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Another hybrid needs Scully's help, and she is so like Mandy it is amazing, but fate conspires against her. Can Mulder and Scully save the girl?

Yes, another hybrid has arisen and needs Mulder and Scully's help!
Written for Neoxphile's Hybrid Challenge.

Disclaimer: All X-Files characters belong to Chris Carter, Ten
Thirteen Productions and Fox Studios, and I sure hope Eric Carmen
and Raspberries don't mind me borrowing them for awhile. They're
all right in my books.

AUGUST 7, 1992

Pauline and Jimmy Moore finally saw the day their
adoptive daughter Alison took her first step. They
were quite pleased as she had seen so many treatments
for the problems that had occurred since she had been

Under the advice of Dr. Dana Scully, who they didn't
know, hadn't met, but were told of, they had her treated
with special medications and closely watched by their
physicians, who had at first thought the "hybrid" theory
was total bunk. But all the fevers and needed blood
transfusions finally convinced them that the serum to
protect and heal the girl were working. Dana Scully had
always regretted not having had her Emily treated. That's
why she called in reinforcements for any and all other
hybrids who had been born and adopted out. The search was
time-consuming for the special team involved, and it paid
off, altough some of it was an arduous task because some
had reached the age of consent to refuse medical treatment
and had not exhibited symptoms many others had had earlier
in life.

"Her first step, Honey! Her first step!" Pauline
exclaimed to her husband, who had been sitting in his
livingroom chair, reading the paper nonchalantly.

"Uh huh," he answered, without looking up.

"No, seriously!" his wife exclaimed happily.

"Oh yeah! That's right, I'm sorry, Dear. I was waiting
for this day!" Jimmy knelt down and gave their little girl
a hug. "Good for you, you little rascal. Keep at it and
you'll be running track and field in no time."

If only they were aware that someone else had much
different plans for Alison... Between The Consortium and
the aliens there was going to be another sort of race
against time. Would someone else be there to protect the
little girl?

MARCH 15, 2006

Now Alison was fourteen-years-old, reading "Tiger Beat" and
playing volleyball on the school team. She was strong. Very
strong. And the days of treatment were long past her, but
even after Colonization had been prevented, a few aliens were
still around and "The Consortium" had NOT fully disbanded as
Mulder and Scully had thought in their routine jobs with
their relatively normal family.

Since the costs of medical treatment were so high, the lucky
couple who had adopted Alison decided against adding to the
family. However, something went terribly wrong during one of
Alison Moore's volleyball practices.

EMS personnel raced her to the hospital and her parents followed.
The specialists who had dealt with the girl and others like her
were perplexed this time.

A bespectacled Dr. Karen Jones read over test results and
conferred with her colleagues as the Moores waited with
trepidation in Emergency. "I haven't seen anything like this
in any of the other similar patients, Armand."

Her fellow physician went over the papers. "I don't know
what's happened, but I think another DNA work-up is in
order. Blood tests, too. Its takes time for those to
come back, so all we can do is keep her stable."

"I'll break the news to her parents. Transfusions may keep
her stable, and we can replicate the serum again. I... just
don't know everything about all this business, Armand."

Her buddy patted her shoulder."Keep the faith. I'll go with
you. It's not easy dealing with usual children, either, in
medicine. I think it's time we also had someone find Dr.
Scully to get her opinion on this."

3:00 PM

Special Agent Fox Mulder was going over some routine memos is
the Office of The X-Files when he found one that was rather

He immediately picked up the phone. "Scully, get your Mom to
take care of the kids for a while. Something's come up."

"What's the matter?" She was stirring a bowl of cookie dough
at the time.

"Just get up here, please. I can't talk about it over the phone."

Scully was washing flour from her hands after having dusted
a cookie sheet. On her days off, she liked to try some
baking and spend time with the children. "Sounds rather cryptic,
Mulder." She shrugged and dried her hands. "Okay, I'll be there
as soon as I can. 'Bye."

3:45 PM

Mulder's wife had everything put together and was in the office as
soon as she could be there. "Okay, so another X-File, right? Or
maybe more riveting background checks?"

Mulder sat atop his desk. "Sort of."

"Well?" As she put her coat on the rack, she was anxious to get
this over and done with and see the children again.

"Sit down. It's... not all over yet."

"What's not all over?" The frown, the stare told Mulder Scully
wasn't happy, and she was definitely puzzled.

