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Stolen ova, possibilities, and facing the truth her
abduction helped create: Can Scully handle it after all she
went through to bear William?
Summary: Stolen ova, possibilities, and facing the truth her
abduction helped create: Can Scully handle it after all she
went through to bear William?

Rated: PG-13

Category: Post Series, Colonization Prevented, K, MA, SA

Spoilers: The entire series and Myth Arc.


Archive: Gossamer, The Nursery Files. I take care of
the others. Please be nice enough if you want any of the

There are some couples who, for one reason or another, are not
able to conceive despite all charts, calendars, in vitro attempts,
even hormonal therapies. It is a painful time when a man and woman
who dearly want children are told they must accept the fact that
they cannot create children of their own.

Henry and Denise Swenson decided to move beyond the pain of
infertility and adopt a little girl from the Sudbury Children's
Aid Society. Sudbury is on the province of Ontario, Canada. Nickel
is richly deposited in the ground, and many a man and woman works
long, hard days seeing to the mining, refining and transport of
nickel ore. Henry Swenson was a nickel miner.

They named their little girl Amanda, and called her Mandy. The
child had been one month old when someone left her with the
Society in 1997. There had been no clue as to the identity or
whereabouts of her parents or the person or persons who left
her on the doorstep of the Sudbury Office. Still, she spent six
months in a temporary foster home, and when the Swensons' turn
arrived on the waiting list, now they were three. A beautiful
little girl with red hair, blue eyes and not a care in the world
now had a new home. She grew into a bright, good-natured girl,
gifted with curiosity and a thirst for knowledge.

In 2006, business turned bad for Henry's employer. Fuel costs
increased at an alarming rate, the dollar in Canada was lower in
value than it had been in ages, and Henry's unemployment insurance
was barely enough keep the cupboards full, taxes paid in full and
11-year-old Mandy clothed. She was quickly growing and there was
Henry's new habit: drink. Home brewed beer. While Denise was a
customer service representative (cashier) for Walmart, her
salary was not quite sufficient to keep them all warm, safe and

Sometimes, a man like Henry becomes angry at the world when there
is no work to be had, no money to be earned, and times are tough.
When depression hits such a man, it is doubled by alcohol, and
quite often there is resentment that leads to anger.

Late one afternoon in March 2006, the 12th to be exact, Mandy
stepped off of the school bus and ran into the house all excited
over her upcoming class sleepover at a maple sugar bush. She ran
straight to her mother, who had just started dinner. "Mom, you
won't believe this! We're going on a sleepover at Wilson's Sugar
Bush on March 19th, and it only costs $75.00! Can I go?"

Denise, who was placing a meatloaf in the oven, had that sinking
feeling in her stomach. "We'll see, Honey. We'll see."

"Well, ask Daddy. Please?"

Mandy's mother began chopping onions. "Daddy's not feeling well
right now, Mandy, but I'll ask him later." She tried to make her
smile seem genuine, but there was pain in her eyes. "Dear, can
you get that science report started before supper? Mrs. Davidson
called about it... "

"I know," Mandy said. "I know. I found a couple of books in the
school library, and I'm going to start now."

"Great! Now, grab an apple and some juice so you can feed your
brain. Remember, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well."
Denise hugged Mandy and the subject of the trip was still on
her mind. After Mandy had left the kitchen, Denise felt a sense
of dread. Henry had been making his own beer, and he was not
going to like the proposition of more money going out of the
house instead of into their savings account.

The subject was brought up that evening after Mandy had gone to

"But it's only $75.00, and I can make it up with overtime for
a couple of days, Henry! It's a very educational trip, and I'm
sure she'd benefit from... "

Swenson sat in his recliner, sipping his latest brew. "We can't
afford any more money going out for nothing! And you're spending
too much time at work, anyway. Just why do your friends at
'Wallymart' keep telling you to stand up for yourself? Why don't
you stand up to the school? I'll tell ya why: They think I'm not
good enough for you!"

