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Mulder feels it's time to tell William and Mandy their family history, and how they came to be. The hardest part will be telling them of their sibling that did not survive.
Rated: G

Category: Kidfic, MSR, After Having Avoided Invasion

Archive: Gossamer. Otherwise, please ask nicely.


Disclaimer: Fox Studios, Chris Carter and 1013
Productions own Mulder, Scully, William, Jeffrey
Spender, Samantha Mulder and The X-Files, but
I tell you the other characters are ALL MINE!

Author's Note: Yes, I gave them a family! Do you
really think I'd have the Mytharc left unresolved,

DECEMBER 31, 2008

10:50 AM

With a hectic Christmas having passed, Mulder was
sitting in the kitchen thinking about all the years that had

Wow! A son brought back into the fold, daughters Meg and
Samantha Ann, the adoption of Mandy, then the
reappearance of his genuine sister Samantha, who had
managed to escape from her captors at age 14 and cross
the world. Half-brother Jeffrey's return, and then saving the

All the years of not even speaking of the emotions between
he and Scully. Such wasted years chasing after monsters
as well as the real monsters. He couldn't forget Scully's
saving Alison Moore, another one of her cloned hybrids, either.
The pain they'd been through together drew them only closer.

Well, now was the time, he decided, to tell the children about
Bobby Jones, the son Scully saw die years after she had
found and lost Emily to death, and of course Emily. It was

Scully's wounds had healed, strong woman that she was,
and so resilient.

Another New Year's Eve, and the tree, naturally, taken down
as per Scully custom. All was pretty well "ship shape" in
order. Well, there were a few wet boots in the mud room,
but so what.

The kids were playing in the basement of their Alexandria
house while Mulder pondered these things. Eleven in the
morning, and Scully was already out buying food and treats,
fighting the massive traffic. What a woman.

She entered the house with her bounty just as Mulder
finished his coffee. "Hey, Mr. Mom, I'm going to need some
help unloading the car."

He put on his best smile and replied, "You've got it. So, are
the roads still a mess?" He donned his coat.

"Oh, they're a mess, all right. Hey. I know the Oscar winning
smile. What's happened now?"

Mulder slipped on some boots as he said, "I've been going
over all our adventures and years together in my mind. I think
we need to do some talking."

"Well,the milk in the car's going to go sour, so we can talk
while we're grabbing the rest of the food, and making lunch."

"Oh, you're going to love this. I know you can take anything

So, he began to broach the subject of explaining their unique
family history. By the time they had put the groceries away,
Scully was thinking things over. "All right. Let's do it. But
we'll leave Meg and Samantha Ann out of it until they're older.
You're a psychologist. I think you know it's best we wait until
they're old enough to handle it, okay? But we still need to get
them up to ring in the New Year."

"Deal. Are you sure you're okay with this?" Mulder put on
another pot of coffee.

"Yes. Yes, I think I am. But tonight of all nights? It's New Year's
Eve, Mulder."

"I just can't put it off anymore. Mandy already knows most of
the story, and William is one smart kid. He should know he's a
miracle child, just like he knows whose miracle child's birthday
we just celebrated."

Scully hugged her husband. "Okay. Let's do it. Chili for

"Sounds good to me. I'll go see if the computer downstairs is
still intact. Oh, and I think we've filled them with enough
Astroboy, Star Trek and Twilight Zone shows they can handle

"Just like your childhood, Mulder!" Scully smirked as she
grabbed pots and pans.

9:30 PM

Bathtime was like Grand Central Station in this household.
Although Mandy was a teenager and preferred to race her parents
to the shower in the morning, still, William loved long baths,and
Meg and Samantha Ann usually fought over who had had the most
bubbles in their tub, things usually settled down by 9:30 and the
older children were allowed to remain up for a bit longer.

A holiday movie droned in the livingroom as Mulder and Scully
tucked the two younger girls into bed, while William preferred to
read almost anything allowed before bedtime. Mandy loved
movies and music.