"Several hybrids were placed for adoption and treated, remember?
Well, one of them is now 14 and not doing very well. Austin Texas,
Pauline and Jimmy Moore adopted a little girl and named her
Alison. She's now 14, and is in hospital with strange
blood test results, oddly rearranged DNA and in very bad shape.
The usual treatments aren't working, but they are transfusing
her. Excels at almost everything she does, even loves Eric
Carmen music, too. This red-head who looks just as the girl we
brought into the family, Mandy, is no longer strong and one
of my sources says there are some aliens left and a 'new'
Consortium hanging around."

"No, no. That can't be possible! They were all sent packing, the
hybrids went to Jeremiah Smith's world, and that Consortium is
six feet underground. So, our newest child is also in danger?"

"The first order of the day is to see this little girl in Austin
and find out what's happened to her. We can protect ours with the
help of Skinner and Kersh."

"Many of them are mine, Mulder." Scully by this time had her head
in her hands. "Okay, so when do we take off?"

"That's my Scully."

Meanwhile, while Mulder and Scully were in flight to Austin,
several young men were meeting in an office in a secluded
building in New York City. Yes, The "new" Consortium.
A blond man in his thirties lit a cigarette and began the
latest meeting. "Well, we all know what happened to our
fathers, and we know why we're all here. What is this? Our
fifteenth meeting?"

"Yes," a black-haired younger man replied. "How is our
project coming along?"

"Very well, I must say. As sons, we have a duty to have the
remaining hybrids eliminated."

"I was hoping we wouldn't feel the need to 'eliminate' children
our own childrens' ages, but it must be done. The boy hired
is doing an excellent job with our latest hybrid."

"It is, indeed, a necessity," the black-haired man replied.
"We may need to rid ourselves of him once the job is completed.
As with the others, there may be a problem with security and

"I totally agree," another responded. "I totally agree. Our
fathers were honorable in what they were doing. The deal with
the aliens fell through, lives were lost, and dare I say even
old C.G.B. would agree."

"And his two sons?" another inquired.

"Off limits," the blond man shouted. "They are my brothers!"

Their leader pondered this for a moment. "All right. Let's
concentrate on the hybrid. The 'Alison Project' is our main
concern right now. See that nothing goes wrong."


Young Alison Moore was stable, yet weak. At least she had
her i-pod and music to comfort her. Her parents sat and watched
as she weakly hummed "All By Myself" with her eyes closed and
a slight grin.

"Well, I think she's comfortable," her father whispered.

"Yes," her mother countered, "But worried. I don't know how
much longer this will last. She may be stable and comfortable,
but she is so very weak and I can't find any other ways to make
her feel better. Oh, Jimmy, this hurts so bad. Our only child."
The woman began to weep.

Her husband put his arm around her. "Pauline, I feel the same
way. You know that. I wish there was something I could do.
Let's hope this Dr. Scully has some answers, ideas, anything."

Dr. Jones entered the room. "I thought you should know this:
Dr. Scully is on her way right now from Washington. She and
her husband should be here shortly. If it's any comfort to you,
she's the best in the field where this type of thing is
concerned. In fact, her own genetics hold the key to a lot of
the information we have. Her husband has also been affected by...

Pauline Moore swept tears from her face and whispered, "I hope
so. I pray to God she'll find a way to help us."

As they were talking, Mulder and Scully had arrived at the
hospital, identified themselves at the Unit's desk and entered
the room.

Scully's stomach churned slightly as she saw the child lying
weakly in her bed, listening to music, hooked up to an IV and
a transfusion bag.

"Dr. Scully! So glad you're here."

"Dr. Jones. This is my husband, Special Agent Fox Mulder. He
knows about these things almost as much as I do. In fact, he
told me about the Moores and Alison. We have a... daughter
similar to her. She looks very much like our little girl. May
I see the test results?"

"Yes. I'll get them and her records and we can find a room to
go over her case. Why don't you stay a few moments with the
family and take a look at Alison. We're doing our best to get
nutrients into her. She can still talk, as well. I won't
be long."

"Thank you." Scully took a seat and looked first at Alison
again, then the parents. "I want you to know I'm going to do
everything I can to help staff get your little girl up and
running again. Is that Eric Carmen I hear?"

"Her favorite," her mother replied. "Funny how she's into
seventies and eighties music. She can even sing them when
she... when she's around the house."

Dr. Jones popped her head in the door and announced, "Let's
start. I've found a room where we won't be disturbed."

Scully nodded,and took one last look at Alison, who was humming
another song. How she wished she could take her home as well.
However, as a doctor, she new the treatment of this patient was far
more important right now, and the Moores were very lucky to have
her and loved her dearly. For that she was most grateful.
"Mulder, I think you should stay here. Just for security if not
for anything else. Besides, these people need company."

