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Rated: PG

Category: Post-The Truth, MA. SA.

Spoilers: The Truth

Summary: They may be fugitives after after the trial,
but Scully decided Mulder deserves a good birthday.


Archive: Gossamer, any other nice home. As long as
you ask.

Disclaimers: Mulder and Scully belong together happy,
but since Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen and Fox own them, I
borrowed them for shameless action and drama. No money
exchanged hands, and I didn't intentionally break copyright
laws. Happy Birthday Fox William Mulder, and Chris Carter.

OCTOBER 13, 2002.

The most important thing right now was that they were
alive and together, Scully reminded herself. Five months
on the run, with occasional care packages from John and
Monica, their new identities, and hope that some day this
foretold disaster could be prevented. She and Mulder
were hell-bent on beating the clock to stop Colonization
from those monsters staking their claim on the planet.
Finding William was a plan they were aiming for and would
not let their child become enslaved with the rest of
humanity. He was in their thoughts every day.

Today was a very special day. Although Mulder's mood was
sombre, and he was tiring of moving from place to place,
Scully was determined to show him that he deserved to be
honored for the very fact that he existed. Today was
October 13. Yes, it was his birthday.

She knew it would be dangerous to order something
exquisite, expensive and a cake bearing his name was
definitely out of the question. She also knew that there
needed to be a change of morale in the Mulder camp, and
damn it, she was going to see to it that it happened.

They had been staying in another unremarkable motel,
for a few unremarkable days, in a place she had never
visited: Placerville, Nevada. Glen's Motor Inn had been
Doggett and Reye's idea. The names Billy and Maggie
Freeman had been created for them by The Gunmen,
custom-tailored for the Agents if they ever needed new
identities. Frohike, Langly and Byers would be proud.
Scully picked up her purse and the car keys. "I need
to pick up some things. I won't be gone long. Lock
the door," she advised Mulder, who was watching a
basketball game.

"Do you really need to go out, Scu-- Maggie? Sorry, I
keep forgetting. You know it's risky to pretend we're
safe." Mulder approached her with his dead serious look.
"We haven't come this far to get you... "

Scully put her hand on his forehead, and whisked a
strand of hair to the side. "I'll be careful. After
all, we're supposed to be on our honeymoon, Billy."
She turned and opened the door to leave.

"I wonder when Billy's birthday is. I haven't checked
the birth certificate!" He shouted, knowing it was a
dangerous act, but he was in a mischievous mood, and
so glad to be alive.

"Junior or Senior?" she called from the side of the
car. "See ya later, Spunky!" Another one of Frohike's
creations--a nickname to replace "Spooky."

Mulder locked the door and shook his head, smiling.
"I feel like both," he said to the empty room. "More



Scully carried her bundles into the parking lot, and
reached for her keys. She was remembering one of her
birthdays as a child. A dark chocolate cake with white
icing, seven candles, her brothers and sister, and some
friends. Mother was there with a camera.

"Okay, Sweetie. Close your eyes, and make a wish. Then
blow out the candles."

Of course, Scully wished that her father would come home
from the sea. Everyone clapped and cheered as she blew
the flames out.

"Don't tell anybody what you wished for," little Melissa
warned her. "Won't get to come true if you do."

Scully wiped a tear from her eye, and put the key in the
ignition. "Miss you sis," she whispered. "I know you
liked Mulder. I'm going to make him happy. I promise."


Scully gingerly carried a cake box and a couple of bags
into the motel room just as Mulder flicked the TV off.
"Well, who won?"

"The Knicks." He walked over to the door. "What's the

"Occasion?" She put the cake box on the table. "So I
need an occasion as a excuse to get out of here for a

"Well, no. But that looks like a cake, and I can't wait
to see what's in those bags." He grabbed Scully around the
waist as she turned to face him, kissing her softly on
the cheek. "You didn't have to do this... "

"Yes, I did. You deserve something for the one day that
no one can take away from you, shoot, or burn down. So,
there is no identifying inscription on the cake, and as
for the presents, dig in." Scully smiled as the kid in
Mulder rumaged through the packages.

He held up a navy blue tee shirt and smiled as he read
the printing above a picture of a little grey alien. "*I
only stopped for gas, and then I got stuck*. Well, that
would be a much better explanation, although out of
character for a grey. Thanks, Scu-- Maggie." He opened a
shoe box. "Court shoes, for whenever I can play some
basketball, and a card. Hmm. *You may be on the run,
but you'll never get away from ME again!* You know
I won't do that, Scully."

"I know. Want some cake?"

"I'd love some." Mulder folded the shirt and placed
the shoes back into their box. "I think this is the best
birthday I can remember."

It was just a simple round cake, with a simple basketball
and hoop underneath the words, "Happy Birthday, Champ",
but it meant more to him than any other present from
anyone else at this point in his life.

Scully stood beside Mulder as he sat and looked at the
cake. "Would you like candles, Mulder?"

"No. I have all I could wish for right here. The rest
will come soon enough. Thanks, Scully." He reached for
her hand and kissed it, then smiled up at her face, now
radiant. "This is the best birthday I've had in a long

"Happy Birthday, Mulder."


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