Scully decided to grab William out of his reverie and pull
Mandy out of her star-struck trance at about 10:00. There
wasn't going to be much time to talk before midnight came around,
and as she'd already made a few little refreshments for all to
celebrate New Year's 2009, she felt ready for "The Talk".

Mulder was in the basement defragmenting the children's
computer, and running a virus remover. (Yes, Mandy tended to
download a lot of songs and videos.)

He climbed the stairs and he, Scully, Mandy and William sat down
in the livingroom for a very serious discussion.

"It's gonna be a Rockin' New Year's Eve," Mandy remarked."I can

"NOT!" William argued.

Scully immediately put a stop to the bickering. "Okay, you two.
Listen up because we've got a few things to tell you."

"You got us new ipods!" Mandy exclaimed.

"No," Mulder said seriously. "Mandy, you know you were adopted,
you had a pretty rough early upbringing in Canada, and we brought
you here because your mother finally found out who you were while
we investigated your mother and father's deaths, right?"

Mandy's face turned ashen. "Right."

"And William, you know you were a very special gift to me and I had
to send you somewhere where the Van deKamps would take good
care of you for me, right?" Scully mussed up her son's hair more for
her own comfort than his.

"Yes. Why couldn't you take care of me, Mom?"

Scully looked to Mulder for solace.

"Okay," Mulder began. "Your mother didn't know she could have a baby
before you came along, and then we had to go to work to protect you
and everybody else. There were very bad doctors who did some horrible
experiments on your mother, and they even took some of her eggs. You
know how babys are made. But Mandy was made differently than you,
and it was from one of her eggs. We had to have her medically checked,
and your Uncle Jeffrey had to give you some medicine to cure a disease
that you and your mother had been given."

"What disease?"

"We can talk about that another day," Scully said. "The main thing is we're
all right now. And... you had other brothers and sisters who were made
from my eggs by the horrible doctors."

"We found a brother named Bobby, and you know your sister Alison
because she writes to you a lot and we see her, right?"

"Right." William was both sad and puzzled.

"Why does Alison look so much like me?" Mandy asked. She had been
wondering about that a lot.

"Because," Mulder explained, "You're almost like twins."

"Oh. So we were cloned! Now I get it. I watch TLC, you know."

"Right!" Scully admitted. "But we want you to make us a very special

"What's that?" William asked.

"Please let us tell Meg and Samantha Ann about this. And William,
they're just as normal as you two are now, and just too little to know
about this."

"We swear," Mandy replied.

"Yeah, we do."

Mulder smiled. "So, at midnight we bring in a brand new year, with
your sisters. Why don't we just all sit around, relax, watch whatever
your mother decides, have a little snack at midnight and remember
we're all family! Hey, I can take you guys for a walk for just about half
an hour and then it's PAARRRRTAY!"

"Cool!" William shouted.

"Shh," Scully admonished William. "Let your sisters rest up before we

The sidewalks had all been cleared, so Mulder, William and Mandy had
an easy walk. It was relatively mild outside, but refreshing.

By the time they returned home, Scully had hot chocolate and coffee
waiting for them, and had dimmed the livingroom lights. The two children
went downstairs to the computer for a while to let their mother prepare
the remainder of treats, and then before they knew it, it was 11:30. Time to
get the little ones awake and ready for a little holiday fun.

Mulder lit the firplace and Scully turned the channel to Rockin' New Year's
Eve while all four children huddled on the couch. Then crackers and
coldcuts were placed on the coffee table, with some cookies and hot cider.

It was now time for the grand countdown.

As the ball fell in Times Square, every one who could count started
shouting: "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

As Auld Lang Syne played, Mulder kissed Scully and William said

Scully remarked, "The world didn't end again!"

"What?" Mandy inquired.

Mulder winked and said, "Another story you'll just have to wait for."

"But the Earth moved," Scully whispered into Mulder's ear. She received
a knowing grin.

Mulder thought a minute, then asked, "So. Anyone have any New Year's

William, asking as spokesman for the family replied, "We'll write them
out tomorrow, but my first one will be not to put things off."

His parents laughed, and as they all toasted each other, Mom and Dad
felt like the luckiest people in the world.


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