"Of course. Maybe she'll tell me about herself and I think
you know why someone should be here with them for their own sake."

"For our own sake?" Jimmy Moore asked, with an alarmed look on
his face.

"I'll explain"

As Mulder began his talk with the Moores, Scully read Alison
Moore's test results. "Karen, she's reverting. Apparently, the
serum dose you gave her may need an increase. I may know a way
to modify it. Since I studied it completely, I may be able to
modify it to make it more effective, as well."

"Perhaps I should increase the dosage while you work on this."

"I agree. I'll need a lab. I have my documents about the serum
at the motel, and I can get started tonight. I'll need a lot
of black coffee as well, and... Omigod, I really should call
my children."

"We can do that. I'll ask my colleagues to set it all up. If
you were able to help save the world, I'm certain you can help
save this girl. She's special."

Scully managed a little smile. "I know. Believe me, I know."


"Say what!?" Mr. Moore exclaimed.

"That's about the whole story," Mulder solemnly stated. "We went
through these things with many people in your predicament. So
far, we've never seen any further problems. Agent Scully is a
professional doctor as well as an important FBI Agent, and
she is well qualified to look into the whys and wherefors of
Alison's condition."

Alison opened her eyes. "I can hear what you're thinking,
and I don't know why I'm hearing all these things and seeing
them in my mind. Mom, I'm scared!!"

Pauline stood and held her daughter closely. "I know, honey.
Please remember there's an answer to every problem, and we'll
get our answer very soon. You're strong inside. Just keep
praying and listening to your music. We brought plenty of
batteries for your i-pod, and can be here for you as much as

"If your parents aren't here, we have arranged protection for
you," Mulder added. "You know what I'm talking about."

"So do the strange people who gave me the bad DNA," Alison

"You know about that?" This surprised Mulder.

"It's in my mind. I can see them and hear them."

Her parents were shocked.

"They're still around?" Pauline Moore asked.

"Apparently from Alison's account, yes. I have no doubt but to
believe her. I'll need to see my partner about this. Excuse
me. I think I should find her and let her know. Don't worry,"
he told the parents, "We're going to protect your little girl
while she's being treated and find out what's going on. Agent
Scully and I are going to be relieved for the night, hopefully,
so you won't be without some security."

As he closed the door, he felt as though Scully would also
be worried about their own adopted Mandy. Yes, it was time to
call in to Skinner and Kersh.

"But I'm going back to the hospital," Scully said adamantly, as
she packed an overnight back and grabbed some files. " I already
talked to Mom, the kids are fine, and that's that."

Mulder folded his arms and stood at the motel room door. "You
need to think about yourself and get some rest. You're not
becoming emotionally involved, are you?"

"Well, of course not." Scully stammered. "We are just running out
of time on this one. If I can save Alison I can feel a lot
better. Now, out of my way, and I need a blood sample from you,
too. That's why I poked some from you."

He knew he couldn't win over that Scully stubborness, not to
mention her tendency to occasionally become a workaholic since
they discovered the cloning and hybrid programs, so he moved.
"All right, but take a break sometime and eat. You haven't had
a thing all day."

As she kissed her husband and headed out the door, the thought
occurred to her: Maybe she WAS becoming emotionally involved.
Alison Moore bore so much of a resemblance to Emily and Mandy
it scared her.

"All right," she replied, and opened the door. She turned
around before closing it and reminded Mulder, "You know we'd do
this for Mandy, too, don't you?"

"You know I do." He kissed her and closed the door.

Mulder wasn't sure what was going on with this new "Consortium"
that had arisen, and the thought of the aliens returning was
repulsive. Perhaps his contact would know. But he had no way of
contacting him. Waiting was going to be hard.

Scully had withdrawn some blood from him in the small amount of
time she was there to pick up a few things. Would Mandy's
and William's blood be needed, too? Most likely. Then there
was Meg to consider as well.

In fact, Scully would likely already have taken a sample of
her own, he reasoned.

Alison Moore had many friends at school, but she held her secret
close to her heart. Cards and flowers lined up all over her
hospital room. No one was told what was wrong with her, but
someone knew. Someone who she trusted. Someone who she
helped in Math class.

One boy visited her a lot more than many of the others. Her
parents had figured it was either a crush for one or both of
them, and sometimes even left her friends and this particular
boy in the room for short visits.

This one boy strode into Alison's room just after supper that
evening, and her parents left the room to get something to eat.
He injected something into her IV line and proceeded with his
visit as her "friend".

"Hey, Sleeping Beauty, wake up or I'll have to..."

