

"I'm fine," came the classic Dana Scully reply.

"Is Mom sick?" William asked.

"No, Mom is not sick. And please stop poking Meg. We have a lot
to do and I don't want any acting up," Scully told William sternly.

"You sort of look pale," Mandy whispered.

"Don't worry about me. It's winter wearing off. Relax." Was
there something Scully didn't know about? She was looking rather
pale in the mirror lately, and although she could usually handle
the whole family, she was feeling rather weak. So after the
morning shopping and lunch, she left Mandy in charge of William,
Meg and Samantha Ann and went to the local drug store. She just
had to pick up a pregnancy test, debate with herself whether
another pregnancy could possibly be true given the fact that
she and Mulder had been very careful lately, yet...

She decided to put off doing the test until Mulder was home and
the children were in bed.

10:00 PM

Scully had just tucked Meg and Samantha Ann into their beds and
headed into the kitchen to make tea. Fox Mulder had other ideas
on his mind. "Say, how about we settle in early and snuggle up
like old times". Old times meant about two nights ago.

"I think we should talk." Scully put tea bags into a pair of mugs
and filled the kettle. Three more for Will and the older girls.

"That's so boring. And if you're worried about me getting into
a fight with Bill... " He tried to embrace his wife but she
pulled away.

"To HELL with Bill!"

Mulder sat at the kitchen table. "Okay. What did I do now?"

"I'm going to go upstairs, and bring you something you won't
believe. Just give me three minutes and please don't tell me
I'm crabby because I already know it."

Resigned to the fact that he couldn't win this one, he
folded his arms. "All right."

In a few minutes, his wife returned with a pregnancy test.
"Read it. I hope your weapon isn't anywhere within reach."

"We're going to have another baby. For someone who had been
declared barren, you're batting higher than any baseball
player in history. So, what's wrong?"

A tear ran down Scully's face. "I don't know if we should have
another one. I mean, I dearly love you and the kids, but you
know Alison and Mandy could regress, William may seem fine,
but who knows what the future will bring?"

Mulder bent down and hugged Scully. "We can handle anything.
You know that. Have you seen a doctor?"

"Not yet. Then there's my age... "

Mulder poured water into her mug. "Take a sip of this and see
the doctor. Okay? Now, you've always wanted children, and I
say one more is just about right. I can get a vasectomy."

"What if it isn't normal, Mulder? The incidence of... with my
aging eggs, not to mention my previous condition with William
and what those men did to me... "

"Too many 'what ifs'. You've gone over the limit. It's time
for you to get some rest. You'll have plenty of help around
here, and think of it! I'm going to be a Daddy again. Let's
not tell the kids until we're sure about things. You do
believe in miracles, remember?"

Scully straightened up in her chair and nodded. "You're right.
And I am tired. Mom would be ecstatic to have another
grandchild. I guess I'll be off work for another few months."

"You know, if it's a boy, and there's about a fifty percent
chance of that, Will is going to finally have an ally and jump
up and down with glee. I'll help out with Easter dinner, so
don't worry about that. You are the strong one in the family.
Your Mother even told me that. After all we've been through
together, this beats abductions, serial killers and wire taps
any way."

For a moment, Scully smiled. "We did go through the mill,
didn't we?"


Mulder accompanied Scully to Dr. Blake's Office. As she
nervously waited outside the examining room, Mulder held her

The doctor soon emerged with a chart. "Well, it most
certainly appears you are going to be parents again. A bit
too early for menopause, and your cervix is ripe. So,
congratulations are in order, as well as the usual
nutritional supplements." The man smiled.

"So, everything's okay?"

"Yes, Mrs. Mulder. Within about eight months you should
have a healthy baby."

"Is there anyting else we should know about?" Mulder asked.

"No. Not at all. Everything looks fine. Make an appointment
with me in about a month."

As the couple walked to the elevator, Mulder was concerned
about Scully's reaction to the news. "So?"

"I'm just stunned, that's all. I think we should wait until
next month to tell the kids. They have enough on their
plates with school. Mom should know, and I swear she'll
understand why no one else should know yet. Well, another
crib, another wardrobe and we'll need more room."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Yes. I don't need her worrying."

"At this rate, we're gonna need a bus," Mulder quipped.

A faint smile swept over his wife's face, and she sighed.
"I love you, you know." She took his hand as the elevator
doors opened.

The Easter celebrations went off without a hitch, although
some cooking odors were making Scully slightly nauseous.
She did manage not to let on to anyone about the near
accidents she had going into the bathroom to "check on the
towels" or "clean the sink". It was full house, she reasoned.

Easter presents were well-accepted, but there was just one
thing: Will blurted out, "Some day I want a baby brother
instead of chocolate bunnies."