"Henry, I don't ask for much. I have been hoping you'd get
another job soon, but you aren't looking. And I can do the work
for that money... "

"YOU aren't the man of the house!" Henry yelled, scaring their
ginger tabby straight down to the basement.

"No, I don't suppose I am. But my father left this house to me,
and his will did say it was not to go to our marital estate. So,
if you don't have any plans to straighten up, sober up and get
a job, why don't you just... "

"Why don't I just what?" The man had his fist clenched. "Well?"

Denise stood from the couch and took a deep breath. "If hitting
a woman makes you feel like a man, go ahead. I stopped caring
when you started the heavy drinking."

The man just sat in silence. He was too tired due to his
compromised mental state, and the more he thought about his
future, the bleaker it seemed. "I'll show you," he grumbled, and
opened another bottle.

The headline the next day appeared in the Sudbury Expositor.
"House in Flames, Parents Dead." An 11-year-old child was reportedly
nowhere to be found, and the school had called the police after she
hadn't shown up for school that day. Many little children were
alerted and counselled at the school that day. The prospect of
Mandy Swenson showing up at school was not good.

Neighbors found her wandering...


The new house in Alexandria was a dream come true for the Mulders
and their little family. William and Meg were doing well adjusting
to school, Samantha Ann was on the verge of entering a play group,
and Dana Scully-Mulder was putting in part time hours with her
husband in the X-Files Office.

There were times when Mulder needed to leave them behind to tackle
cases in the field, but he had Jeffrey Spender, his half-brother,
as a partner for those occasions. When Jeffrey wasn't needed in
the basement, or out in the field with his brother, he took on
other duties to earn his pay.

All three of them knew how precious time was and how to make the
most of it, so it was a great working arrangement. Vacations in
West Tisbury in the summer and winter were planned and insisted
upon! Heck, this family deserved some semblance of normalcy. No
one knew that better than Dana Scully, because she had seen far
too much of the hectic trips, and Mulder knew this new life was
a dream come true for his wife. They both deserved it, after
having saved the world.

On one particular night, Mulder lay awake as Scully slept soundly
at his side. For some reason, seeing a news report from the Pentagon
on the national news that night had him thinking of those records.
Row upon row of tissue samples, files, and vials. The precious vials
that contained many a woman's ova, and many a man's sperm. Scully's
ova had been taken, along with those of many other women, to create
experimental alien/human hybrids and clones. He fondly yet sadly
remembered Emily, that one little girl who had been found to be
Scully's daughter, with genetic traits of both human and alien
races. How sad that was for his partner. He kept his grief over her
silent, as he felt Scully needed him to be strong. She knew him
better than that, and he knew she had sensed it. He never could fake
her out, but she never actually confronted him about his feelings.
She didn't have to.

"What happened to the others?" Of course. Jeremiah Smith offered
them amnesty in his home world. Any eggs that could possibly be
good were returned to their owners, if they had not removed the
chip that when excised spawned cancer. Still, the possibility that
some of the hybrids and clones opted to stay or were not found
lingered in his subconscious, visiting once in a while in the wee
hours of the morning. He looked at the clock on the bedside table.
Two-thirty-five, and a workday ahead. Sweet sleep took over his
being two hours later.

MARCH 15, 2006
7:25 AM

As William and Meg lingered over their oatmeal, little Samantha Ann
proudly fed herself and giggled at her Dad.

"You flirt," her father smiled. "I'm going to have to keep my eye
on you and watch for all those boys when you get older. Meg, Will,
get cracking. Your Mom's nearly ready and I want to see your
breakfast eaten before I go out the door."

"Oatmeal again," Will moaned. "Can't I have Super Sugar Nuggets?"

"You know how Mom feels about those cereals. Personally," he
continued, as he refilled his coffee cup, "I have to agree with her.
But they're fun to snack on when the Knicks are on, so let's
just save the sugary stuff for those times."

"Basketball," Meg announced, "Is boring. All those yucky tall

"I married a tall guy, and he isn't yucky. So, fill up, grab your
backpacks and let's get a move on." Scully was dressed casually.
As she poured a cup of milk for Samantha Ann, she passed the
newspaper to her husband.

