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Undercover OP: The Cruise (Part 1)
Author: MeGgiE42
Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully, and anyone else related
to The X-files aren't mine. If they were do you think
it really would have ended the way it did? Everyone
else on this little adventure is. :)
Rating: PG
Classification: MSR, H, Adventure
Spoilers: Some very vague references to Arcadia and
          Triangle, but no spoilers.
Summary: "Scully groaned inwardly.  Under normal
circumstances any excuse to go on an all expense paid
luxury cruise would work for her, but this was different. 
She and Mulder were going to have to pull of being not
only married, but on their honeymoon."
Author's notes: Just a little summertime fun. If you
like it, please drop me a note so I'll have the incentive
to finish it. :)
"Come on Scully, it'll be fun."  Mulder sat with his feet
propped onto his desk.  At The Look, he got to his feet to
meet her head on, whispering, "Remember how much fun we
had the last time?"
Scully glared at him, cursing that all too familiar gleam
in his eye.  Whenever that phrase came out of his mouth, there
was a good chance that whatever he was about to talk her
into doing was most definitely not under what she would
classify as "fun". 
"Please Scully?  For me?"  Mulder gave him his best
puppy-dog eyes.  Scully sighed, knowing when she was
"I just don't see why we have to go undercover for this
case."  She sat down opposite Mulder's desk, coffee cup
in hand. 
He resumed his earlier position.  Mulder shrugged and
matter-of-factly stated, "Because how else am I going to
get you to go on a cruise with me on the FBI's dime?" 
Scully shot him another look.
"Because when was the last time two FBI agents, who
just happen to be partners, conveniently ended up on
the same ship together at the same time as a suspected
group of highjackers?"  Mulder tried, adding,  "Just
think of it as a forced vacation Scully."  He
paused for a few minutes, staring at the pencils stuck
in the ceiling.  "Besides, Skinner says we're the only
two agents who can pull it off."
"What about Hardelle and Aman?"  Scully knew it was a long
shot, but tried it anyway.
Mulder met her gaze with a raised eyebrow.  "Those two
Scully?  Come on, everybody in the Bureau knows they're
at each other's throats 24/7.  Besides, she's engaged
and they feel it would compromise the situation too much."
"She's engaged?"  Scully asked, momentarily thrown off
track.  Somehow the fact that Hardelle was engaged
depressed her.
"Yeah, some guy in accounting.  Anyway--" Mulder
stopped talking.  "Scully?  You ok?"
"You had a funny look on your face.
"Oh.  It's nothing, I was just thinking."  Clearing her
throat, Scully focused her attention on her partner. 
"Anyway, you were saying?"
Mulder studied her face for a few seconds, seemed to except
her explanation, and moved on, "Yeah, I was just going to say
Skinner wants to see us this afternoon before we leave
tomorrow morning."
Scully groaned inwardly.  Under normal circumstances any
excuse to go on an all expense paid luxury cruise would
work for her, but this was different.  She and Mulder were
going to have to pull of being not only married, but on their
"Here are your new identities."  Skinner handed each agent
a large white envelope marked "Confidential".
Scully opened the envelope and pulled out its contents.
"Will--" Mulder began.
"And Elizabeth Turner?"  Scully finished.  They both looked
up to meet each other's glances, then the AD's.
"Apparently our ID man just saw Pirates of the Caribbean
and loved it."  Skinner blinked, "Good movie, you should
see it."  Clearing his throat he addressed the agent to
left, "Agent Mulder?"
Mulder pulled something from his pocket.  Scully couldn't
help but stare at the rings he had in his hand--namely the
one on the right.  Mulder quickly slid his "wedding band"
on his own finger and turned to Scully.
Scully was still staring at the ring.  It was beautiful: one
heart shaped diamond inlaid in gold and two smaller diamonds
on either side.  Exactly what she would have chosen for
"Scully?"  Mulder's voice made her look up.  He had a
lop-sided grin on his face, but his eyes held a look she
couldn't quite read.  "Will you marry me?"
Even though she knew he was joking, Scully couldn't help
but feel her heart skip a beat.  The way he said is sent
a shiver up her spine. For a brief second their eyes met.
Realizing both Mulder and Skinner were waiting for her to
hold out her hand, Scully regained her composure and let
Mulder slip the ring on her finger.
"I now pronounce you undercover husband and wife."  Skinner
looked from Mulder to Scully.  "If you run into any
problems, we have someone stationed in room service, one
in activities,  and another at the cruise line's main
office--on land of course.  Their numbers and information
are in that packet."  He gestured towards the envelopes.
"You have my numbers as well."
Understanding the meeting was over, Mulder and Scully began
to exit the office.
"Oh, and Agents?"  They turned around to face Skinner. 
"Enjoy your 'vacation'."  Skinner held something approaching
a grin on his face, "We all know you both could use one." 
He paused, seeming to debate something, before becoming
serious again, "I wouldn't have assigned you to this case
if I didn't know you could pull it off."
"Thank you sir."  Scully said before she and Mulder headed
out the door and home to pack.  They were to leave bright
and early tomorrow morning for their "romantic honeymoon. 
~Oh yeah.~  Scully could hardly wait.
"Door's open!"  Scully yelled from the kitchen.  She was
going over her checklist as Mulder entered her apartment.
"I grabbed you two of those plain yogurts you like for the
drive," Mulder called over his shoulder as he took a seat
on her couch to wait.  He was looking forward to this
undercover Op. about as much as he knew Scully was, but he
was determined to enjoy himself on this cruise.
As Scully entered the livingroom, he watched her mentally
check and re-check to make sure everything was set.  He
thought back to yesterday. 
She'd had a strange wistful look on her face when he'd
placed his grandmother's ring on her finger. Skinner had
said he could get the rings, but Mulder had assured the AD
that he'd take care of it.  Skinner, too busy, or perhaps he
just didn't want to press the issue, said that that would
be fine.  Mulder had bought his own ring two days before. 
It just didn't feel right pilfering one from evidence.
Mulder leaned back on the couch, popping a few sunflower
seeds into his mouth.  He thought about this playful "Will
you marry me?".  I it was the second time he'd spoken those
words to his partner, and yet it was still only a joke.  If
she could only know--
"Mulder?"  He looked up, started at the sound of her voice. 
"I'm ready to go."  Scully gave him a concerned look.  "Are
you ok Mulder?"
"Let's get this show on the road." He was quickly on his feet,
grabbing Scully's bags as they headed towards the door.  This
assignment was going to be harder than he'd thought.
Locking the door, Scully followed Mulder to the car.  As she
situated herself in the passenger side, she couldn't help but
wonder what Mulder had been thinking about as he sat waiting
for her on the couch.  He'd had a strange look on his face.
She hoped he wasn't coming down with something.  Mulder
already had enough problems at sea as it was. He didn't need
to be sick before they left solid ground.
She turned her hand, letting the sunlight catch on the
diamonds circling her finger.  She stopped as her partner
opened the driver's side door.
Mulder started the car.  "Well Mrs. Turner, it was a lovely
wedding didn't you think?  Who would have thought Skinner could
work his way from AD to AP to Priest so quickly?"
Scully laughed, settling back into her seat for the long drive.
Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.
feedback=no more story.

As always I love to hear what you thought. ~MeGgiE~


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