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Rated: NC-13.
Category: X, A, Mytharc, K, Post Series, follow-up
to Erlenmeyer Injustice and Cloned Injustice. Who
am I kidding?  It's a series, and I ought to treat it as
such! May be found later at trish59ontario.
Spoiler(s): None
Summary: Mulder finally reveals the last secret he's been
keeping from Scully.
Feedback: Warmly welcomed:
Archive: Gossamer, The Nursery Files.  Others please ask.
Disclaimer: None of the original X-Files characters or
even the title belong to me. Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen
Productions and Fox Studios have the license to them. I
glean no money from this hobby, and intend no copyright


I've never been so happy in my life.  When Scully and I
were searching for the truth about the government's
denials and subterfuge, when we both nearly died due to
the absurd understanding between the government and the
aliens, and when we finally fought so hard to prevent
Colonization and won (before the deadline--yay team!),
I still withheld something from Scully all those years.
After Scully had William, I had to disappear for a while,
and it hurt when I could no longer communicate with her.
It was for her own protection.  All those months of
investigating without the official permission, back-up
or even 'We're with you, Mulder' encouragement of my
colleagues were worth it, though.
When I returned, I went through a ridiculously bogus
trial, and was sprung from Mount Weather, I knew I still
had my focus when Scully told me we could face anything
together. William kept us going. We needed to find
places to hide.  The time on the run was depressing for
both of us.  We let Margaret Scully believe her daughter
was dead, that I was dead.
Miraculously enough, we discovered that William was the
real Magoo. He was naturally conceived!  Scully theorized
that her contact with remnants of an alien vessel somehow
restored her fertility much as it restored the life of
several frogs on the Ivory Coast.
We saved the world with help from John Doggett, Monica
Reyes and Gibson Praise.  Who knew that the metal that
caused the crash of that ship in 1947, magnetite, would
be the downfall of the aliens, and that a vaccine for
the virus that propagated aliens inside human bodies
would do so much so soon? Adams, Eves, Debbies and Steves
would have been running rampant, and I don't really know
whether they would have been helpful to us or to the
aliens. Maybe they would have formulated their own agenda.
Our jobs have never been so secure, the family is thriving,
and I'm still storing evidence in a scientist friend's
nitrogen freezer!  If I don't tell Scully, we'll still
be very happy.  Of I do tell Scully, it will be better.
We have an honest relationship, and I intend to keep it
that way from now on. All this madness after the Lichfield
Project, the cloning experimentation and plans to fight
over this world, and even some of the clones didn't want
to be a part of it.  "They are our mothers," one of them
told me.

Now, with Jeffery healed by Jeremiah Smith, Samantha
returned from hiding in Europe after she escaped her
tormentors, and William, Meg and Samantha Elizabeth doing
exceptionally well, there's no excuse for hiding this
from my wife any longer.

