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Title: Undercover OP: The Cruise (Part 6/?)
Author: MeGgiE42
Author's notes: (See part 1 for rest of details) I know
it's taken me a terribly long time to post, I'm sorry!
I hope I still have some readers left...
For those of you just joining us, welcome! Pull up a chair,
grab an ice tea or rootbeer, and get comfy! :) Oh, and you
may want to read parts 1-5 before starting on 6. Don't worry,
you're not that far behind, they're fairly short. ;)
Scully immediately became serious, chiding herself for letting her
mind forget the reason they were in this ridiculous situation to
begin with. 
Ridiculous it may be, but you have to admit you were enjoying it.
Scully shook her head. Stop it Dana, focus.
Mulder caught her gaze as he slowly moved to the window on the far
wall.  He looked out for a while, then shook his head. Apparently
whoever was arguing wasn't on the bridge.
Scully quietly slipped off the table and to Mulder's side, hoping
to catch what the men were arguing about. 
"That sounds like the Captain," Mulder said quietly, stepping
between Scully and the massage table to hear better.
Suddenly, Scully heard footsteps from the other side of the door. 
Without thinking, she grabbed a bottle off the lotion tray, pushed
Mulder face down on the massage table, and quickly pulled off his
"Scully, what the-"
"How's everything going?" Miaka asked, smiling as she poked her
head in to check on them
Mulder was still in too much shock to answer, so Scully smiled and
said, "I was just about to let my husband have his turn."
"Just thought I'd check.  Like I said, if there's anything I can
get you, just holler."  Miaka grinned again, then left.
Mulder groaned, sitting up and rubbing his sore chin.
"Mulder, I'm sorry." Scully felt terrible, but at the time she
couldn't think of anything else to do.  They couldn't risk blowing
their cover. "Are you ok?"
"You know Scully, if you wanted a turn that bad all you had to do
was ask."
Well, his sense of humor wasn't damaged that's for sure.  Scully
tossed her partner his robe.
Outside, the voices got louder.  "I will not risk the lives of my
passengers for the sake of your money."  Mulder recognized the
captain's voice.  He stepped off the massage table, tying his robe
around him.
Scully placed the bottle of lotion she was holding back on the
small table.
"Sir, I'm sure we have nothing to worry about."  An unfamiliar
voice replied. From the sound of it, the men where making their
way down the deck. Pretty soon they'd be out of earshot.
"Come on," Mulder whispered grabbing Scully's hand.
"Mulder--" Scully warned as she glanced back at the door Miaka
had just closed.
"She won't be back for a while." Mulder opened the patio door
that led onto the private deck.  "Even if she does, she'll just
expect we're out here." Scully sighed and followed her partner.
The cool ocean breeze met his face as Mulder made his way between
the massage tables and various baskets and stands. 
"Mulder, this is a private deck.  We have to go out through the
front if we want to get to the other side," Scully said quietly.
Mulder held up a finger, telling her to wait, as he leaned over
the railing to guage how much wall was really between him and the
rest of the deck.
"Mulder." He turned to look at her.  He knew she knew exactly what
he was thinking.
"It's not really that far Scully.  We can make it."  He grabbed
hold of the railing and began to climb over it.
What does he think he's doing? Scully watched Mulder climb over
the ship's rail in nothing but a thick white complimentary massage
"Mulder, I swear, if you fall off of there, I'm not jumping in
after you," she whispered fiercely, hoping the thought would stop
him from continuing on his crazy quest.  Deep down, however, she
knew there was no stopping Mulder on a mission.  She would either
have to follow him, or face having to explain to Miaka where her
husband went.
When she heard a thump, she knew her partner had made it safely to
the other side.  Sighing to herself, Scully tied her robe tighter
and grabbed the railing.
They followed the captain and the man he was talking to at a
safe distance, keeping to the shadows.  Mulder glanced at his
partner and suppressed a chuckle when she tugged at her robe again. 

If Scully pulled that thing any tighter together, she was going to
strangle herself.  He didn't know what she was so worried about. 
No one in their right mind would be out walking the deck at this
time of night. 
"Look at it out here," the nameless man said.  "Do you see any need
to turn this ship around now?"
Mulder slowly peaked around the corner.  Aside from lounge chairs
and a few ping pong tables, there wasn't much they could hide
behind.  The clouds were passing slowly overhead, and Mulder
looked down at his white robe.  If they were caught in the light
of the nearly full moon, they'd be in trouble.