"Well, maybe some day that might happen," said his
grandmother, "But don't you think even just you are a

"He sure is," Scully replied while gathering wrappings and
other garbage. She nearly fainted bending over to do so.

"I'll get the rest of the stuff," Mulder insisted. "You must
be exhausted from all this partying."

Maggie Scully had a quizzical look on her face, but knew the
story, so said nothing. "Why don't you just sit here and I'll
wash up in the kitchen. We have run you off of your feet."

Tara looked at Bill; Bill looked at Tara and nodded. "I guess

Meg climbed upon her uncle's knee. "What?"

"We were just thinking how much we loved that dinner," Tara
interjected. "Can you ask Matthew to please come down with
Will. There's a great movie on."

"Yeah," Samantha Ann said. "Easter Bonnet I bet. Yuck"

"Easter Parade," her mother corrected her. "You should wash
your face, young lady. And no, we are never watching
Twilight again. Mandy was wrong to put a movie like that on
for you last week."

Since Alison and Mandy were downstairs filling their ipods,
Scully decided to break the news. "All right, you two. In
about eight months and no blabbing to the kids yet."

"Oh for... " Bill clearly wasn't happy, and folded his arms
like a child who had just been told off royally by his

"Bill, we're the parents, we'll tell them what's going on.
Got it?"

"Okay. Dana, another Mulder. Well, I hope it's safe and

"Good. Here come the kids."

Mulder returned with coffee. "So, umm, I overheard something
about eight months, 'Safe and healthy'. I guess the cat's
out of the bag. I already know."

Alison and Mandy caught on very quickly.

"Oh, you've been busy again," Mandy laughed.

Mulder smiled and replied, "You are too old for your age,
Mandy. Yes. there's a baby coming."

"A girl or a boy? Do you know yet?" Alison inquired.

Scully smiled. "It's too early to tell. Now let's just not
get your sisters and William excited just yet."

Maggie patted Scully's hand. "Oh, now you shouldn't have
any problems. Don't think about statistics and never mind
that medical mind of yours."

In the back of her mind, Scully knew that some babies are
miscarried within the first three months of pregnancy.
How could she not worry?

APRIL, 2009

A radiologist read Scully's ultrasound results."Well,
everything's in order. Would you like to know the sex?"

"Oh. I don't know. What do you think, Mulder?"

"You love surprises. But, it's your decision as to whether
you want to know now or when the baby's born."

"Then, no. Besides, I think I already know. Some Moms can
tell, but let's leave it up to God and Nature."

NOVEMBER 12, 2009
6:30 AM

One cold November morning, the alarm buzzed and Mulder
slapped it. He wanted just ten more minutes of sleep before
facing the day, racing Mandy to the shower and writing

Somebody had other ideas. Scully nudged him back into
wakefulness. "Mulder."


""It's time to go to the hospital, the kids need breakfast,
and this can't wait."

Of course, Mulder sat bolt upright. "You're sure?"

"I'm sure. Let me get dressed, you can call Mom and tell
the kids the baby's coming today."

"Are you all right to leave?"

"I think so. The contractions are about five minutes apart,
I've been timing them since three this morning. I... ow...
I knew you needed your rest after the Drummond case."

Mulder yawned and stretched. "Okay, I'll call your Mom and
get the kids ready for school. I'll get the day off,
because I want to be there for you."

At approximately noon, young James Charles Mulder came
wailing and fussing into the world.

Mulder had Maggie take the children out of school to meet
their new sibling, whose name they were told of immediately.

When they arrived, Samantha Ann asked, "Mommy, is it a boy
or a girl?"

"Well, it's either one or the other," Mandy said as she
tickled Will. She then snickered and asked if he'd forgotten
the baby's name, read the hospital bracelet or even heard his

"This is one beautiful baby." Maggie Scully kissed her
daughter. "Mandy, welcome to the world of diaper changing
and a lot of laundry."

"Eww," the teen said, wrinkling her nose. "I'm calling
Alison in as a reinforcement."

Mulder smiled. "It's a BOY. I know you've been waiting
for this, Will. And can you see something a bit different
in him? Please keep in mind he's perfectly normal."

"Yeah," Will answered. "He has brown hair. Not red like the
girls! And I've got a brother! I've got a brother!"

Will didn't hear his father. He was too busy jumping and
cheering. "I've got a brother! I've got a brother!"

Everyone laughed because they had expected him to be so
thrilled. Come to think of it, Mulder wasn't acting his
age, either.



Set your fic after Existence; how long after is up to you - season
9, post-Truth, post-IWTB, pre-reboot...

Mulder and Scully have another baby, this one a boy too.
Tell us how it was possible to conceive this second miracle(?)
baby. I chose to make a few more before the last baby.

Tell us how William feels about being a big brother. Happy?
Jealous of his little brother?

optional: This baby boy is different in some way from William. How?