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They're still on the run... so why are they HERE?

Title: Spray Paint, Bellefleur and a Diamond

Rated: PG

Category: Post Series, Vignette, MSR.

Spoiler(s): Pilot, Requiem, The Truth, Part 16 of my
Journey to the Distant Shore Series.

Summary: They're still on the run, about to save the
world and retrieve William. So why are they HERE?

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Disclaimer: Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions
and Fox Studios hold the copyright to The X-Files
and all of their original characters. I do not earn
money and intend no copyright infringement when it
comes to this little hobby.

7:16 PM

As long as Scully could remember since she met Mulder,
she couldn't get him to tell her a well-kept secret
unless she had been meant to hear it anyway. This
time was no different, she decided, as the plane
set down in Oregon once more. This was their third time
in the state, and she prayed nothing would happen again.
"You know, things happen in threes," she said to Mulder,
as she unfastened her seatbelt. "This had better not be
something we don't need."

"Relax, enjoy, and after this one thing, we are on our
way to William. I promise." He handed Scully her
jacket. "I'd never do anything to hurt you ever again, and
I meant that promise. But you are not going to get
another word out of me."

Well, that gave Scully a few things to mull over, and
something to worry about.

As they walked through the Lariat parking lot, Scully
voiced her concern for Mulder. "Tell me you're not here
to find the spaceship again. Wait, I bet you are. And
it's already dark, so this would be a perfect time to
check out that air field again." Of course, Scully
already knew that, and tried to look ever so serious
and sound mighty stern. She could have also protested
that this was the ONE WRONG, VERY WRONG day of the year
to re-live past nightmares and misadventures.

"I'm not here to find the spaceship again, Scully!"
Mulder laughed as he opened the trunk and put his bags
and then hers away and slammed the hood shut. "I swear."

"Well, I'm not so sure, Mulder. The last time we were
here, you were abducted and I was experiencing symptoms
of what I soon discovered to be pregnancy. So, where
are we headed?"

"Well, Bellefleur, naturally. There's a lovely little
motel. But first, there's a stop we need to make on
the way. It's a very popular, but spooky place."

Scully took the passenger's seat and fastened her
seatbelt as Mulder started the engine. "This isn't
one of those anniversary hauntings, Valentine's Day
style, is it?"

"Ah, no. That would be in Chicago."

"I never did quite figure out what happened that
Christmas, you know." Scully was pretending to be
irritated, but just couldn't succeed. She wasn't
shouting, and she had forgotten to muster one up. She
was kind of curious about this trip.

"I guess the ghosts were feeling generous that time,"
Mulder quipped. "Aren't you glad?"

"After all that's happened, yes. A lot of things
happened since that night that I could not quite
fathom, Mulder. But here we are, in the here and now.
You're back, we're fairly safe, and William is out of
harm's way."

Mulder looked at the signs along the way. "Welcome
to Bellefleur, Scully. We'll be at our destination

"Yeah, the motel."

"No, not quite. You'll know the place when you see
it." Mulder kept his eyes on the road, not taking time
to look at Scully for a second.

In the minutes that followed, there was a silence
between the two former FBI Agents that seemed to last
forever. Scully was skeptical that there was any place
between the airport and the Bellefleur Motel that had
any particularly special feelings associated with it
except those of scientific wonder, and Mulder was so
absolutely certain that his destination was just the
right place to be tonight.

"Here it is," Mulder announced enthusiastically. He
parked the car and ran out onto the the road. Scully
followed him, because there had to be a catch to all
this fuss. She couldn't believe that Mulder was opening
the trunk, but said nothing. That is, until she saw
her partner with a can of red spray paint.

"Mulder! You told me you weren't... "

"Shh! You're breaking my concentration, Scully. Just
let me do this."

Scully rolled her eyes, and stared at the stars. "There
was no weird electrical activity with the car, we aren't
missing time, and I really don't see... " As soon as she
looked at the marking Mulder had drawn, she was

"Well?" Mulder was down on his knees, and had drawn a
red heart over the now fading "X" he had sprayed there
so long ago.

"Mulder... I..."

"Well, don't just stand there! Get over here! Do you
want to leave me here alone to get run over?"

"Of course not!" Scully ran to his side and stared at
the road. "Happy Valentine's Day, right? Thank you,
Mulder. I'm... underwhelmed."

"Now, this is a very special occasion, and, uh... " He dug
into his pocket and gave Scully a velvet-covered box. The
soft expression in her eyes was well worth the wait. "All
right. Now, I'm not kidding this time. Scully, will you
marry me?"

Scully's eyes welled up with tears, as she knelt beside
Mulder. "Of course I will!" The tears streamed down her
face as she hugged him. "This is the perfect place to
ask, Mulder. You don't know how special I felt when you
held me that night I was feeling so sick, and you told me
to go home. And even though you came back here and were
abducted, we're here now. We're right back where it all

"Scully, that night you asked me to check your back, and
trusted a pervert like me with your body because you were
scared you might have been a victim, that was when I told
you everything, and you... you understood why I was doing
what I needed to do to try to find Samantha. I've never
forgotten that, and I never will. When do you want to
make an honest man out of me?" He took the ring from the
box and placed it on her finger.

Scully swept away her tears and stared at the ring.
"After we get William back," she said quickly. "Because
we have to get him back, Mulder. I can't even think of
anything else until after we get him back." She then
paused, and looked at Mulder. "I know that's what we both

"It is, and let's get to that motel, because I'm getting
a cramp in my leg here, and it's starting to rain."

"I'm not going to argue science and the rules this time,
Mulder. So, I'm not going to let you out of my sight
again until everything's all right. Everything."

"I know you're not. Happy Valentines Day, Scully."

"Yes, it is," she whispered softly. "It is."


Author's note: Okay, my name's Pattie and I'm a 'Shipper.
I know this is what I've been for a long time, and I guess
I tried to clothe it in laughter, Mulder's injuries, angst for all,
and happy endings. This is just something I can't hold back
any longer. But I'm NOT taking any 12-Step Recovery
Program! <G>
Disclaimer and Warning:  These two characters belong to Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox Studios.  I make no money and intend no copyright infringement.  As always, I recommend that if you're under 17, or are a parent concerned about how your children form their values, please consider that I wouldn't let my own children read these stories without my supervision and a darn good moral background.  I care.