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Rated: G

Category: K, MSR, DRR

Spoiler(s): The whole series. We won the war.


Archive: Gossamer, Nursery Files.
Others please ask and ye shall receive.

Author's Note: Responding to The Nursery Files
Thanksgiving Challenge.


Little Meg Mulder was fast asleep in her carseat as her
father parked the vehicle outside of the Doggetts'
apartment building.

"Unkie Doggie's house! Yay!" William cheered and

Scully unfastened her seat belt and warned him: "Uncle
John will do nicely, young man, and we have had this little
talk before. Now, let's get out of the car quietly so as
not to wake Meg."

Mulder removed their daughter from her seat as Scully held
the door open for William. "Now remember, we're visiting.
I know you'll be very good, and remember it's Thanksgiving."

"Yes Mom," Mulder saluted as he said these words.

"Okay, I know where William's sarcasm comes from. Shall

They entered the lobby of the building, and Mulder pushed
the elevator button. "It's still hard to believe he got
the nerve to pop the question, let alone talk about
starting a family right away."

"Well, thank God he's let go of the past," Scully added.

"What's 'letting go of the past' mean, Mommy?"

Scully smiled at Mulder, then kneeled to explain the
saying to her son. "Well, it means forgetting bad things
that may have happened and getting on with your life.
Okay, in we go."

Mulder pressed 4 on the keypad as Meg remained asleep in
her father's arms. "There's something I didn't tell you,
Scully. Only because Monica and John wanted to make it a

"Really? What?"

"You'll see." He just smiled and rocked Meg as they left
the elevator, walking to Apartment 404. Scully knocked.

"Just a sec!" It was the barely audible voice of John
Doggett, followed by his hurried footsteps. "Hey! C'mon
in, and pleeee-ease, keep your voices down. He was wearing
a plaid apron and looked rather tired.

Mulder smirked. "Little woman got you in the kitchen?"

"Yeah, funny Mulder. Hey William, Dana. Little Meg's
asleep, huh? Put your coats in the clost and I'll be back
in a minute." He hurried off to the kitchen.

"Nice place," Scully marvelled as she hung William's coat
and took Meg into her arms.

"I'll go get the bags," Mulder offered. "Stay inside, Will. It's
getting rainy."

Scully took William and Meg into the livingroom and sat on
the couch, as John brought them refreshments. "Hot coffee
for the adults, and a nice hot cocoa for William. Want me
to warm Meg's bottle?"

"Yes, just let me get one out of the bag. My, you sure are
becoming quite the family man, but where's Monica?"

"She's resting."

"Resting? On Thanksgiving? Who may I ask is cooking?"

Doggett knew the jig was up. "I am. You'll see why soon.
She should be up in a few minutes."

"She isn't sick, is she? I might be able... "

"Mommy's a doctor," William added.

"Well, Monica doesn't need a doctor right now, guys. She is
very healthy. The sweet potatoes... " He ran into the

Mulder returned with luggage, and placed it in the hallway.
"Apparently, we're all in the second bedroom. So, where's

"He's in the kitchen. Mulder, the man is behaving so
strangely, and Monica is 'resting'. Don't you think that's

Mulder shrugged. "Well, if you mean Doggett... "

"Don't give me the smart comeback. You know what I mean.
Usually, he'd be vegged out watching the game. Now tell me
what's going on."

At that moment, Monica Reyes entered the livingroom in her
robe, carrying a small bundle wrapped in a blanket.

Scully's eyes lit up. "No!" She stood and ran to get a
look at the baby, while still carrying Meg.

"Yes, and isn't she cute? We wanted to surprise you. After
the past year, we've been very busy at work, and we managed
to conceive almost immediately after getting married. Her
name is Anna."

"Oh, she's so much like you, Monica!" Scully marvelled that
another miracle had entered the world after so much hardship.
"She's how old?"

"A week. We had to threaten Mulder with praying mantisses to
get him to keep his mouth shut."

"Praying mantisses?" William was clearly confused.

"Never mind," his father said firmly. "Wash up for dinner."

He wandered over ever so quietly to see young Anna, and
then walked around behind his wife. Mulder, his eyes full
of mischief, looked at Anna and said, "Well, we're still
one ahead of them. Want to try for another one? It's

Monica laughed. "You'd better hope Dana gets a lot of rest
before you get in over your head with chores."

Scully gave Mulder a mock glare. "My thought exactly." Her
eyes became soft and wet. "Still... "

William ran out of the bathroom. "Daddy! Can I get out my

"Sure. Your bag's right beside mine over there. That
reminds me... " Mulder ventured over to his luggage and
pulled out a wrapped box.

"Where's you get that?" Scully asked. "Even more
importantly, how did you get that past me?"

Monica took the box as Mulder held little Anna. She sat
on the couch and opened the beautiful package. "A
Christening gown," she cried. "You're so sweet!" She hugged
Scully, then Mulder. "Fox, I bet this was the hardest
secret you've ever had to keep."

"Well, not really. But this is from all of us, and I did
manage to keep my wife in the dark, so I'm going to pay for
it later. I know that much."

Doggett made his appearance with William's bear in hand.
"Dinner is served, and your little man thought I needed a
cuddly toy."

"Aw, he really suits you," Mulder quipped.

"If you don't get into the kitchen soon, your son will have eaten
most of our Thanksgiving dinner."

"I'd better put Anna back in her cradle. She'll call,
believe me."

Scully watched as Doggett headed toward the front door.
"Where are you going, John?"

"Laundry room. Third load is dry and I have more on the way.
Oh yeah, and after a while, we do want more kids. So don't look
at me that way, Mulder. Your wife might just be thinking about
assigning YOU to laundry detail! Bottle's on the counter, Dana."

"Thanks, John. Oh yeah," Scully smiled. "Let's get going on
another one. Maybe next year, due a couple of weeks before

Mulder rolled his eyes and unrolled his dinner napkin, then
helped William with his.

Monica beamed as she sat at the table. "I'm thankful you had
the chance to see this moment. Most importantly, I'm thankful
I have a safe world, and for all of you to share it with."


Disclaimer: None of the original X-Files characters or
title is mine, and I thank Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen
Productions and Fox Studios for them by denying remuneration
and endeavouring to avoid copyright infringement.