"I'm sure that's what they told the captain of the Titanic just a
few hours before they hit the iceberg."  The Captain's voice was
firm, but his uneasiness was not so easily masked. The two men
continued walking.
Another cloud covered the moon, and Mulder caught Scully's eye. 
She hesitated slightly, but nodded.  Together, they slowly followed.
Scully couldn't believe what she was doing as she followed Mulder
across the moonlit deck, pulling her robe closer to her neck.  The
night was colder than she would have expected. They kept as much in
the shadows as the overcast sky allowed.
"I don't know."  The Captain stopped to gaze out at the calmly
lapping ocean waves.
"Sir, if we see anything, we'll go back.  Before his boss could
protest, the man with the neatly trimmed beard quickly added in a
raised voice, "With all due respect sir, I don't think you have
much of a choice."  He seemed to realize he'd spoken that a
little too loudly, and turned to see if anyone was watching.
Both agents froze simultaneously.  Scully couldn't make out the
pair's next words, but from their harsh whispering, the
conversation was obviously not going well.  Suddenly, the
bearded man decided that the meeting was over, and angrily
turned and stomped away.
Before Scully knew what was happening she was being pulled by
her partner in the opposite direction.
Without thinking, Mulder grabbed Scully and pulled her with him
through the nearest door.  They couldn't risk getting caught
now!  Angry footsteps became louder just as Mulder closed the
Scully winced as she was backed into a vacuum cleaner.
'Sorry' Mulder mouthed, quickly shutting the door.  Only then did
he realize where they were.  For a cruise line that advertised as
a "castle at sea", they sure didn't spare a cent in building royal
janitor's closets.  In any case, they sure weren't made for two
grown FBI agents to fit into.  He felt like he was crushing his
partner against the shelves full of cleaning supplies.  He could
feel her warm breath on his neck, feel the beating of her heart
against his chest as they waited in silence.
"I refuse to talk about this any more!" The Captain's voice came
from just outside the door.
"But you said--" There was a loud thump on the door.  Both agents
jumped.   Mulder tugged Scully closer.
Sometimes Scully could laugh at the ridiculous situations they
got themselves into.  Here they were in a broom closet and
massage robes with their arms wrapped around each other--the only
possible position that allowed them both to fit into the small
room.  If anyone opened the door now, they would definitely get
the wrong impression.
Scully was trying to find a semi-comfortable position when a loud
thump on the door caused her to jump.  Although she hadn't thought
it was possible, Mulder instinctively pulled her closer.
Scully held her breath.
"No more! Good night!"  There were sounds of rushed footsteps and
then silence.
For a long moment, neither Scully nor Mulder moved.  Scully could
feel her partner's heartbeat quickly returning to normal, and
suddenly realized that they were both still clinging to each other. 
"Mulder," Scully whispered, causing him to jump at the sound of her
voice.  "You can let go of me now."
She was expecting the sly grin he gave her, but definitely not
the words that came out of his mouth.  "I would if I could Scully,
but I can't."  It was the sincere apologetic look on his face that
worried her.
"What do you mean you can't?" 
"I can't move my arms." Mulder demonstrated by shifting back and
forth.  Scully finally realized just exactly how small the closet
really was.  She was pinned in Mulder's arms and there was
absolutely nothing she could do about it.  But that didn't stop her
from trying.
She tried to move her own arms behind Mulder's back.  "Maybe I
can reach the doorknob, just--" Scully tried to shift to reach. 
"Mulder, stop squirming."  Finally, she gave up. 
The increasing absurdness of the situation and lack of sleep
finally got the better of her.  Scully bit her lip to keep
from laughing.
Mulder was dangerously close to his partner and rapidly becoming
more and more uncomfortable.  He wished Scully would stop
squirming.  He was debating whether or not he could create enough
force in such a small area to break down the door behind him,
when he suddenly realized that Scully was shaking.  Instantly,
Mulder was concerned.
"Scully?" When she didn't answer he panicked, "Scully, what's
Mulder was surprised, and incredibly relieved, when she burst out
laughing.  He couldn't remember the last time he'd heard Scully
really laugh.  The sight brought a smile to his face.  Maybe this
whole getting-trapped-in-the-janitor's-closet thing wasn't so bad
after all.  Within moments, he was laughing too. 
Just when they thought the coast was clear, there was a pounding
of feet. 
Scully froze.  Surely they couldn't be coming back, could they? 

