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Mulder begins to regret the 'talk' he had with William, Meg and Alison about their origins. 

Rated: PG

Category: Kidfic, Sequel to New Year's Eve Revelations,
AU(Mine), Mulder/Scully Married, Angst All 'Round.

Summary: William finds his parents, records of his life
and those of his sisters. Now it's time for another

Disclaimer: All characters original to the series belong
to Chris Carter, Fox Studios and 1013 Productions. I
take responsibility for the new kids. I get no money
writing fan fiction.

Young William Scully-Mulder was no slouch. Not only was
he excelling in school, he was already reading Moby Dick
and researching for projects at school. This boy had
enormous curiosity.

Fox Mulder, his father, was about to regret having told
Mandy and William about their origins New Year's Eve.

The only two "guys" in the family were in a local store
when the inquisition began.


"Yes, William?" Mulder was looking over boxes of nails.

"What was that disease Mom and I had, and why were
Alison, Bobby and Mandy so sick?"

"I can tell Mandy and Alison right now, but not you."

"Why not?"

Mulder was trying hard not to become impatient.
"Number one: This is not the time or place. Number two:
It's all too complex to understand."

"Oh." An unsatisfied William followed his Dad to the
cashier and held his tongue until they had gone back to
the car. "So, you think I'm not old enough for all that

"Right. Fasten your seat belt. We have a spice rack to
build for Mom." Mulder was beginning to regret that
'Talk'. "Why all these questions now?"

"Well, I found Mom's copy of Moby Dick and read it, but
I also found some newspaper clippings saying you saved the
world, our blood disorders and other things that went
wrong, and there were just some things I don't

Mulder sighed. "William, if I told you now it just
wouldn't be the right time. When you're a little older, I
will. You're very smart, but there are some things better
left until you can see the facts for what they are and take
it. Not even Mandy and Alison know the whole story, and
they're just past 14. What ARE you doing finding these
things around the house, anyway?"

William smiled. "I have this urge to know things, just
like you, Daddy. I know it was wrong, but remember: I didn't
snoop around for our Christmas presents."

"Well, at least Sunday School got that part right. Please,
just leave things that Mom and Dad own alone. After all, I
don't read Mandy's diary or her fan letters to whomever she's
listening to."

"But... "

"No 'buts' about it, Buddy. You're very special to us, but
some things are better left until later, like when you're
about 20. So, enjoy your childhood while you can, because then
comes high school, college, girls and work. Even kids of your
own and a million other things like taxes, questions from your
kids... "

"Okay. I get the idea. Mom's gonna love this spice rack."


As it was after supper, and more snow had fallen, Mandy was out
shoveling the sidewalk and driveway,

William threw on a coat, boots and headed out the door.

He ran up to Mandy and nearly scared her out of her boots.

"What do you want, William? It's bad enough I have to do this
because I used up all the hot water this morning!"

"What if I told you things weren't all that easy?"

"I don't know 'easy', William. Can you help me out here with
the other shovel?" She sure wasn't ready to remember her
adopted childhood in Canada, and why her real mother had to
give her up.

"Well, I guess so. But don't you just want to know a lot

"No. I want to get this done, my music and Mrs. Poindexter's
essay on The American Revolution done." Mandy's patience was
wearing thin, and she didn't want to remember her drunken
adopted father and mother, or anything else from that life.
What was done was done.

Dana Scully came out from the back yard. "So, it's so nice to
see you two working together! Now, what's the story?" She had
heard enough about the conversation to get the drift of what
they were speaking of.

William frowned. "Aww, you're not going to take me seriously,
either. Dad told me not to bother."

"Okay," his mother said reluctantly. "Look, you ARE your mother
and father's son, and I wouldn't push it any further right now.
When I was your age I didn't understand a lot of things, and
I'm happy I didn't."

"But Mo-omm..."

At this point Mandy had to jump in. "Oh, we both want to know,
but it can wait."

"Maybe it can't," their mother replied. "I need to speak with
your father about this."

Scully entered Mulder's home office in the basement while Meg
and Samantha Ann were sleeping, and Mandy and William were
watching a video on the TV in the living room.

"Mulder, we need to talk."

He looked up from the profile he had been writing. "About?"

"Remember that discussion we had New Year's Eve?"

"William," they said in unison.

"I'm afraid so. He's been telling Mandy he thinks they should
know more. I really didn't think it was such a good idea to
bring it up with them in the first place."

