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If you've ever turned 40, you know.

Rated: PG for innuendo.
Spoilers: None.
Category: MSR, Humour.

"You didn't think I had much spunk.
I really thought I wasn't drunk!
Sit upon the sill so sunny,
But, old pal, it isn't funny!
Think about the pain, the sorrow,
All the time we've had to borrow,
All the folks we've lost and mourned.
Look up all the rules we've scorned!!
I may seem a little dizzy.
Think I want another fizzy!
Grab me just another drinkie,
Then I'll grab your nice, hot ______"
"Okay, Scully.  Time for the birthday girl to go
home and sleep it off. Is turning forty really worth
all this?"
"Well, it's your apartment, but you promised we'd
see the sun together! How about the moon, too?
Already been to heaven with you."
"Sure, Angel."
Author's note:  You didn't really think I'd just
post a silly little poem and run, did you?


Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and
20th Century Fox Television own them and I had
my way with them. Shamelessly.