Mulder's body tensed against her, and their eyes met.  Whoever it
was, was almost to the door.
They carried on a conversation without speaking:
What are we going to do? 
I don't know.
If they catch us in here they'll know we were spying. 
I know...unless...
The look in Mulder's eye made her panic.  His heart was beating
furiously against her chest, and she knew they had no choice. 
"Scully--"  Mulder gave her a very unsure look.  Someone grabbed
the doorknob from the other side. 
Without thinking, Scully took his face in her hands and brought
Mulder's lips to hers.
"Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't--" Mulder and Scully fell out of the
closet and onto the deck.  "Agent Mulder?  Agent Scully?" 
Mulder looked up.  Agent Hardelle, a smirk on her face and a mop
in her hand, was still dressed in her bartending uniform.
"Agent Hardelle."  Mulder quickly helped Scully up.
Special Agent Hardelle folded her arms across her chest, taking
in their attire.  "Is this official FBI business, or am I
Scully blushed furiously, desperately trying to keep her robe
together.  She wouldn't meet Mulder's eye. 
"We were following a lead," Mulder managed to spit out.  His voice
was much calmer than he was.  His mind reeled a hundred miles a
minute.  Did Special Agent Dana Scully, *his* Scully just kiss
him?  But she had to right?  If they would have been caught,
the only way to explain what they were doing--
"In the closet?"  Agent Hardelle's voice was tinged with amusement.
"We were following the Captain and another man."  Scully finally
regained her composure.  She couldn't believe what she'd just
done.  She hardly realized that she'd just added, "They were
arguing about turning the ship around."
Agent Hardelle studied them both for a moment, giving them a
strange look.  Finally she seemed to decide to let it go.  "Yes. 
Apparently, there have been some rumors circulating about a
tropical storm headed our way."
Scully and Mulder exchanged a glance. 
"Has there been any confirmation yet?'  Mulder asked.
Agent Hardelle looked at the peaceful night sky.  "Doesn't
look like it to me."
Suddenly, a familiar laugh made Scully's heart leap in panic.

She saw the same panic reflected in Mulder's eyes.  Anyone who
knew her would recognize Rose's high pitched giggle anywhere.
"Well, keep us informed if you hear anything," Mulder said
quickly.  They didn't wait for Agent Hardelle's reply, instead
simultaneously walking very quickly in the opposite direction
of the laughter. 
Once back in the safety of their own room, Scully immediately
headed for the bathroom.  Mulder had no choice but to wait for
her, flopping down on the couch, and turning on the TV.  His
mind was not on the glowing screen in front of him, but on his
He knew Scully was embarrassed, and probably furious at him for
sneaking out of the massage deck.  She probably thought he was
mad at her for--Mulder shook his head.  In any case, Scully had
no reason to be embarrassed.
There was a soft click as his partner came out of the bathroom. 
He could hear her opening and closing drawers in the other room,
and waited until she was done before knocking on the door.
She froze.  What was she supposed to do now?  Should she just
forget about what happened, or tell him she was sorry?  Scully
sighed.  This shouldn't be this complicated!  Mulder knocked
softly on the door again.
"Scully, can I come in?"
Scully bit her lip.  Just tell him you're sorry and forget about
it.  He's your partner and your best friend. Mulder understands. 
She took a deep breath and opened the door.
"You done in the bathroom?"  Mulder asked, deciding to take the
safe route and forget about what had just happened.  Scully's
surprise was evident in her expression, however, she quickly
covered it up.
"Um, yeah, go ahead."  Scully backed up to let him in.
When Mulder came out of the bathroom, Scully was already asleep. 
He paused for a moment, watching his partner's peaceful expression, 
knowing that once again they would go about pretending that
nothing had happened.  Just like the time she'd been stung by that
bee in his hallway.  Mulder sighed and quietly headed for the couch.
Scully awoke to the sound of thunder rumbling in the distance.  She
rolled over, opening one eye to see what time it was.  The red
numbers on the digital clock read 3:27.  As she closed her eyes
again, another sound caught her attention.  Wanting nothing more
than to turn over and go back to sleep, but knowing better, Scully
got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom door, tapping on it
"Mulder, are you OK?" She called out quietly, leaning towards the
door when there was no answer.
Her partner didn't exactly have a great pair of sea legs, that she
knew, but of all the unfortunate sea adventure's they'd had she'd
never actually known him to get sick.  He often looked pretty bad,
but Mulder was too stubborn to let his stomach get the better of
him.  At least until now.