"Thanks. I was just about to go out and get that."

"No problem." Scully kissed Mulder on the cheek and heard a
resounding 'Yuck' from her two older charges. She just smiled
and drank her coffee.

"I'm done," Will declared. "Three fourths, like we say in math
class, and that's most. Mrs. Dean said so."

"Okay, teeth and face."

"Sure, Mom."

"I'm done, too," Meg announced. She sipped the last of her orange
juice and followed her brother. Yes, it was rude of her not to
wait for her mother's permission to leave the table, but she was
the type to hurry at almost everything.

"Just like her Dad," Scully observed. "So, do you think you can do
without me at the office with Jeffrey on assignment?"

"Oh, I think I can manage. It's Wednesday, your half-day. Shopping
awaits not only for the galley but for the closet. I know you and
Sam here love the girl thing." Mulder smiled, kissed his wife once
more, and left the newspaper on the breakfast table. He then
kissed Samantha Ann and looked out the window. "Nice, mild day. I
think I'll be able to take a walk at noon."

"Have a good day, and we can have a great evening. If you know
what I mean... " She pulled her husband into an embrace.

"I'll try not to over tax myself, then." He went into the
living room and called up the stairs. "Bye guys! Love ya!"

Of course, Will and Meg ran down the stairs with toothpaste froth
on their mouths and gave their father a hug.

Mulder bent down and whispered, "Wipe your mouths before Captain
Mom inspects the crew."

Zoom. They were up the stairs in a flash.

MARCH 16, 2006
10:51 AM

Since preventing Colonization, Mulder and Scully hadn't seen a
dull day either at the office or at home. Reports of paranormal
phenomena, government conspiracies and U.F.O. sightings were coming
into the X-Files Office at a steady pace. Mulder had once told
his wife and partner they were "more popular than The Rolling
Stones". Parenting children ages 6, 4, and 2 was also no easy feat.

The tips, emails and newspaper clippings, along with the
occasional phone call were keeping that office humming. Of course,
many of the reports were actually proved natural occurrences, but
quite often something would catch their eyes that needed

Scully was due in the office at 1:00, and Mulder was going through
all of their messages in search of a first priority case. Someone
had slipped a manila envelope, unmarked, into the morning mail. Well,
nothing interested Mulder more than the unknown, so he placed it
on high priority, weighing it with the other reports, and decided
he would tackle the plain envelope first.

As he read the letter, looked at the pictures and read the clipping,
he became increasingly uneasy. "Oh my God... " He wanted someone to
pop out of nowhere and pinch him, telling him he was dreaming. This
was going to be heaven or hell for Scully, depending on how this
story was going to be proven or debunked, but no one could debunk
the picture of the little girl from Sudbury believed to be missing
after a fire destroyed her parents' home, killing them in the
process. There was a note enclosed with details of a woman who
had undergone fertility treatments and the child she left at the
Children's Aid Society in Sudbury. No facts on her husband, but
there was a paper found in the birth mother's car after the crash
that showed details of a Michigan fertility clinic's services.

Well, the slide show was going to be quite the surprise, and so
too the adoption records and medical history of this little...
Emily. Or someone who was a ringer for her. He could feel the
heartbreak Scully had suffered all those years ago, and his own
pain. Those were the most heart wrenching days for both of them,
and Mulder couldn't confide his own pain to Scully because she
was suffering enough. A child engineered with her ovum. How many
had there been? How many had lived and agreed to go to wherever
Jeremiah Smith's home world was? Was the Swenson girl the last
of them all, or were there more? How would this impact on William,
Meg, and Samantha Ann? Would this girl be in good health? How would
she adjust to meeting her genetic mother? All these questions were
running through the man's mind and he remembered the nights he
had been thinking about these things. *Shake your head and wake
up,* he told himself.

There was no putting it off: He had to prepare the presentation
and make some calls before Scully signed in this afternoon. Then
there was the nagging idea of others like Mandy somewhere.

