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Title: Undercover OP: The Cruise (Part 4/?)
Author: MeGgiE42
Author's notes: (See part 1 for rest of details)Thank
you so much for all of you great readers who have sent
feedback!! ((((HUGS))))
For those of you just joining us, welcome! Pull up a chair,
grab an iced tea or rootbeer, and get comfy! :) Oh, and you
may want to read parts 1-3 before starting on 4. Don't worry,
you're not that far behind, they're fairly short. ;)
"Hello class!" Their instructor spoke with a heavy Italian
accent.  He was a tiny man who seemed to defy gravity in
the way he moved.  "Places everyone! Find your partner!"
Jack and Mulder made their way toward Rose and Scully. 
Scully took a deep breath, looking from their instructor
to Rose and Jack.  Where did these people *get* their
"Well, here we go," she muttered.  Scully was dreading
making a fool of herself.
"Don't worry-" Mulder began cheerfully.
"It'll be fun right?"  Scully  finished her partner's sentence
Mulder just grinned back.  Scully wished he would stop doing
that.  Every time Mulder gave her that silly grin she had a
bad feeling that there was something he wasn't telling her.
After introducing himself as Alfonso, their instructor began. 
"To begin with, you must understand that the Tango is a dance
of expression.  You must let your body go, and speak for itself." 
Here he did a few graceful moves.  "The more pent-up sexual
tension the better."  He flashed a perfect smile.  "Do not
look so frightened signora!"
Scully felt her cheeks flush, relieved when she realized he was
talking to a young woman behind her.
"Ok! We begin today with easy stuff."  Alfonso took his position
at the front of the class.  "Number one: how to hold your partner."
Mulder thought about the possible subtext of Alfonso's last words. 
He suddenly thought that maybe Scully was right about this
assignment.  Skinner should have assigned someone else to the case. 
The whole 'pent-up-sexual-tension' thing was hitting just a little
to close to home.
"Hey, this was your idea."  Scully seemed to read his mind.
"Now I wish I would have suggested origami first," Mulder
mumbled.  Carefully, he took Scully's hand and mimicked Alfonso's
'starting position'.
They'd only been dancing (if you could call it that), for about
twenty minutes before Alfonso showed up at their side.
"I feel much sexual tension here, but I am not *seeing* it," Alfonso
emphasized "see".  "You must be closer."  Scully felt herself being
slowly pushed into Mulder's arms.  "And then away."  Alfonso
gestured, stepping back.  "You want to tease your partner, make him
think you are upset just enough that he wants to pull you back into
his arms because he cannot live without you."  He demonstrated with
his assistant.  "There, now you try."
Scully shot Mulder a 'why me?' look, then mimicked the assistant's
movements flawlessly.  She could tell Mulder was impressed.  She
had to admit, she was as surprised as he was in her so-called
tangoing abilities.  As Mulder pulled her back into his arms, Scully
allowed herself a satisfied gin. Alfonso clapped and moved on. 
They stood  still for a few moments, eyes locked.  Scully suddenly
realized how they must look, and began to loosen her grip.  At
nearly the same time, Mulder cleared his throat and backed away. 
"See, you two are naturals!"  Rose shouted from a few feet away
where Jack was dipping her towards the floor in a practiced manner.
"Who knew?" Scully replied, glad for the light-hearted
interruption. Mulder chuckled and drew her close once again.
As the class progressed, Scully was shocked at how good her partner
actually was.  Mulder could tango!  It got to the point that she 
became suspicious.
"Will, I thought you said you've never tangoed before," Jack's loud
voice boomed.
"Actually, I never really answered that question Jack."  Mulder
Jack was joined by Rose in his laughter.
He caught Scully's raised eyebrow, and suddenly dipped her,
whispering, "I'll explain later" in her ear.  He recognized the
'oh-I-can't-wait-to-hear-this-one' look from his partner, before
he stood her back up and pulled her into his arms.
"Elizabeth, did you know Will was such a great dancer?"  Rose
asked, giggling.
Scully caught his gaze. "No actually, I didn't."
"Not many people do," Mulder replied, never taking his attention off
his partner.
It was only then that he had a sudden epiphany-she was having fun!
Scully was actually enjoying herself.  Mulder studied her smiling
features and had to admit that he was having fun as well.  He made
a mental note to check on tango lessons once they got back to DC.
The class was over, and Scully couldn't deny the fact that she'd
actually enjoyed it.  She was shocked to learn Mulder knew how to
tango, and couldn't want to hear his explanation.  They said
goodnight to Rose and Jack and headed back to their room.
