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The first Mother's Day after Mulder discovers The
Truth and its consequences, Mulder feels for Scully.

Rated: PG-13 (Language)

Category: MT, MA, SA, M POV

Spoilers: The Truth

Summary: Man, somebody's angry...


Archive: Gossamer. Anyone else, just use your nice
"netiquette". Please tell me where you took my baby.

SUNDAY MAY 06, 2001
2:03 AM

Dammit. What the hell have I done? Here we are, out in the
middle of nowhere! Are you all happy? Are you all so damn
happy now that it's Mother's Day, Scully and I are presumed
dead, and our baby is in the hands of two complete strangers?

Hey, I've only seen the 337th ad for Mother's Day flowers and
spa gift certificates, my broken-hearted partner went off
to bed early after I begged her to take a Sominex and do that,
and I'm sitting here watching old Harold Lloyd silents.

Satisfied? Bet not. Because if you've got any consciences,
you know what you've done. They'll get away with it, too.
You're selling the world out. Selling your souls. Selling out!

Well, DUHHHHH! NOT. Not if we have any say in it. And we do.
Did you really think that little chip, all the experiments, all
the deals and machinations would make it all better? A wise man
once advised me, "Trust no one." Who the hell do YOU trust?

There is so much at stake, and Scully and I are willing to go
to the ends of the earth to prevent what you think is the

Do you feel? Do you bleed? Do you love your children? I'm
betting you do. But don't sell them out, dammit! Letting them
win makes you and your children slaves. Yup. Indentured to
aliens. Do you wonder how they treat their mates? Their young?

How do they deal with everyday folks like themselves in their
own world?

You, my Dad and everyone you lost didn't THINK!
Well, I've had plenty of time to think. I was thinking so hard
today I had Scully here thinking I'd been found, captured,
maybe killed. I walked from dawn until sunset out here in the
desert, got one hell of a sunburn, and still managed to find
some time to get Scully a Mother's Day consolation present.

Those damn adoption papers! I have an old boss holding them for
me. It sure wasn't easy getting a secure message to him.
We're going to be seeing you all burn very soon. Right before
the American public. Live at six, eleven and probably ad
nauseum on Fox News and that other cable channel. We're going
to see you brought down, the aliens shoved right back where they
came from, and the insane technology you created with their
'help', super soldiers, stopped. Gone. Flushed like you know

Today is Mother's Day. Scully's Mom won't be able to see her
or know that she is alive. Scully won't be able to see our
son. Well, I am going to give her one day of escapism right
here in the middle of nowhere. We're going to fit years into
twenty-four hours. We are going to do everything from ice cream
to facials, both of us. So she can laugh with me.

After today, watch out. My sunburn is an 'annoyance' compared
to the lesson you're all about to learn.

Happy Mother's Day. You might want to honor your mothers and
wives today, thinking this may be the last of about ten more
Mother's Days. It isn't. Not if we have any say about it.

"Hey, Mulder? Time to take another look at that sunburn. What's
the matter?"

"Nothing," I say. "Just thinking."

"I know. Don't be sad on my account. It's one day at a time."

She's right. How did Scully get so wise?


Disclaimer: Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox
Studios own them by copyright. I made no money writing this
or any other story, and I intend no copyright infringement.