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On this site, you'll find my little journey through X-Files Fanfiction.  There'll be several categories of fics to choose from, including a special pair of post - Truth series that just cried out to be written.  Enjoy, and feel free to drop me a line!


I believe these people deserved to win, and that's the premise I stick to in my post-series fics.


I'll be categorizing, editing, and posting my stories for your enjoyment as I go through all I've written for challenges and just for fun.
So, get comfy, and read where Mulder and Scully take me!
Please let me know how you like this site, as well as what you'd like to see!

So now I have more new stories after a lot of Real
Life having happened. Read, enjoy, and tell me what
you think of it.

Yes, I am back again. More coming. Keep the fandom

Contrary to what anyone may read on Tripod/Lycos,
this site is NOT for sale and you are in trouble if you try
to sign in.

P.S.: With more stories coming through, this isn't a 'little
journey' anymore. Over 200 fics, some still need editing.

August 2017, and who knows what Gossamer is doing?
I contacted Chael Hall, one of the three moderators,
and there is currently no intention of updating the archive.
Authors who need feedback addresses changed, doubles
removed, revisions posted should contact the Gossamer Help
Desk which leads to the moderators' emails.

Good news for the fans who either liked or disliked last
year's six part reappearance of our favorite agents: Ten
more are on the way starting later 2017-2018.

I will be hosting Decoyly's fiction soon. She was known
as MeGgIe42, and has also written a few novels.

Please give the authors I was given permission to host
feedback. They are good at what they do.

Mulder's Refuge Emergency Room



One man's quest...
... is far from a lonely one, with her by his side.

As soon as I can find them, I'll put some pics up.  In the meantime, this IS a work-in-progress!



The Washington Post reports, "Of the 39 new series ordered by the 'Big Five broadcasters' ; ABC, CBS, the CW, Fox and NBC ; only 35 per cent of lead actors and 29 per cent of showrunners were female. And of the individual networks, only the CW had a high percentage of female showrunners, at 67 per cent, whereas the other four came in at 33 per cent or less. (Fox, which airs "The X-Files," had 20 per cent.)"

And Variety notes that of the lead actors in the upcoming TV season, only 20 per cent were Hispanic or non-white, and only 35 per cent were female. Of the showrunners, 10 per cent were non-white and 29 per cent were female.

Disclaimer:  Mulder and Scully belong together, Kersh belongs in the bad books no longer, but since Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox own them, I borrowed them for shameless action and drama. No money exchanged hands, and I didn't intentionally break copyright laws.