As I make this journal entry, arrangements are being made
to bring the fetuses in all stages of mutation, gestation
and hybridization straight to the office.  Scully is due
here any minute to work on some notes from a case of
spontaneous combustion we investigated last week. When she
gets here, I will reveal the evidence that we really
didn't need after all. How will she react?  I honestly
don't know.  There are so many things I know about Scully,
but I wonder about this.  It's the right thing to do. It
really is.  Here she comes. Another entry later.
"Hey, Mulder. Busy day?"
"Yeah, I guess you could say that.  I wrote the bulk of
my report on the Emerson case. That was really something.
Bursting into flames.  Then his daughter doing the same
right before our eyes."
"Fun?  Wow. I think I've seen just about everything under
the sun working with you." She's smiling.  That's a good
sign. "Did you get the cough medicine for the kids?"
"Done." I wonder how she'll feel about this surprise I'm
about to spring on her.  I mean, the kids are sick. We're
both so tired. I had no idea there was such a thing as a
hundred day cough, but it's in the paediatric literature.
"Oh, good.  When this is all over, let's go somewhere for
a weekend.  Mom would love to have the kids for a while.
Well, no sense putting it off.  I'll start the final draft
of the notes, and hopefully finish them by quitting time.
"Yes.  I heard you, Scully."
"You seemed to be some place else. Are you okay?"
She's right.  I was thinking about embryos, fetuses and
alien-human hybrid failures. "I'm great! Just a bit tired
from the hundred day cough war, but our little soldiers
will pull through, and so will we."
Now that Scully's busy translating her notes on the
Emerson file, I can read a couple of other files until
the phone rings. Belmont in Receiving promises to call
the minute the truck drives in.
That's my pal. "Mulder.  Thanks.  Send them straight to
our office."  Yes!  I'll have to get him tickets to
the Reds game.
"Send what to the office, Mulder?"
I walk over to my wife and put my arms around her. "Hey,
be patient.  And just remember I love you so much and
this is going to be a bit of a sh... surprise."
Now she's worried.  That knitted brow and her stone-cold
stare tell me she's also aware I'm hiding something.
"A bit of a shock?  Mulder, nothing shocks me anymore."
She put her hands on mine. "Now, while we're waiting for
this shock or surprise, I'd really like to get this report
finished today. Relax.  Read a tabloid."
"It's a very sensitive and important package..." I begin.
"I know.  Relax."
She spins around in her chair. I love it when she swivels.
"All right. What's this all about? A huge piece of
evidence? A well-preserved prehistoric Sasquatch?"
"Uh, no. But it will remind you that I investigate all
avenues thoroughly, and I was a very thorough fibbie even
before I left for my final quest for the truth. If you
don't shoot me, we can cuddle up and watch 'Ghoulies'
Well, she's smiling. "Mulder, I wouldn't shoot you. Now
can I please get back to work?"
"Sure. I'll just, uh, find a tabloid." Now I'm nervous.
Why wouldn't I be?  I should have revealed the embalmed
products of eugenics before we stopped the invasion. I
only kept them as a last resort in case I had to convince
any of the scientists who were doubtful of our intentions
or sceptical we had the right evidence and elements to
get the job done.
Two men wheel in a twelve-foot-long dolly with five
canisters that hold the things that are equally shocking
parts of my very last secret.
As the guys leave, Scully stands and stares at the
containers. "What's in those things?"
Well, one of them is hers.  It's clearly labelled as such.
The moment of truth has arrived, and I'm wondering if
she's going to want to mourn it's death, and she'd have
every right to do so. As would her mother. Oh my God! If
Bill hears about this, I'll have him to answer to, as well.
Three Scully's against one Mulder.  That's not a fair
fight, and in some ways I believe I asked for it. Here
we go. Start at the beginning. She'll listen intently.
I'm damn sure of that.
"Remember the labs we found with fetuses in all stages of
gestation from 1993 until 2002? Well, whenever I found
myself in a position to take one, I didn't tell you about
it.  Especially the first Erlenmeyer flask I found. I
couldn't tell you that your name was on it, that it was
your fetus. Whatever had happened during its development,
it was dead when I found it. The other specimens I managed
to gather over those years are alien-human hybrid failures,
and possibly the products of genetic engineering that the
mainstream geneticists knew nothing about. They probably
would not have understood it.  What I'm trying to tell you
is that I not only hid all this evidence from you, I hid
a child that was created from one of your ova. I hid your
Scully's at a loss for words, thinking the situation over.
She's pondering the teachings of her faith versus the
teachings of science, and her heart aches for the soul that
would have been her baby. I don't know the sex, but I do
see that Scully is disappointed in me.
She's using her soft voice. That's a good sign. "It was
what you had to do, Mulder.  But you didn't have to protect me from this, and by this I mean my baby. I knew what they
were doing, and Heaven knows I had chances to grab evidence and didn't. I wasn't that fragile Mulder! As for the rest
of the evidence, I could study it, and we could present it
to some of the scientists who helped in our effort."
"Then you're okay with this?" I wonder if she's considering
that baby.
"I feel sad, Mulder.  I feel sad for everyone whose eggs
were used for those experiments.  But you've given me the
best children I could ever hope for." Scully's hugging me,
and I can feel the beat of her heart on my chest. "Let's
put things in perspective, okay? It's not going to happen
again, and whoever or whatever these embalmed fetuses and
embryos represent, we won. The eugenics that happened for
so many years for some very evil purposes are over. The
flask with my name on the label is a reminder of the
injustice that can come from eugenics." She pulls away and
looks up at me. "We have a lot of work to do here." Her eyes
are flooding with tears. "I'm not just crying over the
whole nasty affair, Mulder. I'm thinking about all those
women... "
I hold her tightly and smooth her hair. "I know.  That's
one of the things I love about you."
"Then if you really want to watch 'Ghoulies' tonight, let's
get to work and expose this Eugenic Injustice."



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