1:05 PM

Scully scurried into the office to find her husband tapping
his pen on the desk in a daze. "Mulder? I see all the evidence of
an impending slide show, but the emcee is backstage. What is it?"

"Scully, sit down."

She hung her coat on the rack. "Another violent crime?" She saw
the grim look on Mulder's face, and pulled up a chair.

"Not exactly. Remember all the women whose ova were extracted,
yours included?"

"Yes." Ouch. "Whatever it is, just tell me, because I won't break.
Not after all we've been through from the time William was born."

"I have sent for all records on the girl in this case, and your
DNA file. The statistics on Emily are still on file here. I don't
know where to begin, but I guess the slide show is still on."

Scully's eyes misted over. "Well, I think the truth is always
best. And that's what I love about you, because we have no secrets
between us. So, I'd like to see the pictures and read the facts
so we can get to work on this."

"You're sure?" Mulder didn't want Scully in so much pain again.

"I am... " Her voice was quavering. "I am ready. Let's get to

Mulder gave his explanation of the facts beginning with the ovum.
Talk about the beginning. Nine years ago, a Detroit area woman
entered a fertility clinic for the third and last time, underwent
an in vitro procedure, and gave birth to a healthy little girl on
January 5th of the next year, 1997. The stress of the in vitro
treatments and subsequent birth caused unbearable strain on her
marriage, and she crossed into Windsor, Ontario when the child was
about a month old. She drove as far as Sudbury, Ontario, where she
placed the baby, still in her carseat, on a seat in a diner, with
a letter to the C.A.S., quietly leaving. Her car was found totalled
on a slippery highway, and she was pronounced dead on arrival at

The baby was found to be healthy and placed into foster care at
a time when demand for adoption of newborns was high. A couple
by the name of Swenson qualified to adopt this child. They named
her Amanda, and she proved to be extremely intelligent and well.
She was a gentle soul who loved everyone, despite the hard times
that had befallen her adoptive family before the fire...

"So, you have no clue as to where this information came from, yet
all of this evidence... even a school portrait that looks a heck
of a lot like my picture when I was that age. Another Emily?"

"Mandy. Are you okay?"

"To be honest, I don't know. I can't seem to think straight. It's
like that one Christmas so long ago, and I can't imagine what to
make of this. So she's alive?"

"Yes. She does not require therapy for any blood disorder... As
far as I know, there are no others that resulted from the one
fertility clinic in Michigan... No one really knows, though... We
were pretty thorough when we tracked down all the clones, hybrid
clones and cells. I believe we were, but then... "

"You're as shocked as I am. I guess it takes a lot to shock you."

"Not after my abduction," Mulder whispered. "So, do you want to
continue the investigation or let it... "

As teary eyed and confused as she was, Dana Scully-Mulder was not
about to bow out of this case and just drop the issue. "This is
family, Mulder. If Mandy Swenson is my daughter, I want to see
her. I want to consider custody."

"You call the lawyer, I'll call the RCMP in Canada and the Sudbury
Children's Aid Society. Maybe we can get up there as early as
tomorrow. Grandma Scully is going to want to know why she's baby
sitting when you don't do the out of town cases anymore."

"Telling her, Mulder. We have to tell her together. But I think
it's going to have to be after we have investigated everything.
Mulder, how can I feel so much joy and pain at the same time?"

"I've been wondering that about myself since this morning, Scully.
Honest to God I love you. I didn't want to see you in pain."

"It's a part of life, Mulder. Just as joy is. So, let's get
the ball rolling. We have to get home and have William set up
his book report anyway. How DO we tell the kids?"

"As simply and honestly as possible. Actually, you are taking it
quite well."

"I'm a Scully, and I'm a Mom. Comes with the territory."


MARCH 17, 2006
1:53 PM

Mulder and Scully waited anxiously outside of the Supervisor's
office with documents and pictures in hand.

"When did you say Mr. Smithers could get away?" Mulder asked.

"Probably tomorrow. He assured me he'd be here by then. He's
reading up on Ontario's laws regarding adoptions, and that reminds
me, we need to check in with the local RCMP. Did you call them?"