Alison opened her eyes and said, "Oh no you don't, Bigley. If
you kiss me I'll scream since I can't slug you! So how was
YOUR day?"

"Nothing much. Just History, English, the usual things. So,
any idea when they're springing you?" He knew she wouldn't
be leaving the hospital on her feet or even breathing.

Alison sighed disappointedly. "I don't know. I'm so tired.
And I'm just so tired of being poked, prodded and pinched
with needles and IV lines. I'm just so tired I can't even
stand up."

Hmm. It was all sinking into Jim Bigley's brain. As he
saw Alison lying there almost dead, he was begining to
have second thoughts about what he had been assigned to
do. These injections he was giving her every day were killing
her, and what would that make him? A murderer. It wasn't
worth all that money those men were giving him.

"Uh, maybe I should let you get some rest. My parents want
me to get a few things for them. Think positive, and I'll
see you soon."



"Thanks for being such a good friend. I think a lot of our
other friends are kinda scared. That's why they don't come
so often. Thank them for me, by the way."

"I will." Jim Bigley left the room with a lot to think about.
Then he met Alison's mother and father on his way out.

Mr. Moore said, "Why so glum, chum?"

"Uh, it's just tough seeing a friend so sick. That's all."

"Well, the doctors are doing the best they can, Just keep
believing. You know, your visits always cheer her up."

"Yeah. Well, I gotta go."

Mrs. Moore's eyes followed the boy as he headed for the elevator.
"What in the world...? He never looks so worried, Honey."

"Well, you know how some hate hospitals. C'mon, Pauline.
Let's get back to Alison's room."

In the meantime, Mulder called the hospital to find out how
Scully was faring, considering the situation and her task at

Scully's assistant picked up the phone. "Pediatric Lab."

"Yes, I'd like to speak with Dr. Scully. I'm her husband and
I work with her for the FBI."

"Sure. Dr. Scully, it's for you."


"Making any progress yet?"

"A little. Once we get the other blood samples, we'll be a lot
further ahead. How about you?"

"Well, I went through some files on her school, and apparently
she's quite popular. I think I should check them out. Could
you do me a favor and ask if the Moores are familiar with them?
Some names would give me a good start."

"I could do that when I take a break. I'm waiting for some
more test results to come back. I'll let you know if I find
out anything. It's hard seeing this girl, Mulder."

"I know. Believe me, I know. I'll get back to work and let
you go. Love you."

"I love you, too. 'Bye." Scully was feeling rather tired
just from the flight, but she felt she had to get the research
going to help Alison Moore. Her biological daughter. It was
painful to see the girl lying in the bed barely able to move.
She put off the visit until she managed to get something to eat
in the cafeteria.

As she took the elevator back to the floor Alison was on, she
wondered just how she was going to get through seeing the girl
again. Even an FBI Agent as tough as Scully could feel torn
and worried.

When she returned to the laboratory, she immediately called
Mulder with several names of Alison's friends. "And that's
the list, Mulder."

"Is there anyone who visits Alison most frequently?" Mulder

"Well, apparently the Moores mentioned a very special friend by
the name of Jim Bigley. There are pictures of them together on
the school's website. Why?"

"Just wondering. Does anyone else visit as often, other than
this boy and her friends?"

"Only her parents, Mulder. I've got to get back to work. Can you
do me a favor?"

"Drive you back to the motel?" Mulder hoped.

"No. I'd like you to arrange for samples from our kids. Just tell
the family doctor I'm doing a special study on genetics. You
know he doesn't have a clue about our entire story." Scully
was beginning to get a headache but wanted to pursue more work.

Mulder hesitated. "All right. Tomorrow morning I'll contact
Dr. Wright and have his nurse withdraw blood. And Scully?
Come back and get some rest. It's getting late and you have
to be tired by now."

Scully pondered the thought for a moment. "All right. If I
almost pass out before midnight, I'll call you to come and
get me."

"Thank God. I'll access the school's website and see just what
this boy looks like and what he does there. Remember, before

"You worry too much, Mulder."

"That's because I love you, and you're the mother of my children
and my wife. Now, I'll let you get back to work. Don't push
yourself too hard." As he hung up the phone, he realized he was
becoming tired, but the drive to solve this case of sorts was
keeping him going.

As young Jim Bigley walked through the dark streets mulling
over the state Alison was in, and the deal he had made with
strangers to administer whatever it was that was in the vials
he had been given, a blond man in a grey trench coat stood and
soon met with him in the shadows of a tree. "I trust you've
continued to do your job?"