"Ok Mulder, I've waited all night."  Scully sat down on the couch
and waited for his 'how I learned to tango' story.  This had to be
"Why Scully..."  He offered her a wicked grin.
Ignoring his innuendo, Scully asked, "How did you ever learn to
Mulder flopped down next to her.  He hesitated slightly, then spoke,
"Frohike?"  Scully felt both her eyebrows shoot up in surprise. 
She hadn't seen that one coming. 
"There was a time when Frohike was quite well-known in the tango
world."  Mulder grabbed a pillow and settled more comfortably into
the couch.
"And this involved"  Scully could just see the Gunmen
tangoing around the various pieces of computer technology that
filled their offices.  The thought cause her lips to curl in
"He used to enter competitions or something, and one snowy day
Langly bet him that he could teach Byers the secrets to Dungeons
and Dragons faster then Frohike could teach me to tango."  Mulder
paused, then added, "I'd say it was a fairly close match."
"So who won?"  Scully pulled her feet out of her shoes and into an
Indian-style seating.
"Honestly? I can't even remember.  I think we called it a draw. 
Or maybe it's still going on."  He had a twinkle in his eye, and
"Well, I'd say Frohike succeeded on his part," Scully offered.
"That's something I'm sure he'll be flattered to know."
They were silent for a few minutes, staring into the fake
fireplace.  Scully was busy thinking about their trip so far,
how it had felt to be held in Mulder's arms, when he broke
her concentration.
"Tomorrow we need to scope out the ship."  Mulder got up, went
into the bedroom, and returned with a file in hand. 
Suddenly, Scully remembered the real reason they were there.
"I read over the passenger list on the flight over.  There weren't
any corresponding names with the previous three high-jacked cruise
ship's lists.  And all the crew seem to check out."
"How are authorities not able to capture the perpetrators?" Scully
asked, switching to FBI-mode as Mulder sat back on the couch. 
"I mean, they are on a ship.  There's not that many places to hide
or escape to."
"I don't know."  Mulder leafed through the file.  "I'm guessing
whoever it is,  they strike at night, during a time when there's
the smallest amount of staff on duty."  Mulder paused, reading
from the papers in his hand. 
"They think there are at least two people involved.  No one ever
seems to remember anything about the night it happens.  One day
people are enjoying the cruise life, the next they find all their
valuables missing, and they're suddenly headed in a different
"A different direction?" Scully asked.
"I'm guessing whoever it was didn't want company wherever they
were headed."
"Maybe we should start checking things out tonight," Scully said.
Mulder flipped through a few more files and looked up.  "Don't
you think that would look little suspicious?"
Scully furrowed her brow and tilted her head in question.
"I mean, we are supposed to be on our honeymoon Elizabeth." 
Mulder lowered his voice seductively, and wagged his eyebrows.
He knew he'd be getting The Look, but did it anyway.  As
expected,  Scully did not disappoint him. 
"I guess you're right."  She finally took the file from his hand
and settled back into the couch, perusing it half-heartedly.
Mulder got up and headed for the bedroom once again.  This time
when he rejoined Scully on the couch, he was dressed much more
comfortably, and had a bag of sunflower seeds in his hand. 
Seeing Scully eye the seeds, he offered her some.  She politely
"Mulder, do you ever go anywhere without those things?"
"Don't leave home without 'em."  He popped a few more into his
mouth and began working his jaw.
"I'm going to bed."  Scully yawned and headed for the bedroom.
"Hey Scully," Mulder spoke as she was almost to the door.  She 
turned around.  "Was the tango as bad as you expected?"  He
waited patiently for her reply.  Scully seemed surprised by his
question and paused a few moments before answering.
"No," his partner seemed to choose her words carefully, "it
wasn't."  Scully turned to leave again, then stopped, adding,
"It was actually kind of fun."
Mulder smiled to himself, watching her leave.  It was nice to
see Scully enjoying herself.  They rarely had a chance to do
anything "normal" together. 
He lay on the couch, remembering how it had felt to have Scully
in his arms; to watch her laugh and let go of her professional
demeanor.  Mulder had to admit that the night hadn't turned out
as much of a disaster as he'd thought it would be. 
As he slowly drifted off to sleep, the words of their dancing
instructor lingered in his ear, "You want to tease your partner,
make him think you are upset just enough that he wants to pull
you back into his arms because he cannot live without you." 
Mulder smiled to himself, knowing that the last part had always
been true.  There was no way he could ever live without Scully. 
He only  wished he could just pull her into his arms, like he
had during their tango, and never let go.
Hope you enjoyed it! I won't be able to post anything new for
the next few days or so, but don't give up on me, I shall return.

:P  As usual, love to hear what you thought. ~Meggie~

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