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Rated: PG, V.

Category: MSR married, Story, Post-Truth,
Scully POV.

Spoiler: The Truth.

Summary: Scully overhears Mulder cutting Bill down
a notch, and then some!


Archive: Gossamer. Others please ask.

Author's Note: Especially written for Michelle Alexandria.

I don't know the precise moment it happened. All I know
is that Fox Mulder finally put my brother Bill in his

We had finally managed to have Mom, Bill, Tara and Matthew,
John Doggett and Monica Reyes out to our house in West
Tisbury for Thanksgiving dinner.

We walked with John and Monica after the big meal, and I was
so huge with Meg, I could barely walk. Our information and
contacts in the scientific community, along with the inside
co-operation of FBI authorities working in the shadows of
the alien infiltrators was leading to the prevention of
Colonization. Jeremiah Smith had been an invaluable ally
in the midst of all the mayhem.

Perhaps it was the next morning. The sweet smell of
pumpkin pie still permeated the house, and William was
happily playing with his cousin as I walked past our
bedroom door to re-stock the bathroom with towels. Whose
voices were coming from that room? Mulder's and... was that
Bill? It must have been Bill.

After the insipid bickering that had occurred at the breakfast
table, I actually thought I'd been hearing things,. Yes, Bill and
Mulder were talking. They were loud, but they were talking. I
guess the fact that I had told my brother to shut up the night
before had him steamed. The fact that Mom sided with me on
this was a shock to him, too, I suppose.

Mom and Tara had full command of the children, so I decided
to stand guard upstairs. I thought Mulder might need a
reinforcement. A very pregnant reinforcement who just
happened to be the sister of the man with whom my husband
was having a very loud conversation.

John and Monica had just left to go to Monica's parents' home
for a post-Thanksgiving visit, and someone who knew the whole
story had to be there, anyhow, just to make sure the whole
picture was made perfectly clear to Bill.

I leaned against the wall in the hallway. I wonder how many
women have ever had to do that to keep watch over their
husbands and brothers. It's likely a small number, as our
situation was quite extraordinary.

"Now listen! You've put my sister through hell all those
years running after conspirators and little green men..."


"Little grey men... and she was kidnapped, lived through
cancer I don't know how..."

"Don't you believe in miracles, Bill!? Just hold on here.
Right now, we are preventing a world catastrophe. You may
not believe it, and I don't quite think I would have
believed it twenty years ago, but it's true. Everything we
went through together has been worth it, both personally AND
professionally! So before you go saying that I have ruined your
sister's life, believe this: I love her with all my heart and
I would never have chosen to deliberately put her in danger!
Another thing... that man who pulled you out of the ocean last
year happened to be one Jeremiah Smith. He's an alien. He has
helped us put up a resistance we could never have dreamed of!"
Then all was silent. What was happening?

I heard a 'whack'. Was it Mulder or Bill? Yes, Mulder had
blocked a slug from Bill, and then let him have it. Part of
me wanted to yell, "Leave my big brother alone, you bully!"
But to my shock, I found myself stifling a laugh, and Bill
would have been livid if he'd seen the smirk on my face
right under that 'mask of pregnancy'.

"Boys? Are you being good?" I shouted, trying so hard not
to giggle and wet myself.

"Yeah!" they shouted in unison.

Mulder added, "Just giving your brother a history lesson."

"Creative history!" Bill called back.

At that point, I opened the door and witnessed big brother
Bill picking himself up from the floor. Mulder was getting
ready for a second round. "You read every single word,
Bill. I have no reason to lie or make up a wild story.
Can't you just see that?" He was peeved. Almost frothing
at the mouth, and I had had enough of the bickering and

I looked Bill straight in the eye. "It's the true version.
As a doctor and a law enforcement officer, I can tell you
everything you learned from Mulder is the truth. We are
safe now, and we'll be even safer in a few short months.
So, shake hands and call a damn truce! You have a son and
nephew to think of, and another on the way. I want you to
apologize to Mulder right now. Even though he punched you,
I know he was in the right."

"I... I had you pegged wrong." Was that a sheepish look?
Must have been the mist in my eyes. I could have sworn
Bill looked apologetic--like a little boy saying he had
indeed put ants in his mother's sugar bowl.

"Truce?" Mulder put his hand out. I stared at Bill until
he reluctantly shook the hand of the man who had stolen
his sister away for life.

"Now Bill, go downstairs and tell Tara and Mom that you
were wrong about my husband. And don't ever think I'll
forget the way you've treated him all these years. Go on.
I have some business with my husband." I took Mulder's
hand and Bill left the room. What happened in that room
is strictly between us after that moment.

The rest is history. That was the day I will always remember.
After all those years, Bill and Mulder actually made peace
with each other. As for what Mom and Tara were told, well,
I was busy with my husband.


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