"Yeah. Yeah, she's getting worse. You told me this was going
to help her get better!" Jim felt some anger starting to

"She will, she will." The man handed Jim an envelope. "Your
weekly pay plus more supplies. Just remember, you do your
job and everything will turn out fine."

The boy looked at the envelope and felt rather sick and sad.
"Will it? For Alison's sake, I sure hope so. She's been very
good to me. Everybody loves her, and nobody has a bad word
to say about her."

The blond man nodded and pretended to be sympathetic. "I'm
sure she's a good and kind girl, Jim. Just keep up the good
work. Isn't it time you went home?"

"I was just gonna say I had to go. Good night."

"Don't let us down," the mysterious figure told him.

*Yeah right*, Jim thought, as he continued down the streets.
*I smell a rat, and I don't know what this stuff is.*

Mulder sat in the motel room going over the school website.
Printing out a few pictures of this Jim Bigley might not be
a bad idea, he thought. Maybe even checking up on his home
might be a good idea.

The phone rang as he prepared to copy the pictures to file.

"It's me. I'm exhausted, Mulder. Take me back to the motel.
I should get some rest. You were right. Tomorrow we can get
Mom to send the samples by courier service. Then, I can do

"I'll be right there," Mulder said.

"First I have to look in on Alison Moore."

"Don't do this to yourself, young lady. I don't want you
put through any more pain tonight."

"I just feel I need to, Mulder. As a doctor and FBI Agent..."

"And someone emotionally involved. All right, I resign myself
to this emotional tie you have. After all, she was created
from a part of you. Just keep it short. I'm on my way out,
and tomorrow I go to print out some pictures."

"I'll see you shortly," she told her husband, as they hung up
the phones in unison. *Oh my God, another one of at least eight
hybrids, and some are mine,* she thought. *Dad would freak and
Mom would cry. Where do I stand now, Lord?*

"Our young employee seems troubled by his task," the blond man
told the black haired man over his cell phone.

"A few more days, and we can dispose of him," the man reminded
his cohort. The plan is already laid out."

While the Consortium, or their sons rather, were making their plans,
Scully was trying to boost the formula of the vaccine with the help
of hospital staff, Mulder was printing out copies of Alison's young
friend, and profiling his movements with the aid of a few other
agents. The success of the stronger vaccine was yet to be seen.
After all, miracles only happen in half-hour dramas on the blasted

Had anyone slept in the past 48 hours? Not even young Jimmy. Hired
to assassinate a girl his own age, he had figured by this point. The
only person who had slept was Alison Moore, and that was from severe
fatigue and immune system breakdown. Luckily, Mulder had made sure
young Jimmy, unbeknownst to him, was already under guard, as
were the Moore family. THESE were the lucky people. Not so many
had been as fortunate in the past. Hadn't Emily bitten the dust?
Wasn't her sister saved by the bell?

Scully hadn't been in contact with her children in hours,so
she called their home to ensure that her mother and children were
safe. Naturally, questions were answered and evaded, worries
reassured, and a headache grew in one Dana Scully-Mulder's head.
SHE was tempted to put on some Raspberries and relax, but a job
needed to be done, and she felt it her personal responsibility.

At 11:50 that morning a few things had changed, at least. Pictures,
a stronger formula, a more relaxed Alison Moore. Her poor parents
were sleeping in chairs in her room. The blood samples were on their way.

Everyone was hoping that Jimmy Bigley was safe yet hadn't noticed his
protectors. Oh, the inveiglers were spotted and sorted out. The 'New
Consortium' hadn't had the experience or knowledge of their
forefathers, but it would be an awfully rough case to prove through
the courts, even though history had proven Mulder and Scully correct.

At approximately midnight two days after the stronger vaccine had been
administered and on a regular schedule, Alison was awake and singing
weakly, but there was a strong sense that she would recover with
maintenance treatments.

Jimmy Bigley went through three years of therapy before he could
comprehend all that had gone on, but went to medical school and is
now in his first year's internship in... pediatrics!

Alison Moore e-mails her Mulder-Scully family and thanks them
for their kindness. The Mulders are also seeing her on a semi-
yearly basis. What a bunch of lucky folks, yet Scully still cries
over departures, resemblances, and personality traits. Can you blame

All Meg Mulder could yell when her Mom and Dad entered the house back
in Alexandria was, "So, WHERE'VE YOU BEEN!" I think somebody sometimes
feels ditched... Remind you of anyone else we know there?


And may all YOUR mutants have a healthy Christmas! :)

Mulder, Scully and the The X-Files are not mine. They are owned by Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox Studios and no copyright infringement is intended. I brought Alison to life as well as her adoptive parents, her so-called friend, his employers and the doctors.