"They're expecting us around 4:00. We should be through here
before then. I know the waiting is bothering you." Mulder put
his arm around his wife, and looked straight at her. "I know."

"It's just so... It's so unnatural, compared to other parenting
experiences. Having to apply to even see your own child. I went
through this with Emily... "

"Things are entirely different this time, Scully. Just remember
we have three of the most adorable kids, and things have a way
of working out. I put Jeffrey in the office for a few days."

"Well, that's good to hear. Did you tell him?"

"Not yet... "

At that moment, the Supervising Social Worker was ready to see
the Mulders. She offered her hand to Scully first. "Hi, I'm
Rebecca Brown. You must be the Mulders. Come in."

Scully took a seat, and Mulder preferred to remain standing for
the time being. "As you can tell by these test results as compared
to the Swenson girl's records, the genetic testing speaks for

"Well, Mr. Mulder, please sit down. Don't be nervous. I do have
to tell you that because we didn't do the testing, the law says
there must be another sample from Dr. Scully and Mandy Swenson.
Now, it's just the law of the land, and I did speak with your
attorney this morning. He'll be here tomorrow, we can get the
testing done, and I can have the temporary foster mother bring the
girl to our Visitation Center as early as tomorrow afternoon."

Scully needed to know. "How is... how is Mandy taking her parents'

"Well, that's an issue we're looking at. It seems she did hear
the parents quarreling the night before the fire. I'm sure you
saw the report on the news tape I see here."

"We did," Mulder admitted. "She appeared to be in shock. Who
wouldn't be after something like that? So, did the police
say what caused the fire?"

"Apparently, it was set deliberately. The mother was killed
with blunt force trauma, and it was the father who poured
gasoline around the livingroom. There was a fire going in the
fireplace, and you can understand the rest. As for Mandy, she
heard the smoke detector, opened her bedroom window, and
climbed down a tree. She was found, walking around in a daze,
by her neighbors."

"Has she seen anyone?" Scully wanted to know.

"She's been assigned to a social worker, and she is grieving for
the mother. She was closer to her than she was to the father. She
does miss both of them. We're keeping her out of school until
she can handle it. Very bright girl."

Mulder smiled warmly. "I believe she would be. Would you like
to see pictures of her siblings?"

"I would Mr. Mulder, but I'm afraid I have a staff meeting to
attend and... "

"I know: Parents with their wallets full of portraits."

"Don't knock it," Ms. Brown laughed. "You should see my wallet.
All right. I'll call you when we get a definite time for Mandy
to see you. Relax. Everything looks promising."

Scully smiled. "Thanks. We'll see you soon, then." She stood
and Mulder followed her as she left the room. "Well?"

"Sounds good so far, Honey. Let's get something to eat and
call home. Tonight, I want to go over my notes. Whatever
happens, I'm with you all the way. However long it takes."

"We'll still need their approval, you know."

"In this case, I think biology takes priority over bureaucracy
Scully." He pressed the elevator button. "If it takes time and
assessment, even a family study, we can handle that.
Remember: We're heroes."

"One of whom has an inflated ego. Better hide that if the DSS
in Alexandria is going to look over the family."

"Father has closet egotistical tendancies? I don't recall that
being in the DSM IV, but I'll try to tone it down."

"That's my Mulder. Now, let's get some calls made."

The elevator doors opened and Mulder reached for his cell
phone. "Hey, Maggie! It's your favorite son-in-law... Happy St.
Patrick's Day!"

MARCH 18, 2006
2:03 PM

The Mulders' lawyer had arrived safely and soundly. Doug Smithers
was a middle-aged man with plenty of Family Law experience.

"Well, it looks to me like you have all your ducks in a row. Is
this really one of your cases?"

"Indirectly," Mulder assured him. "Actually, it's more a head's
up about a relative, I'd say."

"Doug, if she's my biological child, then she belongs with us. We
know the birth mother's husband has signed off as far as his
rights go."