Finally, she called out again, "Mulder?"  When he didn't answer,
Scully tried the door.  It turned easily in her hand. 
When the door opened, Mulder's head shot up.  He quickly shut off
the water, hoping that he didn't look too pathetic in his sea-sick
"I'm sorry Scully, did I wake you?"  He mentally hit himself for
interrupting her sleep.  In answer, Scully checked his forehead
for a fever. 
"C'mon, Mulder."  She grabbed a washcloth and soaked it with cool
water before gently leading him to the bed.  Mulder was too
nauseous to argue, and let Scully tuck him in.  In a few moments,
his partner returned with a few pills, and without question, Mulder
swallowed them obediently.  Scully left Mulder for a moment to pull
back the drapes on the window.
"Looks like Mr. and Mrs. Scotts might have been right," she said. 
Mulder bit back a groan as his stomach did a backflip while the
ship made a slow jump over another large wave.  He glanced at
Scully, noting that the movement didn't seem to phase her at all.
Mulder hoped whatever it was she gave him would kick in soon.
"It's been thundering out there for the past hour and a half," he
managed to say.
"It's not raining yet," Scully said as she turned around and came
back to sit on the bed beside him.  "And it looks like we're going
to bypass anything too bad.  I'll call Skinner tomorrow to see if
anyone has any information on a tropical storm."  She paused for a
moment to give him a sympathetic look.  "Are you going to be okay,
"The boat hasn't sank yet, and you don't look any older than you
did when we went to bed, so yeah, I guess I'll be fine," Mulder
said dryly.
Mulder was already in enough pain, so she spared him The Look. 
At least his wit is still intact, although Scully knew that
wasn't necessarily a good thing.
She grabbed the pillow that her partner wasn't using, and headed
for the door. 
"Scully--" she turned around at Mulder's voice.  He struggled to sit
up.  "I'm going to be up all night whether I'm in here or out there,
"Mulder--" Scully stopped him when he started to get out of bed. 
No way was he going to try and talk her into letting him sleep on
the couch again.  He needed at least some sleep for the
Mulder opened his mouth to argue, saw her don't-argue-with-a-
doctor-look, and sighed, regretfully getting back into bed.  Scully
hid a smile, giving herself a mental pat on the back.
She started to walk away, then the thought hit her.  Mulder was the
most stubborn man she'd ever met.  He must be pretty sick if he
wasn't even going to put up a good fight.  She paused at the doorway
and turned around.
"Mulder, are you sure you're going to be all right?"  Her partner
groaned something in response and didn't even bother to open his
eyes as he waved her towards the door.  Scully took that as a yes,
and headed for the couch. 
As she fluffed her pillow and pull the blanket up to her chin,
Scully knew she wouldn't be getting anymore sleep that night. 
Even though they would be up in a few hours anyway, she made a
mental note to check on Mulder every half hour, just in case. 
With their luck, it wasn't the rough sea that was making him sick. 
Mulder opened his eyes very slowly to the dull sunlight
that was streaming in through the slits in the half-opened
drapes.  For a second he didn't know where he was.  His mind
was slowly coming out of the fog of sleep when something moved
behind him, and he nearly jumped out of bed to reach his gun.
"Mulder! It's just me," Scully quickly moved to where he
could see her.
Mulder blinked, wondering what time it was.  Scully was already
dressed and ready for the day.  Her hair was still damp from
the bath she must have just taken, and she had a towel in her
"What time is it?" Mulder asked, briefly noting how the
sunlight made Scully's hair seem to glow.  He couldn't believe
he'd actually fallen asleep after the pain he'd been in last
"Nine thirty," Scully answered, heading back towards the
Nine thirty? Why hadn't she woken him up?  She must have read
his mind, because before Mulder could ask her, Scully replied,
"I didn't want to wake you.  Especially since your stomach is
not going to be happy with today's weather either." 
Mulder frowned as Scully turned on her blow dryer.  Great.  It
was just his luck.  The trip had been going too well.  Reluctantly,
Mulder headed to the window and pulled back the drapes, frowning
at the dark storm clouds that hovered precariously close to the
edge of the ship.  He wondered if the Captain would have to make
an unscheduled stop after all.
Hope you enjoyed it. I know this one was kind of short, but
after not being able to post for so long,I'm trying to get
back into the groove of things. :) And if I still have readers,
please let me know so I know if I should keep writing!
:) ~Meggie~