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Rated:  G
Category:  Babyfic, Angst, Mulder POV.
Spoiler(s): The Erlenmeyer Flask
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Another piece of evidence for storage in the deep freeze. A piece
of evidence.  I know I'm supposed to keep a professional distance.
Date, catalogue, label and cross reference. *They're clones and
part of a bigger picture,* I tell myself.  *Keep them all under
wraps until the time comes that we'll need them.*
Scully still doesn't know about them.  She doesn't know that I
have been preserving this evidence little by little over the
years we've been aware of this program, and she can't know. The
one cloned fetus who made it to the age of four years was cloned
from her cells, and they found one another, by some mysterious
force I'm not quite sure even I believe in.  First, she was
denied adoption because of the demands of her job. Then, Emily's
health declined rapidly.  She had been genetically engineered and
yet she bore such a close resemblance to Melissa Scully, that the
moment Scully met that girl, a strong recognition made it
impossible for Scully to ignore the little girl.  Her daughter.
It's been years since Emily died, and I still feel the stinging
tears, and want to scream "Why!?" I know Scully can't go a day
without thinking of her.  She never says anything about the
whole affair but she still wants a child. I know she would make a
wonderful mother.
When I find these small people who never made it into the world,
I think about the potential that was there. Perhaps there could
have been a way to have the viable embryos genetically repaired.
I don't know the technical term for such a feat, but whoever did
this probably does.
Undo the changes and perhaps five years down the road, little
Billy is signed up for batting practice in Little League. And
Renee is a flower girl in her Aunt Mary's wedding party.  Shane
is seven going on forty, and wants to become an accountant. The
twins... the conjoint twins in the specially labelled jar go
on to be successfully separated and become advocates for the
ones who could not be individually wrapped in business suits
or nurses' uniforms. The ones who were saved from the slavery
some one is meticulously planning.
All the potentially successful little people in that freezer
in my scientist friend's basement are dead and preserved to
act as proof and possibly an answer to some questions I need
answered soon. I have no idea how much time we have.
I sometimes stay awake nights plagued with the guilt I carry
because I wouldn't dare tell Scully about the things I have
collected in evidence.  It would awaken the rage within her
that Emily had to suffer as a result of this type of
experimentation with human eggs. Some of the embryos and
fetuses were grossly unrecognizable, or malformed.
Her tears would fall relentlessly again, and then she'd be fine. 
Until the next discovery.  I couldn't do that to Dana Katherine
Scully -- FBI Agent, doctor, woman and mother.  How do I know
Cassandra Spender wasn't a mother to many of these beings? She
had become close to us.  Was Jeffrey Spender ever a father to
one of them?  Samantha, I know was a mother to many in terms of
her ova. I met them.  Speechless, enslaved drones, with no
family lives, TV or fun and games.
As I look at this "specimen", as my friend calls it, I see all
the potential in a little child taken away.
Krycek once told me there was "a war raging".  Well, if that war
is to come, I hope by then to be prepared.  It just stinks that
I have to use this unforgivable waste of DNA to somehow fight
it.  I don't know how or where to find the knowledge and power
to do it, but I will.  It's all just cloned injustice.


Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully, any clones, the X-Files, and the
whole fandamily are copyrighted by Chris Carter Ten Thirteen
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I love to write about these things. Copyright infringement?
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