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.Title: The Can Of Worms Reopened

Author: Pattie

Rated: PG

Spoiler: Small Potatoes


Archive: Gossamer. Anyone else please ask first.

Category: Post-Post-Ep.

Disclaimer: I repeat, none of these characters are mine and I
make no money out of this silly habit of mine.

Authors's Note: Remember "Small Potatoes" many moons ago? I remember
having written a post-ep called "Can Of Worms", having nothing better
to do, so I re-read it at Gossamer and decided to write this sequel
to that these many years later.

Scully drove to Mulder's apartment feeling sheepish, exhausted and
nervous. But she'd know she had opened a can of worms and had to
deal with it. Having kissed Eddie thinking he was Mulder was enough
for her, and she had a feeling it wasn't just the drink and the guy's
ways. There were things that were in her heart that needed to be said.
He sure as heck didn't seem pleased seeing that incident.

Eddie Van Blundht and his magical mystery tour of her. Damn him!

She knocked on Mulder's door and he opened it immediately. "Hi! Now
you're sure you're Scully and not Eddie Van Blundht?"

"Not funny." She looked at her shoes.

"C'mon in. I can get us a beer, a wine, coffee or me."

"I'm not in the mood, Mulder."

"I know. You look so sad right now. Sit down and we'll talk."
Mulder knew his partner was feeling badly.

"I feel so ashamed, you know."

"I know. BTW, I got out of that cubbyhole courtesy of a
maintenance man who happened into the room to repair a pipe.
So, let's talk with Doctor Mulder here. It IS me."

Scully stared at the floor, afraid to meet his eyes. Then, she
remembered it was okay. "I wasn't so much under the influence
of the wine and his charms. I wanted you." She was ready to cry.

"Well, I'd already gathered that. I have known all along. We
have just never discussed things like this. I know you well,
Agent. Smile."

A small smile did cross her face. "You read me well, Mulder.
We are pros, and need to keep it that way for the time being.
I feel so silly. I feel ashamed about what I was about to do.
This is the can of worms I didn't want to open but needed to."

A few moments of silence passed as they just stared at each other.
Mulder put his arms around his partner and said, "It's all over
and done with and we can go on from here. Care for a beer
now? I already ordered a pizza and it's in my kitchen."

"Yeah. I think so. I feel hungry again, and I like the company.
Maybe a movie, too. Something light and fun. Then I will be
able to sleep tonight."

"You're back, Scully. And I always have your back."

"And I always have yours." She smiled and took his hand. "I'm
glad I didn't keep this inside any longer."

"You know I already felt this. I was jealous as hell when I
saw you with him posing as me."

Scully started to laugh. "Jealous of yourself?"

"Okay now, let's get down to some serious partying."

The air had been cleared, and there was now a better partnership


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