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Rated: PG

Category: Story, H, AU


Summary: This time, Mulder and Scully bother the writer

Archive: Gossamer. Anywhere else, just ask.

DECEMBER 29, 2004

Well, it's a little too early for supper yet, so maybe I can
think of something to write. X-Files fanfiction is fun once
the ideas start flowing. Thank goodness this room's warm
again. All that snow melting ought to clear things nicely
for New Year's Eve.

Let's see, maybe a nice flashback to the experiments the
aliens were doing on Mulder would be nice. Another 'Mulder
Rescues Scully and Sustains Ghastly Injuries' might fit the
bill. How about that? Here goes nothing...

They'd travelled to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to investigate
the possible crash of a...

"Bull____!", a female voice from behind exclaims. I know. I
should have turned the TV down a bit. Why do I feel air
moving around me? I closed that window days ago. investigate the possible crash of a UFO, which Mulder
suspects hold the key to the other sightings reported in the
area. Although they had no official right to be there,
Mulder had decided, as usual...

"Hey wait! I don't ALWAYS decide!", a male voice from behind
me yells.

Oh no. I guess I ate too many toffees earlier. Did I take
my medication this morning? Yes. So, I haven't been
drinking... It's them again. "Ow!"
All right, don't jab me in the ribs again! It's you two.
This time together? I thought you guys were busy bothering
everyone else.

"You aren't seriously considering sending me back to the
aliens, are you?" Scully voice asks. "Do you really
want to have me abducted again and put Mulder through all
that trouble?"

"And don't get me going up to Canada again without approval
from... well, whoever is our superior in this story."

You guys don't even know what season I'm writing this in,
and Mulder, you really do have a habit of going off without
telling anyone. Since when do you want me to get you
permission from Skinner or Kersh?

"She has a point there," Scully agrees. "I just think the
'Mulder Rescues Scully' theme has been overdone. Why don't
you write a nice thriller with me rescuing Mulder from
sadistic Goths, delusional psychopaths..."

"Wait a minute, Scully. I thought you were on my side.
Now you're advising this woman to put me into some sort
of sick situation?"

"Well, yeah. I have proven myself..."

Shut up both of you! You know I can shut you up. (These
two are really asking for it! Haha!)

Mulder pokes me on the upper arm. "I saw that!"

Saw what?

"What you typed."

Now you see hundreds, if not thousands of fanfic writers,
typing away, making rough notes, and exchanging ideas every
day of the year, and you're both here. Why me? Why are you
two here together to bug me? Usually, it's either one or
the other.

"What's your point" Scully asks.

Never mind. I just never seem to get ideas or pokes or even
criticism from you both at the same time.

"Scully suggested we try this together. It's actually quite

All right then, smarty pants G-Man. Why don't you inspire me
so I can write a story to pass some time?

Scully jabs me in the ribs again. "Your ideas are up to you.
This one about another spacecraft, another abduction, another
rescue... Haven't we been through this enough?"

All right. Let me see if I can write a real NC-17 smut fic
leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. How about

"That's not you," Mulder says very seriously. "How about
writing us into a normal life for once?"

That's not you. You know that.

"That's my line," Scully shoots back."Mister Normal Life?"
She's laughing. "Oh, I can just SEE that!"

"Who knows? Maybe in some story I'll want that! Let's
tell her to write a domestic bliss story, Scully!"

Boring, guys. There's never a time when we don't just adore
a good action fic, a case file, or something gone dreadfully
wrong. It's sort of the spirit of The X-Files to many of us.
Many others want a normal life for you and you get that, but
change, pain, drama and mystery are so exciting. Oh, and when
you get embarassed, Mulder. I really like putting you through
that. Then there's Scully's jealousy, wit, intelligence..."

"La dee dah," Scully says, as she makes a yawning sound. "Been
there, done that, read that."

Then leave me alone and let me get on with my story, please
and thank you. Mulder, keep your fingers off of my keyboard.
Just let me write.

"Abduction and aliens again? Mulder rescues Scully? Scully
recues Mulder?"

You two sound so cute when you speak in unison. It's really
endearingly romantic. Okay, so I won't write a flying saucer
story, but whatever season it is, you are there for each other,
looking out for each other, and sometimes even going out on
a limb to find each other. You care about each other. Those
things, those qualities are a part of the Mulder/Scully dynamic
I love. So, I try to bring it out and write it whenever I can.

"She's right," Mulder concedes. "I mean, theoretically, Chris
Carter created us, and while sometimes there were deviations
from our usual characters even in the series, we can't just go
around spewing out ideas at all these writers."

Well, you can. We don't mind that, really. You can do it any
time you wish. As long as the idea goes with the writer's
preferred genre, and you don't try to make yourselves far
out of character. Mulder? Scully? Guys... They seem to have
gone again. Well, I wish they'd give me some warning.

That was a nice holiday surprise, though. They were here

Disclaimer: They own each other, but CC has their Birth
Certificates, 1013 Productions and Fox Studios are also
named as their parents. No money received from looking after
them, and no copyright infringement intended.  Please get
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