"I agree, Dana. And apparently, the Social Workers here agree.
They do want to see how she responds to you, and contact your
Department of Social Services in Alexandria. Let's get the paper
work done so you can get ready to take your little girl home,
then. I must tell you, the picture you faxed me tells the whole

"So have you heard from the C.A.S. up here?"

"Fox, you're the ones who are going to hear from them. I'm
dealing with their lawyer. Make sure to check in often with the
RCMP, before they think you're trying to invade." Smithers
chuckled. "I have a few documents to have processed. Take care."

"Yeah. Thanks, Doug." After the lawyer had left, Mulder put his
arms around Scully. "Relax. We'll see her. Those muscles are
tense. Look at me: Do you believe me when I say everything will
be okay?"

"Yes. I'm just thinking about how the children will handle the
news that they have an older sister. And Mom... "

"Your Mom will love Mandy, because it'll be like seeing you
grow up all over again... "

"Wow. She's in for the time of her life! Okay, let's fill out
those forms the Children's Aid wanted, and then we can get the
kids some souvenirs."

"Only after you kiss me."

"Why Fox Mulder, you flirt... "



It was about 5:00 when Scully picked up the phone in their motel

"Mrs. Mulder, it's Rebecca Brown with good news. You can see
Mandy tomorrow down at our office. The receptionist will take
you to the visitation room. How does 3:00 tomorrow sound?"

"Well, it sounds... " 'Mandy tomorrow' she mouthed to Mulder. "It
sounds wonderful! We'll be there."

"Remember, not a lot of stimulation. She's been through a very
traumatic experience."

"Yes. of course. I'm a doctor, and Mulder's a psychologist. We'll
be careful. See you then."

"Take care now."

Scully was brimming with joy. "My baby! We get to see my baby!"
She flew into Mulder's arms and knocked him onto the bed. "Oops.

"Oh, I think you can make it up to me... " His devilish smile was
all it took, and he knew it. "Then, after dinner, I should call
Jeffrey to see how things are at the office... "

"Oh, I think all the things you left at the office are just fine.
What you brought with you, I can handle very well."


MARCH 19, 2006
3:15 PM

Mandy Swenson was playing with a puzzle as Mulder and Scully were
shown into the visitation room. Of course there was a two-way
mirror for a social worker to observe the family and Mandy's
emotional state.

"Hi," Scully began, as she kneeled beside the girl's chair. "My
name is Dana, and this is my husband Fox."

"You know what? I'm doing a puzzle right now. 100 pieces."

"And you're doing it very well," Scully assured her. "I looked just
like you when I was 9. Do you know why?"

"No. They say everybody has a look-alike somewhere."

"Can you read to us?" Mulder asked.

Mandy giggled. "Well, I don't have any books in here."

"Maybe you can make up a story to tell us," Scully suggested. "A
nice story about you would be great!"

The visit ended about a half hour later. Social workers observed
that Mandy told Mulder and Scully a story about a little girl
who knew she was already adopted once, and about a sad, angry
Daddy and a Mom who worked too hard. Her parents fought a lot
before the house burned down, and this made the little girl sad.
The social workers were tremendously pleased with the way Scully
handled Mandy's statement about feeling responsible for the last
fight and their deaths.

"How could you be to blame? They were the adults. Your Daddy
made a bad decision that he didn't have any right to make."

Mandy finally asked why she looked like Dana at the age of 11.

"Well, I know that because you were made from part of me."

"An egg?"

"Yes. An egg."

"So, when I was a baby I was in your tummy?"

"Well... That's enough for now. Some day, maybe you can meet our
children. They're a little younger than you." She left it at that.


Months passed without word as to a decision about Mandy's custody
status, until one morning in June. After all the home studies,
Mandy's short visits at their home, and four weekends with the
family, this little girl who had an unbelievable start in life
and an extremely traumatic experience, was going to be a permanent
part of the Mulder family.

The Alexandria DSS office called Scully at home one warm morning.
"Mrs. Mulder we have wonderful news! You have satisfied every
requirement to gain custody of Mandy Swenson. Your children
responded very well to her during visits and we see no reason to
delay this any longer."

