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Mulder just checks out Scully's apartment to
reaffirm his new goal.

Rated: G
Category: Mulder POV, Vignette, Angst
Spoiler: Duane Barry
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will be on my site soon.

As I turn the key in the lock, I realize I am entering a
most important place.  This area is reserved for one Dana
Katherine Scully, Medical Doctor and Special Agent of the
FBI. In my mind, she's not a spy anymore, and I miss the
second-guessing, the questioning, the doubt, but I proceed
into her abode.
I water the plants and make sure the bills are ready to send
off to her mother to be taken care of until she returns.
This place is so tidy, orderly, something I can hardly imagine
in my own home.  Maybe I really AM obsessed with my job, the
paranormal and finding my sister, because I somehow think my
place needs some semblance of home, but I can't do all that
domestic stuff right now.  I have to look for my partner.
Her phone messages lie in wait, and I reach for the phone, then
turn away because it reminds me of that night she called and I
was out running.  That night she was taken by one Duane Barry.
I walk into her kitchen and see the cups she drank from, the
dishes she filled with food, the refrigerator that is going to
be cleaned out tomorrow because it smells like Hell in your
own home.  How long has it been?  A few months now.
I miss her.  I lost her.  I can hardly face her mother.
The bedroom is neat, tidy, smells of nice things and the
usual scents women surround themselves with.  There's not even
a hint of dirty laundry.
This is the bed Scully slept in, and WILL sleep on if I have
anything to do with it,  I will find her and bring her back to
her own home.
I see a blouse hanging on a hook in the bathroom and I hold it
closely to my face, taking in the fading fabric freshener and
the slight scent of Scully's perfume, then take a look around
The Soverign State of Scullyland will not be conquered or taken


Disclaimer: No, nay, never do I scheme to steal the
characters and title from Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen
Productions and Fox Studies. I collect no money and attempt
no copyright infringement from writing fan fiction. This is
purely a "what might be going through Mulder's head?"