Mulder pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes for a
second. "I've been interrogated all day by him, and now I
regret we spoke about it at all. We're going to need a strong
box to keep everything about all the things we've been through.
He's been into things."

Scully sat down in a chair. "I've seen a few things out of place
lately, and being a Government Agent taught me to recognize
these things. We've either got to get him a lot of things to
keep him busy or store anything pertaining to the aliens, the
virus, The Consortium somewhere else. What if Meg and Samantha
Ann hear William trying to get Mandy on board his curiosity
wagon and then THEY start to wonder about themselves and if
they're safe?"

"We won't let that happen. I guess we have to have a talk with
our little man and lady. Even if it means throwing in a white
lie or two. No, they're both too smart to buy that."

"We know about lies, that's for sure," Scully threw in. "Let's
just make the story short and... sweet."

"Maybe we can have them hypnotized so they... "

"No, Mulder. That wouldn't work for too long. You know that."

"Yeah. Short and sweet. Sort of. I do believe William needs a
private talk, and Mandy can handle a lot more. I think William
is a rebel in a lot of ways. Like you, Scully." He smiled.

"No, Mulder. Like you." She wasn't smiling at all.

9:05 PM

Scully sat down with Mandy and worked with her on her History
essay as Mulder sat William down in his room for another 'talk'.

"Okay. So what have I done now?" William asked.

"A swell job with your mother's Valentine's Day spice rack. But,
these questions you've been asking, and the documents you were
into have your mother and me. Now, your mother went through a
lot long before you were born. She went through horrible
experiments, her eggs were stolen, she lost time and I looked for
her for what seemed like a long time for her. We got her back to
health, and of course, you were born. Mandy and Alison have been
through hell because of all the nonsense that went on with your
mother's eggs. By the way, sneaking into FBI files IS a Federal
offence, and even if I can't charge you right now, I AM tempted."

"So, what are you telling me, Daddy?"

"This is really about people's feelings. Mandy doesn't need
reminders of her past, and neither does your mother. I'm not
feeling that great myself."

Wee William's eyes began to well up with tears. "I know I did
wrong." He turned his head to the wall as he laid on his bed.

Mulder patted his son on his shoulder. "You're hurting, too,

"Yeah," the boy sheepishly admitted. "I didn't do myself good
by reading all that stuff."

"I know. If it's any help to you, we get over our hurts and get
stronger after a time."


"Sure. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, Daddy. Can I have a drink of water?"

"No problem. Mom will be in to kiss you good night soon. Then
tomorrow, you get to paint those hearts on the spice rack."

After a few minutes of quiet contemplation, Mulder knocked on
Mandy's door. "Are you ladies decent?"

"Well, we like to think so!" Mandy laughed. "We're just about
done my rough draft. Come in."

"So, how'd it go with Mr. Investigator?" Scully wondered.

"He's cool to the fact that he just can't sneak around our
belongings anymore. So, Mandy, how is the American History
coming along?"

"Fine. I have my books, and we had a lot of American TV in
Canada. Did you want to talk to me, too?"

"Well, I just wanted to remind you that William won't be
talking you into any sneaky deals, at least I don't believe so.
We will be having a talk when everyone manages to get some rest.
And remember, Valentine's Day IS coming up, hint hint..."

"Can I still go to the dance, Mom?"

"I don't see why not, if you get that schoolwork done, and we
get to meet anyone you may be interested in."

"Oh boy. Old-fashioned, huh?" The girl smiled a cheeky smile.

"You bet," Mulder quickly answered. "Even if I'm not your REAL
Dad I AM now your Dad. Now, William needs his hug from Mom,
and you need to take a rest, too. So, we should leave you to
get ready for bed, and PLEASE leave some hot water for us
tomorrow morning?"

Mandy gave it a thought. "All right. May I have a kiss too,

"Of course." Mulder bent over Mandy and kissed her cheek,
patting her on the back, and kiddingly said, "I like red

"Well, we ALL like pink cupcakes, so I'll plan on those."
Scully kissed her daughter and went downstairs with Mulder.
"They sure are a pair," she mused.

"As smart as any parent would want kids to be."

"Sometimes TOO smart."

"Yeah," Mulder realized. "Wait until they find out about the
real father of Dad. Grandpa Spender."

Scully frowned. "Yeah. Well, I think we'd better wait a long
time for THAT story, Mulder."

"I couldn't agree more." Mulder took her hand and walked her
into the kitchen for a nice, soothing cup of coffee, and just
knew that spice rack of William's would please his mother to no