"What exactly are you saying?" Scully knew enough about life not
to let herself get overly excited.

"I'm saying you may take full physical custody of Mandy today."

"Today. We're ready. We're more than ready. What time?"

"This afternoon, if that's all right with you... about 3:00?"

"Of course! It's the best news I've heard in ages. Thank you. I'd
better call my husband. Thank you." She took in a deep breath.

Scully called Mulder, who seemed like a proud expectant father
the way he shouted, "We got game! Yes!", then spoke to each of
the children separately.

While William and Meg chased each other around in the backyard,
she spoke with Samantha Ann. "Now, I know you might get a bit
jealous, but that big girl Mandy is coming here to live with us.
She's your sister. I know you don't understand it all, and I
can't tell you much more until you're a bit older, but she is
your sister. Just like Meg."

"Big sister?" the 2-year-old asked.

"Yes. Big sister. Isn't that a good thing?"

"Yup. I want a bigger sister."

Next, Scully spoke with Meg. "You know that you have a big

"Yes, Mommy. My big sister is bigger than Will, too. I like that.
And Daddy think's I'll love the odds... what are odds, Mommy?"

"Well, I'm going to have to talk to your Daddy about this. Anyway,
there are more girls than boys, and one more is just fine in my
opinion. Now, it doesn't mean the girls are better than Will. All
it means is that we have another person to love very much."

"So, can she sleep in my room?"

"Of course she can. I just remembered: we didn't set up the bed
yet. You and Will can help Mommy and Daddy do that after lunch.
Now, you go get your brother and tell him I have some good news
for him." *Why didn't we get that bed put together before now?*
Scully wondered. *We didn't want to get anyone's hopes up. Mine
in particular.*

William made a mad dash into the kitchen. Scully didn't mind that
he had tracked mud into the kitchen. "Yeah Mom?"

"William, today Mandy is coming to live with us."

"Cool. Is she really older than me?"

"Well, yes. But Mom and Dad are still in charge, William. You know
how you're special because of the way you came into the world?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Well, Mandy is very special because she was made from a part of
me. That's why she has red hair. But how do you feel about Mandy
coming to live with us?"

"Well, she can't play my Nascar games when it's my turn on the
computer, but she can have one of my stuffed dogs to take to
bed for a while until she gets settled. But I might need him
back if I get sick. She can help me with my reading, but she
can't do it for me, 'cause that's not helping me."

"She's coming for good today. You really have everything

"Well, not everything."

"Just go easy on her, young man. She's going to need some time
to get used to us, and I know you'll need time to get used to
her. Now, bring Meg in to get washed for lunch. Daddy's coming

"'Kay." Zoom. Out the door as fast as he had come in.

While making lunch...

"Mom. I have to call Mom!" She dialed the phone just as Mulder
walked into the house to overhear the call. "Mom! You're going
to be seeing your first granddaughter next time you come out here,
so get into that car now. We're having a celebration tonight... "

He decided to let Scully plan Mandy's homecoming. He recalled
something Scully had taught him many years ago: Nothing is more
important than family and loved ones. "Not even freaky creatures
who drive flying saucers and smoke Morleys," she had once said.


Disclaimer: You know they belong to Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen
Productions and Fox Studios, and that I intend no copyright
infringement. You also know I'm a sucker for these two and the
family I made up for them. William belongs to the same folks
who own Mulder and Scully. But Meg and Samantha Ann are mine
and the Mulders', and I MEAN IT! <VBEG> WONECHACOM INN is
fictitious. I was thinking of using Dew Drop Inn, but that is
in Wiarton, Ontario.

Disclaimer: You know they belong to Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen
Productions and Fox Studios, and that I intend no copyright
infringement. You also know I'm a sucker for these two and the
family I made up for them. William belongs to the same folks
who own Mulder and Scully. But Meg and Samantha Ann are mine
and the Mulders', and I MEAN IT! <VBEG> WONECHACOM INN is
fictitious. I was thinking of using Dew Drop Inn, but that is
in Wiarton, Ontario.